Ontario’s Beverly Kingdon & Kyna Intini Mark Trumpeter Swans

If you are reporting a sighting from ONTARIO, CANADA, please email us directly at as this blog is not monitored regularly.

We are receiving reports of Trumpeter Swans wearing neck collars and wing tags this winter as part of our Citizen Science effort, Trumpeter Watch. Reports of all Trumpeter Swans in states near or south of the 40th parallel will help us better understand the winter distribution of expanding Midwest populations. The program runs through May 1, when we will begin tallying all data gathered and making it available on our website and to wildlife managers throughout the pertinent flyways.

Reports of marked swans are particularly valuable as we can trace the origin of that bird and learn its age and family history. Often swans are seen at a distance but that extra effort to read numbers on the collar or wing tag can be of great value. Here are tips on how to correctly read and report marked birds.

Describe the type of marker: Collars are commonly used in the United States and throughout North America. Wing tags, as well as collars, are commonly used in Canada.

State the color: Red, green and yellow collars are most often used for Trumpeter Swans, while gray, black and blue collars are most often used for Tundra Swans. Trumpeters are most frequently marked in their summering areas and correct reading of the code is usually needed to determine their origin.  For Tundras, gray collars are used for wintering Atlantic Flyway birds, black is for birds marked on migration routes and blue is for birds marked in Arctic breeding areas.

Record the unique Letter (L) / Number (N) combination: Trumpeters have three characters with one letter (LNN, NLN, NNL). Tundras have 4 character combinations with the letter first (LNNN) – or 3 character combinations with two letters (LLN, LNL, NLL).  There may be a few Trumpeters remaining from the old banding protocol that have yellow or black collars with 4 character combinations of LLNN. Mute swans have white collars only, with 4 character LLNN. There are white, two character collars permitted in Utah for both Trumpeter and Tundra Swans.

Note the color of the letter/number code: It will be either black or white.

All marked swans should be reported to the USGS Bird Banding Lab. The Bird Banding Lab has an easy online form ( for you to report a marked bird. The silver leg band can rarely be read on a live bird but can provide valuable information when a dead bird is found.

When a collar or wing tag is detected, careful description of the marker (with a backup photo if possible) is important.

The marker information is needed in addition to carefully describing the date, location, number and age (adult = white feathers, cygnet = gray feathers) of other marked or unmarked swans in the group. Notes on behavior are appreciated as well. Be sure to note your name and contact data. An observation form (LINK) is available on our website in the TRUMPETER WATCH section.

If you send a copy of your sightings report to us at The Trumpeter Swan Society, we may be able to quickly get information to the biologist most familiar with that group of swans. As the biologist has time, we often learn that bird’s history and can pass that information back to the reporting observer.

Here are guidelines (updated May 2010 to add all North American populations) to consider when identifying ‘your’ marked Trumpeter’s place of marking:


Green collars with white codes #A# = Minnesota’s Three Rivers Park (formerly Hennepin Co. Parks) – marked this way through 1997: Minnesota and Oklahoma. Additionally, a few of this series were transferred for use in Alaska.

Green collar with vertical white #A# = Minnesota and Oklahoma

Green collars with white codes ##E = Michigan

Green collars with white codes #F#, F## #P#, #V# = Iowa, Minnesota & Missouri by Iowa DNR

Green collars with white codes ##K, ##T, ##U = Wisconsin

Green collars with white codes M## and #M#, ##M = Ohio

Green collars with white codes #P# = Iowa, of special interest as these were Trumpeters released in Arkansas as part of a migration experiment

Green collars with white codes R## = Nebraska

Green collars with white codes S## = South Dakota

Green collars with white codes A##, E##, H##, J##, N##, P##,V##, #J#, J##, #P#, P##, and V  =Montana, Idaho, Nevada (through Red Rock Lakes NWR)

Green collars with white codes Θ## = Oregon

Green collars with white codes ##E, #E# = Idaho

Green collars with codes #K# = Wyoming

Green collars with white codes #V#, ##V, X##, #X#, ##X, #H#, ##H, #N#, ##N = Grays Lake Idaho for Idaho, Utah and Sublette County, WY, and V## coordinated with Red Rock Lakes NWR

Green collars with codes K##, N## = British Columbia

Green collars with white codes ##F = Alaska

Green with white codes ##A, ##C = Alaska, Cordova

Green collars with white codes E## = Idaho, Oregon, Utah (through Gray’s Lake NWR)

Green collars with codes Θ## (Letter Θ is horizontal, numbers vertical) = Oregon

Green collars with white codes R## = Nebraska (through LaCreek NWR)

Green collars with white codes S## = South Dakota (through LaCreek NWR)

Green collars with white codes L##, Y## = Wyoming (the latter with LaCreek NWR)

Green collars with 4 digit white codes A#### 2002 and earlier in Washington

Green collars with 4 digit white codes ##FA, ##RA, ##RC, ##TY = Nebraska, South Dakota ad Wyoming (through LaCreek NWR) – 1997 and previous


Red collars with white codes H##, J##, P##, #C#, #H#, #K#, #M#, #T#, #U#, all with matching tarsal bands = Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri

Red collars with white codes ##K = Michigan

Red collars with white codes M## (from M68-M99), F## and #F# = Washington

Red collars with white codes #P#, #A# = Montana

Red collars with codes C## = Idaho

Red and white collars with white codes A##, #A# = Alberta

Red collars with M##, A## = British Columbia

Red collars with white codes #R# = Alaska, Fairbanks

Red collars with white codes T##, #T# = Montana, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Red collars with white codes V## = Idaho, Oregon, Utah (through Gray’s Lake  NWR)

Red collars with E##, L##, R##, Y##, same code leg bands only on most birds = South Dakota and Nebraska (through LaCreek NWR)


Yellow collars with black codes E,X,T,H,P,Z followed by ##, or the letter A,C,J,K,U,Y,E,F,N,P, preceded by ## = Wisconsin

Yellow collars with black codes #A# or #C#, #E#, #K#, #M# = Ohio

Yellow collars with white codes U## = Idaho (through Red Rock Lakes NWR)

Yellow collars with black codes C## = Utah, and Nevada

Yellow collars with black codes M## = Washington

Yellow collars with black codes ##R, ##T, Y##, #Y# = Idaho

Yellow collars with black codes F## = Wyoming

Yellow collars with black codes R##, L## with matching leg bands = Maryland, New York and Virginia

Yellow collars with black codes #M#, ##M = Idaho, Oregon, Utah (through Gray’s Lake NWR)

Yellow collars with black codes A##, C##, J##, K##, may have radios attached = Idaho, Grays Lake coordinating with Utah


Blue collars with 4 digit, white codes ## UK = Alaska (Yukon-Koyukuk and Northwest Arctic)

Blue collars with white codes ## EA, HC, JL, PN and UJ = Alaska


White collars with 2 character black codes numbers and the letters: A,C,E,J,K,M,P,T,U,V,Z. are used in UTAH for both Tundra and Trumpeter Swans.

White collars with no codes = Yukon Territory, for transmitter attachment.

White with black codes Z### to be used on three species of captive swans in MD, NJ, NY, PA ad VA with no service bands. 

NOTE: A number of four-digit code collars were permitted 1995 and previous and they are not included in this summary. Brown (Washington) and Orange (British Columbia) were additional collar colors.


Colored leg bands (Gold, Green, Red) have been used in Idaho (through Gray’s Lake NWR)


Yellow with black ### codes = Ontario

Yellow, exactly matching neck collar = Wisconsin and Ohio

Yellow with black codes #F# = Wyoming

Yellow with black codes L##, R## matching collars = Maryland, New York and Virginia.

Green, no codes = Wyoming

Green with white codes M##, #M# and ##M = Ohio

Green with white codes #A#, T## = Minnesota (and Oklahoma) through Three Rivers Park District (formerly Hennepin Co. Parks).

Green with white codes #P#, #V#, F##, #F# = Iowa

Green with white codes Θ## = Oregon

Green with white codes ##F, C## = Alaska

Green with white codes K## = Yukon

Green tarsus bands matching neck collar = Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming (through LaCreek NWR)

Red with white codes F27-F29 = Montana

Red with white codes A##, #A# = Alberta

Red matching neck collar = Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming (through LaCreek NWR)

Red with white codes matching collars = Montana, Iowa (for several states)

Blue with white 4 digit codes = Alaska

Plastic Leg Bands with four digit codes were issued 1997 and previous, these are not summarized here.


Green tags with black code T## = Minnesota’s Three River Parks 1997-present

Green tags with black code ### (3 numbers) = Michigan (marked in 1998 or before)

Orange tags with black code ### (3 numbers) = Minnesota’s DNR

Yellow tags with black code ### (3 numbers) or a letter followed by two numbers = Ontario

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  1. ed mcgregor Says:

    hi watched two swans today in oshawa at the beach. yellow wing tag e87 any info on this bird would be great. thanks . ed mcgregor

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Ed, Thanks for reporting your trumpeter swan sighting of E87. E87 is a female, hatched 2008, banded by Harry Lumsden on Marc h 5, 2009 at Bluffer’s Park, Scarborough, Ontario.

      • Lynda Olds Says:

        Hi, I would like to know where two swans were banded more specifically than “wisconsin.” Yellow neck bands 89K and 20P. Can you help me please? I am on deadline for local newspaper. “Ledger Lynda”

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Hi Lynda, I’ve not heard back yet from the biologists, its a really busy time and you can imagine they get a backlog of requests for various sightings. All are valuable though, and I think the best way to get your specifics is to contact the USGS Bird Banding Lab. Try contact by email at Or for pretty fast results, use the automated form online at Go past the paragraph on pigeons, to the paragraph that has CONTINUE to the right, click on that, fill out the data and you should get results quickly. Good luck and thanks for reporting. TTSS

      • Lynda Olds Says:

        Thank you so much for your response to my inquiry! I managed to reach Sumner Matteson – the man himself and he answered my questions – a prince of a guy. You probably know him? He is the Director of Trumpeter Swan program in Madison – since 1987!
        All the best,
        “Ledger Lynda”

    • David Cox Says:

      Trumpeter Swan report:
      2 adults, marked H80 and H84 (black characters on yellow wing tags), swimming beside docks at Snugg Harbour Marina, Lindsay, Ontario, on Saturday, November 5, 2011.
      Any info on these birds would be appreciated.

      • David Cox Says:

        Sorry, that was H80 and H 86.

      • Kyna Says:

        Hi David: Thank you for reporting H80 & H86. They are the cygnets of 902 & 131 from 2010. H80 is a male, H86 a female. Both banded at LaSalle over the winter.
        902 & 131 nest in Sturgeon Lake, and these two birds have been hanging around there all this summer.

      • Lorinda Says:

        Sunday November 19, 2011
        We watched yellow tag 902 and 9 or 10 others swimming in Sturgeon Lake just where the lake meets the Fenelon River. Very interesting to be able to find more information.

  2. Jeffery Jetter Says:

    March 26,2010.
    I just returned home from the Lee Metcalf Wildlife refuge in Stevensville, Mt.
    I photographed 3 Swans there and one was neck banded with a red band #5T1. From information that I saw on the internet Red bands with a “T” were from Iowa??? If so this one is a long way from home. They were feeding and all looked is good health.
    If you have any information on this band it would be nice to get an email. Hope this might be of some help to you.


  3. Joyce Lamont Says:

    I’ve been watching three Trumpeter swans on Blaisdell Lake in front of my home. Two of the swans have yellow neck collars and the lettering is black, either 7IN or NIL. They sit together at times and other times the unmarked swan seems to be sitting 20 to 30 feet off shore on guard duty. I’m thinking one may be on shore with a nest.

  4. Joyce Lamont Says:

    Todays sighting of two Trumpeter swans with neck collars, 43N and 71N. There are seven swans on the lake, but only two with collars.

  5. Jim Chilton Says:

    I photographed a swan with the band 8T0 (red band/white letters) near Kalispell, MT. I’m interested in any information you have regarding this band.

  6. randy frampton Says:

    6 swans 1 with yellow tag #126 balsam lake Coboconk on. April 16 2010

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Randy, Always so nice to know where our swans travel to. Swan 126 is a male, hatched in 2005. Banded at Port Credit, Ontario as a two year old on March 14th, 2007 by Bev & Kyna.
      Thank you for taking the time to report our swan.

  7. Chris Frasch Says:

    Four swans on Lower Clam Lake in Sawyer County, Wisconsin near Clam Lake, WI this morning. One had a yellow band on its neck with black numbers/letter (71N).

  8. Kenneth Reese Says:

    WE have a pair of Trumpeter Swans with a yellow band with letters Y19.
    We have a farm in Pope County, Hoff Township in Minnesota. They have a nest in our slough.

  9. mike lobenstein Says:

    Have had the incredible fortune of having a beautiful pair following me around a creek/marsh inlet on Castle Rock lkae west of Friendship Wisconsin. The female I believe has a yellow neck band with Y48 stamped on it. they are nesting in cattail area. I have taken over 40 incredible air and swimming photos. they seem to like my camo water craft and have came within 15 feet numerous times. I reported it to the DNR in Friendship Wi. yesterday after the fourth day of viewing them while fishing. I will share pictures if interested…incredible shots from close range.

  10. T.R. Ford Says:

    May 25, 2010
    I have observing two trumpeter swans, one with a yellow collar, over the last two weeks, near Cadiz, Ohio. Should you be interested in details plese call me at: 1-740-942-2401.

  11. Robert Gordon jr Says:

    white collar with a black print number / letters (AE95) found on the shore line of port jefferson harbor in suffolk county, Long Island NY on 8/9/10

  12. James Aura Says:

    8 swans with yellow “f71-63” bands arrived on the shores of Lake Superior, south shore northern Wisc. It appears to be two adults with 6 younger swans all heading south? Everyone one is banded and appears to have the “F” as the signature location, which is Wyoming. Lots of feathers plucked out or lost on the beach. White feathers everywhere, enough to stuff a pillow, one swan appeared to have one in the nose. Everyone appears to be healthy and honking like crazy. Young swans molting? Swimming out one adult in front and one in back with all young swans in middle.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I’ll follow up on this. It would be great to have specifics on your location, the name of your county and nearest town, or GPS coordinates. Do you have any photographs? I’ll pass this on to both Wisconsin and Wyoming, as by our chart you are correct with WY, but ##F would be WI, which makes more sense. Perhaps they’ve transferred some of the collars back – thanks for the alert! Peg

  13. Francis Schott Says:

    We have been observing an adult trumpter swan for weeks on Birch Lake in MI. It has a yellow neck tag 69J. A neighbor says that it can’t fly but we are not sure of that. It seems to be very tame so if it needs to be captured, a DNR person should have no trouble in doing so. Today is Oct. 10, 2010 and there could be ice on the lake in six weeks or so. We are very concerned on the well being of this beautiful bird.

  14. Dan White Says:

    Two swans, one with yellow wing tag #615 on unnamed very small lake near Nobleton, Ontario (25km n. of Toronto), 3:00pm, Oct. 16, 2010.

  15. Beverly Says:

    Hi Dan,
    Is it possible you have mistaken the number 615. Would you be able to get another look at the swan or possibly manage to photographs it.
    Thanks Bev.

  16. Jon Carter Says:

    Hi – noted a collared trumpeter among 178 birds at Quennell Lake, Vancouver Island BC today.
    Unfortunately, the digits were not easy to discern. White letter/numbers on a red collar: M60 or M66.
    Hope you can determine the bird’s provenance from that!


    • Jon Carter Says:

      Having looked at some grainy shots of this bird, (which soon departed after the initial sighting) I’m inclined toward the last digit being a 6 – so, it looks like it’s M66. Hope that helps!

  17. John Says:

    I’m currently observing 2 adults and 6 juveniles. One of the adults has a yellow collar 16Y on Diamond Lake in Dayton, MN. I just thought I’d pass the info along.

  18. Trish Farr Says:

    On my pond, I have a swan with a red neck band and white writing of 1A8
    I live in Challis, Idaho

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you for the report.

      Red collars with white codes #P#, #A# = Montana

      Your bird appears to be a Montana Bird and I will let the person who coordinates the program know right away.

      The Bird Banding Lab will issue you a certificate and give you a brief history of the bird if you report this to their website.

      We appreciate your report as I can so quickly alert the project coordinator. This is an excellent report, thank you!

  19. Randy Miner Says:

    We have a 6 acre lake 3 miles south of Milan, Illinois with an aerator to keep a portion of the water open during winter. An hour or so before dark, 8 adult and 2 juvenile Trumpeter Swans landed. An adult has a yellow neck band, black lettering “85U” with a right yellow leg band and a silver left leg band.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you Randy, I will alert the biologist, and if you have not done so, I’ll send it on to the Bird Banding Lab at This is very helpful and its nice to get the reports quickly – I’m happy to pass this along. Peg Abbott, TTSS

  20. L. Serna Says:

    While out taking photos today in the Skagit Valley, WA , We got a pic. of a swan with Orange band is what it looks like thru the photo. Is there someplace we should post the photo?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      You can send me the photo via email at if you will. If you can read the numbers please confirm them, and also a bit more on your location. Thank you! The Bird Banding Lab will also be interested in this report and you can email them at, or I can send the report on for you. Peg Abbott, TTSS

  21. L. Serna Says:

    Like to revise probably a red collar.

  22. Don Bindler Says:

    Photographing mallards today, December 10, on Lake Agawam, Southampton, NY. Spotted large swan that initially I thought was a tundra. It had a yellow wing tag – A60. After reading this website and doing further research, I realize it was a trumpeter. Will be happy to send picture if that is helpful. Got several excellent shots.

  23. Renee Smith Says:

    Eight swans, including one tagged – around its neck – with a yellow band (black letters) 7A9, have been on our lake (St. Mary’s Lake in Battle Creek MI) since Wednesday. The tagged swan and one other have been sticking close to one with gray feathers (I assume a younger one). We’ve even observed them cleaning the feathers of the gray swan.

    All seem to be in good health and have been a nice addition to our busy little cove with wild ducks, geese and 2 Pekin ducks that we inherited 3 years ago:)

  24. Kelly Hazen Says:

    On Dec. 24, 2010 I clearly photograhped 2 adult Trumpeter Swans with green collars and white text O64 and O55 on Benson Pond in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (T30S R31E Sec. 22). These 2 collared swans were in a group of 15 adults and 5 cygnets. I would appreciate any information and I intend to continue to watch these birds. Thanks.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you so much for your observation and we would appreciate any further notes. Feel free to post them, or send them to me at Trumpeter Watch has expanded its program this year to include Western States and we have a real interest in these Malheur swans. I’ll let the biologist know. Have you reported them yet to the Bird Banding Lab? They will send you a certificate and further detail on the origin of these birds. Their email is Keep us posted please. Peg Abbott

  25. Denise Says:

    We have seen one trumpeter swam tag # L06 for the past 4-5 days hanging out at the Newcastle, Ontario Canada boat launch/marina. December 31st/2010. Extremely tame follows anyone looking for food. (Hoping he won’t get hit by car in parking lot as he/she is constantly around cars)

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Apparently L06 is missing after becoming entangled in some fishing line. The fishermen say they removed the line, but the Toronto Wildlife Centre would like to check her out. Please let me know if you see her.

  26. Jean Simard Says:

    We spotted a Trumpeter Swan with a Yellow wing tag number L06 at the Bond Head parkette on Jan. 10, 2011

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Hey Jean, as above, apparently L06 is missing after becoming entangled in some fishing line. The fishermen say they removed the line, but the Toronto Wildlife Centre would like to check her out. Please let me know if you see her.

  27. Roy Says:

    There are a total of 10 on Lake Remembrance in Blue Springs Mo. One is banded with a red band numbered 6H8. They have been here for about 2 weeks.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thanks so much Roy. Red 6H8 I suspect is an Iowa bird, though that permit series has some birds marked in Minnesota and Missouri. I’ll send it on to the biologist and the USGS Banding Lab (if you have not already reported it) and we’ll try to track this down. Many thanks for your report. Peg Abbott, Outreach Coordinator, TTSS

      • Patricia Smith Says:

        I have been photographing this group for 2 weeks daily — morning and evening. The red collar white code # is 5H8. It also has a metal leg tag which I can’t read. There are 18 trumpeters and 2 tundras. There are 5 cygnets, 4 being in one family.
        I reported this bird to the USGS Banding Lab days ago. It took me several days to find how to report the collar.

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Thank you Patricia, we had an early report but this is excellent for confirmation. I have had a note on this bird from Dave Hoffman of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Red 5H8 is a 2004 hatch year female from Palmer (Pocahontas CCB). Released at Sunken Grove Wildlife area 04-01-05.

        5H8 reports – this female stayed close to home for several years, then in 2010 was sighted Jan. 20th near Harrisonville, Cass Co. MO.
        This year she is back in Missouri:
        1/5/ 2011 SQUAW CREEK NWR, Mound City, MO

        1/15/ 2011 Lake Remembrance Blue Springs, Jackson County MO

        1/24/2011 Lake Remembrance. Blue Springs , Jackson County MO

        We’d like to know how long she stays so all reports welcome, thank you. Peg

  28. justteejay Says:

    Swan EJ10

    I saw one of the marked swans on Irondequoit Bay (between Irondequoit and Webster NY – North end of the Bay towards Lake Ontario).

    I only got a few photos of the marked swan and uploaded them for you at

    If you could tell us anything about this swan – that would be great.

    The photos were taken on January 17th, 2011

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      This is a good photo showing details. These are Mute Swans, and the protocol for them is the white collar with four letter/number code. I would send this in to the bird banding lab to find out who is at work on Mute Swans in your area, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the record. Here is the link:

      Thank you for the report. Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach Coordinator

  29. Carolyn Fox Says:

    I’ve been watching the swans at Lake Remembrance for two weeks also. I usually go out twice a day and take pictures of them flapping, flying, etc. There are 18 trumpeters, with five of them being signets, and two tundras. They usually fly out sometime around Noon and come back late in the evening. There is one collared trumpeter. It’s a red collar with the letters 5H8 in white. It has a leg band also, but I’ve not been able to read it. Any information on the collared swan would be appreciated.

  30. Kim Murray Says:

    Went to the Clear Lake, WI park today to photograph the trumpeter swans. There were around 20 of them. Three have yellow collars P98, 17A and 13A. All are very healthy and will let us get within 15 feet to photograph. It’s awesome!!

  31. SaundraU Says:

    I am reporting seeing Trumpeter P96. Would love to know about this bird. P96 was seen at swan Park in Monticello MN.

  32. Tony Lau Says:

    Went to Monticello to see the swans and saw several neck banded birds. Saw yellow 62K and 68K in close proximity with some young between them, are they a mated pair? Also saw red 1M7 and a green band that wasn’t read.

  33. Dirk Trotter Says:

    We have a pair of Trumpeters staying in our pond in central IL. They have been here for almost a week. One is marked with a red neck band with white lettering P40…I can’t see any bands on the other. They are beautiful!!!

  34. Carolyn Fox Says:

    We think that the swan with red collar #5H8, accompanied by 13 other swans (including two tundras) left Lake Remembrance in Blue Springs, Missouri early on Feb. 15th. The other six trumpeters left later that morning. I’d really be interest in knowing where they are now.

  35. Jocelyn Says:

    Today, 2-22-11 I spotted 5 swans at Grey Cloud Island, MN. One of the swans is banded with a yellow band and the I.D. 35A. I’d be curious to know more about the swan, it’s sex, age, etc.

  36. Jocelyn Says:

    P.S. I have several pictures

  37. Kent Ketter Says:

    Found this bird dead on 26 Feb 2011 in Mason county, Illinois.
    Band number: 0619-38542
    Yellow/black band: 37F
    Species of bird: Trumpeter Swan
    Where banded: Wisconsin
    When banded: 08/26/2010
    Have a photo.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Can you send the photo email to please? Do you have an idea of cause of death? I will report it to the biologist in Wisconsin with your contact data. I wish it had had a long productive life, but we do appreciate knowing its fate. Thank you. Peg Abbott, TTSS

  38. kendall Says:

    hi i spotted a swan with the collor saying 57y in illinois, im not really sure where thats from any info would be appreciated

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Can we get a bit more detail to help you track this down? We need the COLOR as well as the code, your location (county, nearest lake or city). We really appreciate data from your state, happy to help you track it down. Peg Abbott, TTSS

      • Kathy and Blair Smith Says:

        Sighting of swan with yellow wing tag #E08 on April 1st, 2011 at small runoff pond on Boston Mills Rd. about 1/2 a kilometer west of #10 Hwy. in Caledon

  39. patriciafisher Says:

    Found a neck banded swan on Sat outside New London Wisconsin. the color does not match any that you have posted for each species.

    I can send a photo of the bird if you want.

    Patricia Fisher
    New London Wisconsin

  40. Ella Says:

    Today I observed 30 swans 3 of which had grey feathers. One white one had a blue collar with white numbers and letters . It read 21uk.
    The location was West Bay, Gambier Island British Columbia
    On March 24 2011. They were not doing anything other then resting in the water for at least 2 hours and then they moved on

  41. Therese Says:

    we have seen 2 swans on mississippi river in aitkin,mn. one swan has a red band and its code is 4M7. The other swan has no band. Therese

  42. Betty Lynham Says:

    I live on a small pond with 23 houses on it in the city limits of Medina Ohio 44256. We are watching a trumpeter with a green neck collar and a green tag on right leg. It arrived here on Mar 16. It has stayed in spite of the efforts of our resident mute swan who keeps chasing it off. There are smaller ponds nearby, so the “intruder” just leaves for a short while, but then returns over and over, only to be chased away again. There are many Canada geese that the mute has successfully (yay!) held off for all the 8 or 9 years it has lived here. I haven’t been able to read any numbers, but I will keep trying.

  43. Karen Says:

    My son saw 2 swans this morning on our lake near Orillia. He was quite pleased that he could get within 10 feet of one of them to read their tag. Yellow tage #906. Does anyone know the background of this trumpeter swan?


  44. Betty Lynham Says:

    I have learned the collar info for the trumpeter on our small pond in the Medina Ohio city limits–41N,82W. It is green with white printing 6M4. It flies back and forth between 2 small ponds in our residential neighborhood. It is chased away by a resident mute swan that has lived here year-round for 7 or 8 years, but keeps persisting in trying to stay.

  45. Ted Farrell Says:

    Saw a pair of swans on our pond northwest of Orillia ON 10 a.m. 13 April 2011. One had 2 yellow wingtags – with black number A52. The other swan had no visible marking.
    They spent about 45 minutes swimming around and feeding on water weeds. Each one walked on shore once and shook its wings.
    The GPS location is N44 degrees 44.119′ – W 079 degrees 31.809′.
    I can send photos if you are interested. If so please tell me the address.

  46. Laura M Says:

    Yellow wing tag E91 (black writing) at Loafer’s Lake in Brampton (43° 43′ 25″ N, 79° 48′ 5″ W) It was our first time seeing a swan there, a nice surprise!

  47. Shannon Sheffert Says:

    On April 17th 2011 my wife, Cathy and I found a flock (a Ballet) of 18 Trumpeter Swans(large swans with solid black bills, no yellow basal spot on bill) on a lagoon in Northern Iowa. The flock had 2 banded birds with yellow wing tags. If we can find our notes we will report the tag number.
    The main thing is that I would like to report a black neck band? that I think is from a swan that I suspect was poached and discarded at the same site. The band is large, about 1 inch in diameter, and is black with the white letters of 276. The bird carcass was disposed of in the woods just north of the lagoon in a plastic bag and all that remains are the bones, no feathers, but the lower bill is still there along with the wish bone. These bones are much larger than a large Canada goose. I suspect that this bird carcass in the bag has been there for 2 years or more. The location is just south of the south bound rest area on I-35 just north of Clear Lake Iowa, about 2 miles south of the Minnesota State Line.
    I can send photos of the neck band if needed.

  48. Bill Jansen Says:

    There is a nesting pair of Trumpeters quite near our home just outside of Askov, MN (Pine County). One swan has a Yellow Collar with black number 76Y. Truly a beautiful sight to watch.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I will send this on to our board member and biologist, Larry Gillette there in Minnesota, thanks for reporting! Peg Abbott, TTSS

  49. Justine Reiner Says:

    May 7, 2011
    After 6pm at Bayview Beach (Brechin) on Lake Simcoe a single juvenile trumpeter swan with two yellow wing tags with black letters J03. Swam and fed in the shallows even as it became dark. Did not seem to be worried about being observed. Looked healthy. Still had substantial brown markings on wings and head. Would love to know if this is the correct identification and where this bird is from originally.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thanks for the report. I have passed this on to our Ontario-based board member Harry Lumsden and I know he’ll be interested in the sighting of this tagged swan. I appreciate your time to report. Peg Abbott, Outreach Coordinator, TTSS

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Justine,
      Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter Swan J03. This male was hatched in 2010 and was banded on 22 Jan 2011 at Burlington. On 4 May he was at Sutton. He moved on from Brechin to the Gloucester Pool at the mouth of the Severn River on 12 May.
      Cheers, Harry Lumsden

  50. Miranda O Says:

    Monday evening May 9th, in small pond across the street from our house – 19th Avenue and Kennedy Road in Markham, Ontario. Among 15 Canada Geese, single Trumpeter Swan with yellow wing tag, black writing “L41”. First sighting of a Trumpeter Swan in these parts for us. Seemed very hungry and ate a lot of bread. He/she was gone by the morning.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Miranda,
      Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter Swan L41. This male was hatched in 2010 and banded at Bluffers Park on 14 March 2011.
      Cheers, Harry Lumsden

  51. Ray Truax Says:

    Around 7:00 May 11th On Orr Lake ON North of Barrie there were Two Adult Trumpeter Swams. One had two wing Tags Yellow Tag With number 022

  52. mike brown Says:

    Saw this swan in ohio, mahoning county, on Pine lake. Sited numerous times first two weeks of may. # on white collar is z613. Curious to find more info if you have any or can point me in the right direction.

  53. Howard B Says:

    Friday May 20, 2011 pair of swans – H80 and H86 on Sturgeon Lake in the area of Southview Estates, Cameron, Ontario. Friendly – came up on shore and took bread. Took bread from hand at the end of the dock.
    It is common to see a pair on Sturgeon Lake – they visit in the Spring and in the Fall

  54. Lynne Demaine Says:

    While on holiday in Ohio on 13th May, I saw a Trumpeter Swan with a neck collar at Metzger Marsh – 3AO. As I am from the UK I would like to know where and when this birde was banded please .Thank you

  55. Brent Starr Says:

    I saw three with green neck bands and white symbols. They were in a vernal pool on the east side of highway 31 5-10 miles north of Summer Lake. The bands had the letter theta and numbers. They were theta 74, theta 78 and theta 79. I got some good pictures of the birds as well. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  56. Cathy Mayled Says:

    I live on a small lake in southern Ontario where we have had a pair of Trumpeters swans for a few years. About 2 weeks ago the male disappeared. We thought that the female was sitting on a nest but then she disappeared as well. She reappeared with an adolescent tagged swan with number H98 with a yellow tag and black letters. can you tell me if this is a male or female swan?

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Cathy: H98 was born in June of 2010 at a pond in Cambridge. I tagged this bird on its home pond November 6, 2010. It was sexed as a male. Later in December he came with his two siblings and parents to LaSalle Park in Burlington, where they spent the winter.

      Could you provide somemore information about the birds you have and the location of the pond? We like to record all the sightings we can in Ontario of our tagged birds. If you would rather email me privetly my email is
      Kyna Intini

  57. jody banaszak Says:

    i was trying to find out who to get in touch with for a mute swan with a collar with numbers and letters. your blog came up. do you have any suggestions who to contact? thanks.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I am not aware of anyone currently marking Mute Swans, and typically the Bird Banding Lab does not work on exotic species. Do you have a photograph that might let us see what the marking looks like? Otherwise, I would report your sighting to the Bird Banding Lab and see if you get a reply. They will send a history to you of any known bird, banded with a marking that meets their protocols. Let us know the results please, and thank you for reporting. Peg Abbott, Outreach Coordinator

  58. Nprm Dokis MNR North Bay Ontario Says:

    Hi, I noticed a swan hanging from someones meat pole this morning, shot by a Native for food. It has an Ontario tag H68 on it. What can i tell this person about the bird and i would like to speak his chief and tell her about what he did. The information would be helpful to discourage others from doing the same. Thanks.

  59. Jim Genge Says:

    I live just North West of Peterborough Ontario.
    All summer, in the swampy end of the lake near my house, there have been two trumpeter swans and a young one as well.
    Now we only see one and it appears to be injured with possibly a broken wing.
    It sits alone on a small island and one wing appears to be hanging below what I would think to be normal
    Is there anything we should do or who do we contact about this.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Jim,

      Ontario’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Network is one that might help, you can find it at this link, – Look at FIND A REHABILITATOR section. I see over a dozen listed for Ontario on this page

      Do not though they clarify:
      “OWREN does not provide ‘how-to-rehabilitate’ information nor diagnose the condition of any sick, injured, or orphaned wild animals or individual problems with wild animals through email. We are unable to respond to such requests. OWREN is not a wildlife rehabilitation centre nor does it operate one. If you cannot locate an Authorized Wildlife Custodian near you and have an emergency situation with an injured wild animal, please contact your local SPCA, humane society, animal control, veterinarian, or vet emergency clinic for immediate assistance.

      They do provide a good deal of information. Your local wildlife services may also be able to help or direct you. Thank you, I hope you can find someone to help.

      Peg Abbott, The Trumpeter Swan Society

      • Jim Genge Says:

        This swan is now being looked after by local vet Dr. Brian Noble. ( Ironically Brian owns the land where the swan was nesting). He had to amputate the wing and is looking for a home for the swan.

  60. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Jim, you could also call Toronto Wildlife Centre at 416-631-0662 for advice – you are probably too far away for them to come out to you, but they will likely know who can help. They are used to dealing with injured trumpeters and are absolutely wonderful.

  61. Jim Genge Says:

    The injured swan has found a home at the Toronto Zoo where they hope it will breed with another injured swan they recently received.
    Kind of a bittersweet ending or beginning to the story….

  62. Bev Says:

    Dear Mr. Dokis, North Bay MNR;

    As part of an Ontario Trumpeter Swan reintroduction program, in 1993 the first trumpeter swans to mate in the wild and migrate in Ontario, in nearly 200 years, came to LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario. In the mid 80’s there were no Trumpeter Swans in the wild in Ontario.

    Trumpeter swan H68 is part of that program.

    Swan H68 was originally tagged as an after hatch year female cygnet under tag number 117, leg “butt-on-band” #1959-00253.

    Her Parents are #947 & #498, sisters #907 & #908.

    Ray Kingdon and Bev Kingdon caught and banded this swan originally at LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario.

    On February 19th, 2010 the swan was again caught by Ray Kingdon, Harry Lumsden and Bev Kingdon for replacement tags #H68 and a “lock on band” at LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario. .

    Ontario has a flock of approximately 650 trumpeters. It has taken over 30 years to bring the flock to this size and it is a very fragile number.
    I have more background information from the very beginning of the program up to todate.

    I was just in North Bay two days ago giving a trumpeter swan presentation.

    Please let me know if there is any other information you would be interested in.

    Bev Kingdon

  63. Dennis Callan Says:

    We had the same pair (H80 &H86) along the north shore of Sturgeon Lake on October 7, 2011. We fed them corn for awhile. Only stayed for a day. I reported them to USGS and they were banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington and hatched in 2010. We are on Waterman’s Road east of the Eganridge Golf Club.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Excellent, I am glad to hear they are doing well. I’ll pass this note along to Harry Lumsden and Bev Kingdon and I know they will be appreciative of the report. Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach Coordinator

      • Bev Says:

        Hi, Your swans are last years cygnets of swan 902 and mate. This year 902 & mate had 10 cygnets on Sturgeon Lake at the town of Cameron. This was a record for us. Unfortunately one of the cygnets is missing and we have not had a report lately on this family. They usually come to LaSalle Park in Burlington.
        Thank you for reporting these swans. This is the only way we can trace their travels and the information will be registered into our ledgers.

      • Doug Priest Says:

        Maybe you can help me identify a single waterfowl that was on Sturgeon Lake last week. I have searched both books and the internet and can not identify the bird. It is slightly smaller than a Canada goose, with a slightly shorter neck. It is light brown on the back and top of the head with the front of the neck and chest being mostly white fading to copper tones at the water mark. The head has two bands of brown running from the black beak down the back of the neck to meld with the back and wings. It was the only one and sadly I did not get a photo of it. I did not see any ‘growths’ or ‘horn’ type protrusions on its head. Thanks

  64. peter bang Says:

    swans p881 and p882 arrived at greenbay on okanogan lake B.C. in the company of 7 others on nov.8 2011and are still feeding today nov.9 2011 they all look to be in exellent condition.

    • Bev Says:

      Hi Peter,
      Did these swans have wing tags or neck collars and could you give me their colour combinations please. We need this info to identify these birds.
      Thanks so much

    • Bev Says:

      Attn: Peter Bang: Re: swans p881 and p882 arrived at greenbay on okanogan lake B.C. in the company of 7 others on nov.8 2011and are still feeding today nov.9 2011 they all look to be in exellent condition.

      Are those wing tags, or neck colars P881 & P882, what color?

  65. David Cox Says:

    Same 2 adults, marked H80 and H86 (black characters on yellow wing tags), swimming beside docks at Snugg Harbour Marina, Lindsay, Ontario, on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

  66. Doug Priest Says:

    Swan 902 and mate along with 10 fully grown youngsters have been on Sturgeon lake for the last two days. They are quite a site! Out front of our house last evening and back again this morning. I suspect the wild rice on the lake floor close to shore has them coming back. Last week we had H80 and H86 by themselves hanging out with a large group of geese.

  67. Doug Priest Says:

    November 17 & 18 #902 and mate along with 10 fully grown goslings were feeding out front of my house on Sturgeon Lake near Fenelon Falls. They all flew off later in the morning of the 18th after several hours of feeding on the wild rice in the shallow water. Last week H80 & H86 were alone hanging out with a gaggle of geese in the same area for two days before flying off.

  68. Pam Gunn Says:

    Hello, I just viewed a blue banded Tundra Swan, adult, at Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington state. He is there with 75 other juvenile and adult Tundras.

  69. Kyna Says:

    For everyone who has been following the 902 & 131 and 10 cygnets family from Sturgeon Lake, they have arrived safe and sound at LaSalle Park in Burlington. They flew in this afternoon and came right up to the feed bucket.

  70. Karen Humfleet Says:

    December 21, 2011,
    Today I saw 3 mature Trumpeter Swans on Harper Lake, Irons MI in Northern Lake County. One had a very obvious green collar with the white ID of 89E. I was very interested because I don’t remember seeing such a band before.
    They were feeding by the shoreline of this yet to freeze 78 acre all sports lake.

  71. George Boomer Says:

    I have a 10 acre spring fed pond in Afton Minnesota where Trumpeters visit for a week or two in the spring and also for two to three weeks in the early winter. This year I have two to three dozen mature and immature one happy with the warm weather.

    My banded on has a yellow/tan neck collar marked with a black 16C.

    Any info would be nice.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      These birds were banded in Wisconsin. I will send this over to the biologist, Patricia Manthey, and she will be very appreciative. You can report this to the Bird Banding Lab and they will send you a certificate with full details on the bird. “” is the email for them, or you can report this online. I will email you a chart showing the various collar codes. Learn more about our Trumpeter Watch program on our website – go to Citizen Science. Thank you for your report.
      Peg Abbott, Trumpeter Watch, The Trumpeter Swan Society

  72. Dave Says:

    I saw five trumpeter swans today at Colonel Sam Smith Park in Toronto, Ontario, one of which was bearing a yellow wing tag L42. It was swimming and traveling with two adult trumpeters and two other juveniles. All appeared healthy.

    • Kyna Says:

      Thank you very much for reporting the Trumpeter swan you saw at Colonel Sam Smith Park. L42 is a male, caught and banded at Bluffers Park, by Harry Lumsden on 14 March 2011. The only sightings we have for him are at Bluffers Park.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Dave, L42’s mate was A70, formerly one of a hugely successful breeding pair at Bluffers Park. She took up with L42 after her long-time mate 197 tragically had to be euthanized because of fish hooks. She is quite old – nearly 20, I believe, and I would dearly love to know if she is still around. Please keep your eyes out for her.


  73. Kim J. McKlintic Says:

    On 1-2-12, my friend and I saw two Trumpeter Swans at Boxley Valley, Arkansas. They had green neck bands with white writing 2p6 and 1p7.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you Kim. I’ll note this for our records, and report it to the biologist at the Arkansas Game and Fish Department as these birds are part of a reverse migration experiment (Iowa birds, released in Arkansas in winter to encourage migration to safe winter areas) and I am sure they will be keen to know of this sighting. We have a Citizen Science section on our website with a chart of where various color marked birds originate. The primary place to report sightings is the USGS Bird Banding Lab, is their email, and they have an online reporting form. They will send you a certificate with details on the birds origins. Please let us know if you continue to see these two, or others, and thanks again.

  74. Bruce McKee Says:

    I saw 6H7 (red) with several other swans on the Winnebago River near Mason City, IA (Cerro Gordo County). 01/20/2012

  75. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Thrilled to report 26 swans at Bluffers Park today (at last!). Residents 508, 083 and family (6), 2 untagged with reddish (iron oxide) heads, 2 untagged but female banded (i have a feeling she is A14, the pair look familiar), a leucistic swan band 90511 I’m certain is H11, A70 and L42, H23, C17, C24, L23, L07, 2 untagged adults with 3 cygnets (one tagged L47) 2 untagged adults with one untagged cygnet. Phew, think that’s it!

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Just remembered, the two untagged adults with the single cygnet had bands, one of them the old wide type. I was able to read the last 3 digits 912 on the male. I think this is probably 20912 together with 00399. I got good sightings of their bands last year.They were out of the water at the public ramp, so would have been easy to catch and retag.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Just for the record, the band on the leucistic swan I misread, should have been 00511 which is definitely H11.

  76. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Seeking any reports of L11, L12, L13 and L14. They were last year’s cygnets at Bluffers Park and I haven’t seen them since they were chased away in the spring. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen them.

    • Kyna Says:

      L11 & L12 last seen at Whitby Harbour Nov 28, 2011. L13 last seen at Ashbridges Bay, Nov 27, 2011. L14 last seen at Bluffers Park, in May by you.

    • Sandra Says:

      I saw L11 & L12 at Whitby Harbour today (Dec 30, 2012)

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Thanks for reporting these birds. I know the group at Bluffers Park will be happy to know about them.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  77. John Terpstra Says:

    The swan with Yellow wing tag H70, was with a group of 7 Trumpeters in Junction Creek at the Southwest end of Kelley Lake in Sudbury, Ontario this afternoon 25 January, 2012. Several of the other swans appeared untagged, while others had yellow tags but kept the numbers well hidden.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi John: Thanks for reporting H70. That bird was banded March 13, 2010 at Lively as an adult male. The only other sightings of this bird were in Lively and in Kelly Lake, Sudbury in 2011. Keep an eye out for those other tags, we would be interested in knowing which birds they are.

    • Alex Says:

      I saw a trumpet swan tagged (yellow on the wing) h74 yesterday! Must have been from the same group.

  78. Steve Hersey Says:

    Today we found two Trumpeter Swans, one with a collar band, the other without. Just filed an official report.

    Band was Yellow with 1C6. Location was Fleetwood Farm Pond Number Two, Marshall, VA 20184 (search on Google Maps).

    Both looked healthy.

  79. dan Says:

    Young swan w/ neck and leg bands (ID: 74E in black text on yellow bands)
    Joined the family of 4 swans on Lake of the Meadows in Schererville, IN. ~ late Jan

  80. vanessa Says:

    Hi there! I saw 6 swans in the Toronto beaches area today and I was able to actually take some pictures of them and noticed they were all tagged. Some of the numbers are: {Yellow tags, black writing} J08, J25, L49. 083. One of the grey and white swans had a silver or grey leg tag. There were 2 all white and 4 grey and white….just wanted to let someone knew i found them, i don’t know what kind they are. 🙂

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Vanessa: Thanks for reporting the swans you saw in TO. They are Trumpeter Swans. The all white are the adults, and the grey ones are cygnets from last summer. When we place the wing tags we also place a metal band on the leg, so that if they loose the wing tags we wil be able to tell which bird it is by the band.
      J08 & L49 are both cygnets of 083(mother) & 508 (father) from last summer.

  81. Yvonne MacKinnon Says:

    We live at the southern end of Lake Sturgeon in Lindsay. For the last few days, we have had the pleasure of 5 swans with yellow tags. Their numbers are: 902, 131, J81, J84, J88.

    There is a small area of open water by our home where they have been frolicking.

    We feed many birds in our area, should we be setting up feeders for the swans?

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Yvonne: 902 and 131 are the father and mother of a family of 10 cygnets (2011). They nest somewhere on Sturgeon Lake and seemed to visit many people to get food around the lake. We prefer to feed whole untreated corn, out of a white bucket. J81, J84 and J88 are all male cygnets of the brood of 10. We were able to tag them in series J80-J89 when they brought the brood to LaSalle Park for the winter. J80 is still at LaSalle today, but the other cygnets seem to have left on their own.

      • elaine Says:

        Hi Kyna we have Trumpeter swan yellow band J82 at Wallace Point Bridge In Otonabee South Monaghan township visiting us today. It is in good condition and is swimming back and forth along our property. It is not scared of our dog which concerns me as I don’t want our dog to chase it.

      • Kyna Says:

        Hi Elaine: Scroll down to near the bottom of the blog and you’ll find info on J82, seems to be a popular bird lately.

      • Betty Lynham Says:

        I reported last year on trumpeter 6M4 (green and white neck collar); saw it again this year around same time– March/April, over a span of a few weeks. There are 20 houses on a small pond within the city of Medina Ohio. We have a resident mute swan that has been here for 7-8 years. He/she chases off the trumpeter and all of the many Canada geese that visit. It was a thrill to see 6M4 last year, and a real WOW to see it again! One lone bird gave us all great fun… Betty Lynham

  82. Jed Buelow Says:

    Hello. About a dozen trumpeter swans have been gathered on the Tomahawk River just north of the city of Tomahawk in northern Wisconsin for the past couple weeks starting in mid January. A gentleman who lives on the river told me the adults have been visiting for the past several years. The identifiable bird has a yellow tag around its neck with the marking P70. If anybody could share information about these birds I would be more than happy to share photos taken. Thanks to those who help these great birds and thanks in advance for any info that can be shared.

  83. Murray Longland Says:

    I’m reporting a Trumpeter swan siting with a yellow tag #H54. The mate was not tagged. I saw these swans on the Severn River by Clare Island near Wasdell Falls between Orillia and Gravenhurst Ont. on Feb. 19 and 20/12. I was talking to a neighbour that lives there all year round and Judi said the swans have been here all winter. I didn’t report a siting of 3 swans I saw but I wrote down the info and number 780 on March 27/05. The other 2 swans were not tagged.Any information would be great.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Murry: H54 is a male, that we banded at LaSalle Park, Burlington, on Jan 10, 2010. It was an adult when we caught it. It was reported at Washago last winter in March, although it had been at LaSalle during December, January and February.
      It was seen Jan 2012 on the Green River in Washago.

      780 is a female banded as an adult at the foot of Brant Street, Burlington Dec 5, 2004. The closest sighting to yours is Mach 16, 2005 on the Green River, Washago. The last sighting we have for this bird is March 29, 2007 at LaSalle Park, Burlington. It has probably lost it’s wing tags and may have lost the band as well.

      • Murray Longland Says:

        Hi Kyna
        Thank you for the info on the 2 tagged swans. And yes I can spell sighting correctly spelled it siting in my report. I had a seniors moment ha ha.

  84. Murray Longland Says:

    I forgot to mention the location of the 3 swans I saw on March 27/05 They were at the same location as the other 2 swans I saw this past weekend.

  85. Anna Says:

    Hi there, We have just one lone swan with a yellow wing tag A72 on the Restoule River. I got several pictures of it this morning.

    • Kyna Says:

      Some info on A72, it is a male, hatched in 2001 at Aurora. It was released at Callander Bay in June 2003. Lately it winters in the Magnetawan and Restoule area.

  86. Joan Beres Says:

    Hello, I am wondering about information regarding
    two yellow collared juvenile Trumpeter Swans that have been on our
    lake, Upper Nemahbin Lake, Waukesha County since 2/25/2012.
    This morning they were close enough for me to observe their
    id’s. Yellow with black lettering, 71E and 72E. Please
    send any information you have regarding these two beauties travelling with 3 adult Trumpeter Swans – no banding, There are also 2 mute swans in the area. Sincerely, Joan M Beres 414-254-1645

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      These sound like Wisconsin- collared birds. If you turn the record in to the Bird Banding Lab, they will send a certificate listing the origin. In the meantime I will send this on to the biologists for that state and I know they appreciate the record. Have they stayed around for the breeding season? Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach

      • Joan Beres Says:

        Hello Ms. Peg Abbot, The swans stayed in our area for approximately 3 weeks. We had an early spring, and sometimes they head over the bridge to Lower Nemahbin lake, as there is more
        cover there. I haven’t seen them in the last 2 weeks though, unfortunately!

    • Kyle Says:

      I just saw 71E in Dane County, WI this morning with 2 other Trumpeter Swans and 8 Tundra Swans.

      • Joe Says:

        The Trumpeter Swan with yellow neck band, 71E, has been spending the last two weeks (late January/ early February) at William E. Powers Conservation Area, located in the southeastern section of Chicago, Illinois (along with two other Trumpeters).

  87. Bruce Says:

    Hello, We have a yellow tagged swan with black letters- 57N, here with it’s mate in an aereator created pond on our lake. They’ve been here at least 3 weeks. Our 2 black labs like to go down to the water to drink and the swans and geese will swim over to them and hang around the dogs in very close proximity. The dogs are hunters, but seem to enjoy the winter’s company. Any further info on these birds would be appreciated. Thanks!

  88. Al Batt Says:

    One of two swans seen on Morin Lake in Alden, Minnesota this morning had a red collar reading 5C5. I believe this to be the 2003 hatch year male that I’ve seen at Union Slough north of Algona, Iowa in the summer. Thanks for all you do.

  89. John Says:


    Currently watching H86 and another swan with no visable tag on upper Buckhorn Lake.


    • Jer Says:

      Hi John, we saw the same pair on the south shore of Upper Buckhorn on Sunday April 1, 2012. H86 and another un-tagged bird.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi John: Thanks for the sighting of H86. She was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on December 31st, 2010 and is a cygnet of the family 902 & 131. She came to spend the winter at LaSalle Park this year and spent most of her time with her sibling H80.

  90. Carl Abbott Says:

    We have a Tundra swan on our lake with the neck band bearing the code 38E on a yellow neck band and he seams to have a bad leg. We were wondering if you could give us more info on where this bird came from and how old it is?

  91. Travis Cameron Says:

    I observed three Trumpeter Swan cygnets today (March 28, 2012), at the terminus of Duncan’s Line at Rice Lake, near Keene, Ontario. They had the following yellow wing tags – J81, J84 and J88. A homeowner in the area claimed there had been 100 swans in the area last week.

  92. Jeff Says:

    A lone swan with yellow wing tag J82, was observed at 7:15 pm March 30, 2012 near the north foot bridge of Beavermead park in peterborough, Ontario. This is the first time I have seen a wild swan in Peterborough.

  93. Ivan Bateman Says:

    Young swan with grey plumage on neck and with two yellow wing tags J82 has been staying around the east shore of Little Lake in Peterborough. It has been here for at least 4 days and has been seen by many people using the Trans-Canada trail. It is very tame and approaches humans but stays in the water.

    Have got some good photographs.

    Looks like one of the La Salle family. Where is this park?

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Jeff & Ian: J82 is one of the 10 cygnets of 902 &131 from Sturgeon Lake hatched in 2011. He migrated with the family to LaSalle Park in Burlington on north shore of Hamilton Harbour (west end of Lake. Ontario). He was banded on Dec 9, 2011. The cygnets in this family from this year were marked in sequence J80 – J89. He and four other siblings were last seen at LaSalle on Feb 22. The parents left around Feb 8, leaving the cygnets to find their own way. One of the cygnets J80 is still at LaSalle.
      If you would like to send a photo you can email us at

      • JT Says:

        I saw the exact same swan. I’m a teenager from Peterborough and I was going to my friend’s house. We were riding over this bridge near Beavermead Park and there was this large bird with the tag J82 on it. My friend and I were quite puzzled. Now I can explain to her why there were the tags. 🙂

  94. Gil Patmore Says:

    We observered a T Swan with a yellow tag with black 74E in Schererville, IN Would like to know where this was tagged….


  95. Claude MILLARD Says:

    Have SWAN yellow wing tag # J82 in back yard 518 monaghan rd. Peterborough, Ont…Live on river and the bird is having lunch on corn and black oil . A great treat to have this bird visit. Claude MILLARD

  96. Claude MILLARD Says:

    J82 back for a visit

    • Ivan Bateman Says:

      Back where? La Salle park?

      Water level at Little Lake (Peterborough) was dropped. Possibly interfered with its feeding habits?

      • Claude MILLARD Says:

        j82 back this AM feeding with geese and ducks Otonabee River north of the bridge, Peterborough.

  97. Jake Connelly Says:

    Hi my name is Jake Connelly and I have taken pcitures of two trumpeters on a lake in Cobalt, Ontario. There were three swans in total but I could only photograph two of them. They were all tagged with yellow wing tags and I could only identify the following number J56. I took the pictures on March 24, 2012. I would be happy to shae the photos i have if you are itnerested in seeing them.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Jake: J56 is the single cygnet of E65 & A35 (has lost tags) from 2011. It was banded as a male, at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Nov 25, 2011 and stayed there for the rest of the winter with its parents. You are welcome to email pictures to if you would like.

      • Eliz Foley Says:

        Hi from Liz Foley just outside of Cobalt on May 15. I thought the yellow tags said 156…I guess it’s J56. He’s alone now and was on the 11th also but feeding at another nearby lake. A male mallard was cozying up, trying to get some bits of food, I think. He’s quite dusky tan, not all white.

  98. Mrs Loekie van der Wal Says:

    Hi, My name is Loekie van der Wal from Logan Lake, BC, Canada, close to Kamloops. Yesterday April 11/12 and last Friday April 6/12 I have seen 1 pair of Trumpeter Swans around the Tunkwa Lake area. One had a blue band with white letters/number and it looks like NO22. On December 3, 2011 I have seen tons of Trumpeter swans at the Agassiz Research Station. One swan had a light blue band around the enck and it looks like 24UK. Are you bale to give e more information on those 2. I have pictures of the birds and wonèt mind to share it with you.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      It sounds to me like these are Tundra Swans from a project in the Arctic – great report and thank you! Please send the photos direct to:
      Craig Ely – researcher
      Alaska Science Center
      4210 University Drive Anchorage, AK 99508
      Phone: (907) 786-7182

      He will be thrilled to know you have seen these. I will pass on this report, and its important to also send it to the Bird Banding Lab. Thanks again! Peg Abbott, Outreach Coordiantor TTSS

      • Mrs Loekie van der Wal Says:

        Thanks Peg for your reply. After zooming in on my pictures, you’re right about the NO22, that is definitely a Tundra Swan, as I noticed the yellow close to the nose. The more than 100 swans I saw at the Agassiz Research Station are definitely Trumpeter swans and so 24UK is a Trumpeter. Thanks for the email of Craig Ely, who I will send some of my pictures too. They are such beautiful and graceful birds.

        Thanks, Loekie.

  99. Kari Says:

    I was going through some photographs I took on 3/10/12 at Swan Park in Monticello, MN. I saw a trumpeter swan with a yellow neck collar 41F, with a matching right leg band. It looks like there’s a silver band on the left leg, but I can’t make out the details.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Great to have this report. If you report to the Bird Banding Lab, you will get a certificate giving you the origins of the marked birds, which sound like Wisconsin marked birds from our records. Thank you. Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach Coordinator

  100. james burns Says:

    We have 2 Trumpeter swans who have stopped off at our property in Moffat Ontario (near Guelph) which has 20 acres of ponds. They usually stayed only one day and left but this pair has now been here over a week and they are chasing the resident Canada Geese away – quite aggressively. Full bore attack on a family of geese this morning and chased one gosling right into the bushes. One of them has yellow wing tag H43. Any information on this swan would be most welcome.

  101. Kyna Says:

    H43 is a female, tagged Jan 22, 2010 at LaSalle Park in Burlington. She was hatched in 2009 in the Cambridge area, her parents are 142 & E20. Since last summer she seems to be keeping company with an older male who was tagged E28, but has lost his tags. The behaviour you describe sounds very territorial. When Trumpeter swans are nesting they often clear the geese out of their territory. I would suggest that they are probably not nesting this year as it is a bit late now, but may be “playing house.” Keep us posted as to what happens there. They might return next spring and try to nest.
    Could you provide an address or GPS location for the pond as we like to keep our records of sightings as precise as possible.
    You are welcome to answer me privately at
    Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  102. Joe B. Says:

    Today I saw swan with red neck band lettered “5T1” at the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge in Stevensville, MT. I noticed a reported sighting of this same one on this web site dated 03/27/10 from Jeff Jetter. Any info on where it was originally banded?

    • Betty Lynham Says:

      I first reported green collar 6M4 in Medina Ohio in March 2011. Then, again in April, 2012. Sent notice to USGS/Canadian Wildlife Service and received the following info. Young femaleTrumpeter banded in 3/01 by OH Div of Wildlife in Trumbull CO, OH.(Lat 41.41; Lon 80.91; band number 0619-33038). Thought to be about 12 years old. Can that be right? How old can these critters get to be?

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        In the wild they often live 15-25 years, so yes, this is possible and an important record, thank you for sending it in. Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach

  103. Richard & Susan Sims Says:

    Hi Kyna and Beverley,
    We woke up to see a beautiful trumpeter swan feeding outside our door. The swan is alone. The wing tag is yellow with black markings J04.
    My husband has been coming to the family cottage for 65 years and this was a 1st for him. We are located at the upper end of Lake Simcoe, in Atherley, Ramara township. We are very close to the Narrows which connects Simcoe with Lake Couchiching. It has been swimming up & down the shoreline and was back at our house this evening. If you have any information, it would be great to learn about him or her.
    Thank you
    Susan & Richard

  104. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Delighted to announce 7 cygnets hatched to 508 and 083 at Bluffers Park June 7-9.

  105. john m. Says:

    Tagged swan# L27 and mate have 4 young that look to be about three weeks old. All seem very comfortable where they have nested.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi John: L27 is a female, hatched in 2004 at Wye Marsh. Her parents were 823 & 515. She stayed at Wye Marsh throughout 2005-2007. In 2008 we have a report of her at Sparrow Lake. In Feb 2011 she was caught and retagged in Washago, because she had lost her original tags. The last sighting we have of her is April 2011 in Concord.
      You mentioned that you have pictures, you are welcome to send them to us at
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  106. Sheelagh Rowland-Brown Says:

    We observed trumpeter swan J95 on our small lake – Hooglands Marsh (next to Black/McLean Lake) the last few weekends. It looks as though it has settled in for the summer.

  107. Dorothy Cote Says:

    I spotted 3 Trumpeter Swans just East of the Pitt River in the Alouette River, Pitt Meadows BC Canada today, June 25 2012. The 2 tag numbers I was able to read were M41 + M39. I have pictures of these beautiful birds with the tags visible.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We’d appreciate seeing a photo, can you send them by email to please? Thank you for the report, I’ll send it on to our Washington Swan Stewards group and know they’ll apprecaite it. Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Martha Jordan of our TTSS Washington Swan Stewards is thrilled to find some of her “babies”. She writes:
      “These were a brood of 6 I raised for a few weeks here, then off to Lynn Dye’s for another many weeks with a real trumpeter surrogate mom named Marshmallow.
      The 6 were banded and released in a big news event last September at the tender age of about 92 days old. Released at Lake Terrell near Ferndale, WA (near Bellingham). They flew from there and disappeared for the winter. We got a report of 2 in May but they only came to Lake Terrell for a day. No photos.

      Then this!!! I want all the sightings and photos people want to send.
      This has been one grand experiment that seems to have gone well.”

  108. Linda Says:

    First time we’ve ever seen a trumpter swan on the lake – Gloucester Pool. He is tagged on each wing with a yellow tag J91. He arrived a couple days ago and appears to enjoy the beachy area near the cottage. He is white with greyish feathers on his neck. Throughout the day he comes over to feed off the Lilly pad roots. It’s so wonderful to see and have some fantastic pictures. Do you have any data on him that we can share with the family. Thank you


    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Linda: Thank you for reporting J91 in Gloucester Pool on Aug 5. J91 is a female, hatched in 2011 at Gloucester Pool to parents L88 & 100. She has 7 siblings. This family migrates down to LaSalle Park in Burlington, where she was banded on Jan 26, 2012. She stayed at LaSalle Park until March 11, even after her family and siblings headed north on Feb 19. She was last sighted at Duck Bay, Waubaushene on March 26.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

    • Sarah L Says:

      I saw one on our lake (lake dalrymple) tagged h74 and L25. cool!

  109. Sarah L Says:

    this helped me alot! It is great to have this info to locate swans. /(•-•)\ you can easily find where they came from. wonderful!!!!! 😀

  110. Sarah L Says:

    can anyone give me info on trumpeter swans tagged h74 and L25? they were seen on lake dalrymple on august 12 2012. they were flying together. a little scred of us… thanks! 😉 😀 😛

  111. Alex Says:

    This is the first time I have seen a trumpeter swan here. There were two. They had yellow wing tags tagged H74 and L25. Saw them on August 12 on Lake Dalrymple. They are young ones according to my neighbor. they wernt full white on their necks. Any information would be great!

  112. Kyna Says:

    Hi Sarah & Alex: H74 is a male, hatched in 2010, his parents are 120 & E19. He was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington, on December 11, 2010.
    L25 was banded at Washago Centennial Park on February 15, 2011 as an adult female. She had an untagged mate and 5 cygnets at that time. In June 2012 we got a report of her in Barnstable Bay with her mate and 5 cygnets. Did either if you happen to see any cygnets with her in August?
    Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  113. Alex Says:

    No. They left later that day.

  114. Micki Nelson Says:

    Saw swan wearing a yellow collar with P72 written in black. It was with another unmarked swan. It was on the Rainbow Flowage in northern Wisconsin. Can you tell me about this swan?
    we seen it on 09-28-12.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Micki, Great to get this report, and I’ll pass it on to the biologists in Wisconsin.
      We have a great pdf (link above) that is a tool for figuring these out. It looks like you have a bird that was collared and marked there in Wisconsin. You can get the origin of this bird by reporting it to the Bird Banding Lab of the USGS: They will send you a certificate. We may hear back from the biologist and if so I will let you know, but I do encourage you to report it to BBL. Thank you! Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach

      • Doug Priest Says:

        HI, we have a different group returning to Sturgeon Lake near Fenelon Falls this year. There are six adults. So far, I can identify J89, J84 and J81. I can’t read the tags on the others. Likely they are always together but I will try to identify them and advise just the same.

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Hi Doug: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans you saw. J81, J84 & J89 are all siblings, cygnets of 902 & 131, 2011 hatch. J81 & J84 are males, J89 is a female. All 10 cygnets that 902 & 131 brought to LaSalle Park in Burlington last winter were tagged J80 – J89, during December 2011. There is a good possibility that the other birds in the group are part of that family.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Doug Priest Says:

        I saw J85 as well, the other two are hard to see. I will keep looking, but it seems they are all family.

  115. Amanda Says:

    I was told about 5 Tundra Swans near Princeton, British Columbia and was asked to go out and see if it was possible to read the bands. Two were banded with blue bands and what looks like white writing. P994 and P995. The other three were not banded and didn’t appear to be this year’s cygnets as they were in breeding plumage. One of the swans with a collar was also noted to have a silver tarsus band, but the person that reported them to me couldn’t remember which leg. Any information on these Swans would be wonderful. Thanks.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      This is an excellent sighting, part of a research project coordinated by Craig Ely across several areas of the Arctic. Here is a blog we did on his work earlier. I will email you as well, but hope Craig can provide details for us on these particular birds. We appreciate this report, we have not received many on these marked birds, so its an important one! Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach Coordinator

  116. Sophie Cheney Says:

    J94, E08, J62 and ?98 (couldn’t read first letter) sighted today at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton, ON. Is there any information available about these birds?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Sophie: Thanks for reporting the birds you saw at Kelso Conservation Area. Here is some info on those birds:
      J94 is a male, hatched in 2011, banded at LaSalle on Jan 27, 2012. One of his parents had a band, but we were unable to read it. He has two siblings, J98 (male, banded Jan 31, 2012) & J99 (female, banded Jan 31, 2012).
      E08 is a male, hatched in 2007, banded at Desjardin’s Canal, Dundas on Jan 22, 2008. He has been back to LaSalle for every winter since then.
      J62 is a male, hatched in 2011, banded at LaSalle on December 17, 2011. His parents are E13 & E86. He has two siblings, J58 & J59, both males.
      ?98 may be J98, who is a sibling of J94.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  117. Margaret Sahli Says:

    I photographed some trumpeter swans close to the west shore of Lake Couchiching, Orillia, Ontario Canada on Sunday December 16, 2012 at 10:40am. I didn’t realize that one of them had a yellow wing tag with black code H62 until I was looking at the photographs on my computer later that day. Any info about H62 would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Margaret: Thanks for reporting H62. She was banded at LaSalle Park Jan 17, 2010 as a cygnet born summer 2009. Her parents are 685 (now 175) and an unbanded male. It seems she spends her winters around Washago.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  118. Lara Says:

    Hello. For a last couple of days, nine Trumpeter swans have been seen in port of Rijeka,Croatia. Some of them are marked,I think five of them,with the yellow collars with black codes- 89PA,90PA,91PA,92PA,93PA.Three of them are pure,white swans with no mark on them. Is it possible that swans from USA came all over here,in south-eastern Europe? Or these are some other swans? 🙂

  119. natureshots Says:

    Saw my first swan with a neck collar today. Yellow neck band, black writing, 1C6. This was in Culpeper County, Virginia.
    I did report it at

  120. murray rowan Says:

    to Kyna Re: L25
    I’ve followed L25 during June to Dec for two maybe three years on Barnstable Bay-I believe even before being tagged.She had 6 signets on the bay in June but only 5 come July.Prior years she reared 7 (2010) & 6 (2011). Her mate is not tagged.
    Her appearance in early Aug on Dalyrmple L. occurred after her moult while her mate protected the young and may have been in moult stage.
    At the moment, I am trying to locate her and the signets possibly at Washago where she was tagged 2 years ago. She (and family) can be called in.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you for the information on L25. The last report I had of her was Port Severn on December 30 with 4 cygnets.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • murray rowan Says:

        Might she be wintering at the Wye or is there a wintering place at P. Severn ?

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        There are 80+ birds wintering on Oak Bay to the west of the 400, at Port Severn, L25 may be in that group.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  121. April Chiodini Says:

    Hi out taking pics and saw trumpeter swan 57Y it was great she/he has 4 geese following every move it makes. Was in riverlands bird refuge area Alton IL

    • April Chiodini Says:

      Well saw 57Y again. Now shes with another swan without a band all cuddled up together keeping warm. Do you have any info on him/her? I’d love to know about this swan. Thank you!

  122. murray rowan Says:

    Oak Bay P. Severn is iced. The swans are on the east shore south of the lock-26 between the lock and 400 including L25, her mate and 4 cygnets that I was able to call in. The rest of the flock are also on the east side but south of 400.

  123. Dan Bonhomme Says:

    So glad to have found this site. Seven trumpeter swans are wintering at Fielding Park in Lively, Ontario. One bird is tagged L30, two mated pairs, one of the mated pairs has two cygnets. One of the untagged adults has a leg band. I’ve fed the swans, along with a couple of hundred ducks, daily for the past three weeks during a brutal cold spell, with low temps of -25C to -40C. I have to make a special effort to feed L30, as the males persistantly drive her away from any food. She is only at Fielding Park half of the time. I’m not sure where she goes the rest of the time.

    I am very concerned that I have not seen H70 since last spring. This is the first time in several years that he has not wintered at Fielding Park. I would love to hear any news of his whereabouts. I’m hoping he is just fed up with the aggressive males and has found another home.

    I have some swan photos here:

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Dan: Thanks for reporting the Trumpeter Swans you saw. The last report I have for H70 was March 2012 at Fielding Park in Lively. It may be that he has lost his tags. If you can read the leg band on that one bird, it might be him. You can have a look at our Facebook group, Ontario Trumpeter Swans. We have pictures of the leg bands on there so that you can see which part of the band is the important number.
      L30 also has not bee seen since you last reported her on the Wye Marsh reporting site.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  124. Ed Kapraly Says:

    A flock of about 40 trumpeters has been on the Scioto River south of the Radnor Road bridge for the last few weeks. One has a yellow neck band with the designation 7A3. We are located almost smack dab in the center of Ohio just about 30 miles directly north of Columbus. There was at least one tundra swan with our group. I did snap a few good pictures if you are interested.

  125. Dan Bonhomme Says:

    Today I saw seven swans at Fielding Memorial Park, Lively; L30, an adult male leg band band #619-20565, an untagged unbanded female and an untagged, unbanded pair with their two UTUB cygnets. All appeared to be in good condition.

    I also saw H70 (finally), where Junction Creek flows into Kelly Lake. He was hungry and appears to have lost weight. I fed him some corn and seeds and I will return on the weekend to feed him again.

  126. Bob O'Brien Says:

    Saw seven thumpter swans on wisconsin river sandbar yesterday between Muscoda and Gotham, WI. Two had bans around their necks, yellow with black labeling: “28C” and “21U”. i looked them up on this website and found that they were banned here in Wisconsin. Obviously repturning home. I have pictures of group if desired via

  127. chris clyde Says:

    Have had two trumpeter swans on our pond for a couple days in Brighton Illinois . One is banded with 57y . Cool bird , but why would you band the neck of a bird seems cruel to me . Does it cure cancer in babies , or cure aids ? Must be a good reason I guess other than some scientist getting their jollies.

  128. chris clyde Says:

    It was a yellow neck tag

  129. Lisa Owens Says:

    I saw 2 banded trumpeter swans at Squaw Creek in MO on Saturday, 3.9.13. The birds had yellow neck bands with blakc lettering: 35E and 37E. The birds looked great and spunky and were together preening with over 100 other Trumpeters at the refuge. I have pics if wanted and reported both per your above instructions. I would LOVE to know the history of these birds.

  130. Gary Says:

    Two swans just showed up on a private lake near Orangeville Ontario. Both swans had yellow wing tags. The one tag we could make out was 504. Neighbors say that they stop in for a few days each spring.

  131. Gary and Bonnie Says:

    Two swans showed up today, they both have yellow wing tags. We could only make out one of the numbers ( 504 ). Neighbors say that a couple swans show up here for a few days each year. Private lake just west of Orangeville Ontario

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Gary & Bonnie: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans you saw in Orangeville on March 17, 2013. Bird number 504 is a male, originally banded in 2001 as an adult with cygnets at Wye Marsh. His mate carries number A15, was hatched in 1998. This pair has been at LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter up until this past week. They spend their summers at Tiny Marsh.
      Would you be able to provide a GPS location, privatly to for where these birds were sighted? A nice website to find that information is:
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  132. Sophie Cheney Says:

    Two trumpeters sighted on Campbellville Pond in Campbellville, ON. Tag #’s E85 and L92.

    Do you have any information on these birds?

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Sophie: Thank you for reporting E85 & L92 at Campbellville Pond, March 23, 2013. E85 is male, originally tagged on May 7, 2006 at Wye Marsh as an adult. He comes to LaSalle Park in the winters. L92 is a female, tagged at LaSalle Park Feb 11, 2012 as an adult. It would be nice to find out where this pair spends the summers as I have no sightings for either of them in the summer months.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  133. Lyn Coombs Says:

    I have one lone trumpeter swan with a yellow tag J74 on both wings sighted March 24 and 25 west of Airport Rd. near Hockley Rd., Mono Township happily feeding on our pond. I can provide the GPS privately if you’d like? I’m sorry, but when I saw that black or white lettering was a helpful clue, I was flummoxed as the lettering would better be described as grey! :/ This has been such a delight!

  134. Loekie van der Wal Says:

    My name is Loekie van der Wal from Logan Lake, BC, Canada. Last Saturday when I was driving back from Vancouver area to my place, we drove on Nicomen Island between Mission and Deroche on Nicomen Island Road what is a back road. I saw several Trumpeter Swans and one Tundra Swan with a blue neck collar with white lettering. I took a picture but its really hard to see what the number is. Picture when enlarged is a bit blurry. It might be P29. Could you provide me with some details. On the map this island is at 49 degrees 10 north and 122 degrees 07 west, if this might be helpful. Thanks.

  135. Lyn Coombs Says:

    J74 is still enjoying our pond here today (Day 3) NE of Orangeville, Ont. though it’s now amicably sharing the pond with a pair of Canada Geese who are eyeing the small island as a potential (and in the past, popular) nesting site.

  136. Patrick Jones Says:

    Hello, on March 29th 2013 driving southbound hwy 11 JUST passed Washago Ont , i noticed 3 Swans sitting on some ice on the Trent Severn waterway, i turned off took some pictures, went home loaded them on my computer and noticed the YELLOW Tags on one of them J04 was the code, did not notice tags on the other two, all 3 looked Happy and Healthy, can you tell me something about this tagged Swan?. thank you

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Patrick: Thank you for reporting J04, on the Trent Severn, near Washago on March 29, 2013. J04 is a female, banded as a cygnet at Washago Centennial Park on Feb 5, 2011. She spent this winter between Port Severn and Washago.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  137. Sabrina Dennis Says:

    Saw lone yellow wing tag J76 at Lake Aquitaine (43.588015,-79.753657) on April 4 & 5. (First time spotting a swan on this cachement basin/lake).

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Here is some info, J76 is a male, hatched in 2011. His parents are A02 & 909. He was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Jan 15, 2012, where he had migrated for the winter with his family. This winter he once again came to LaSalle for the winter.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Sabrina Dennis Says:

        J76 has moved on from Lake Aquitaine, which is just as well. Not the best location–too many people and too much bread.

  138. Lyn Coombs Says:

    I wonder if I could learn any info on J74? He’s finally moved on though he had a bit of a challenge getting liftoff from our pond- not enough runway! Big birds need lots of runway!

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Lyn: Sorry for not replying earlier. Thank you for reporting J74 March 24 – April 10, 2013 on the pond in Orangeville. J74 is a male, hatched in 2011, banded at LaSalle Park Jan 8, 2012. His parents are L88 & 100, and he had 7 siblings from 2011. He wintered at LaSalle Park again this winter and stayed from the en of January until the beginning of March.
      Would you be able to provide a GPS for J74’s location? A great website for that is:
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  139. Jan Crimmings Says:

    Just reported a lone swan L83 on a small pond north of Newmarket. We usually have Canada Geese land for a brief time but never a swan. It didn’t stay long.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Jan: Thank you for reporting L83 at Newmarket on April 17, 2013. L83 is a female cygnet of A02 & 909, hatched 2012. She came to LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter with her family, where she was banded and tagged. After leaving LaSalle, she stopped by at Bluffers Park in Toronto for a short while.
      Could you provide a GPS location for your sighting? This is a good website to find that information:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Jan Crimmings Says:

        The GPS location of L83 was:
        Latitude: 44.149049
        Longitude: -79.370234

  140. Loekie van der Wal Says:

    Last Tuesday April 16/13 I spotted a Tundra Swan with a blue color and white lettering at Mamit Lake, between Merritt and Logan Lake, BC, Canada at 50 degree.23′ .51.7″ N and 120 degree.48′.41.3″ if that will help. What I was able to read on the computer looks like: 1635. The first could be a letter. Could you please give me some details about this bird. Thanks.
    I also had posted another sighting on March 25/13 but have not received a response yet.

  141. kayx7200: Michael Kay Says:

    L50 and L51 turned up on Fairy Lake in Huntsville Ontario this morning. Great excitement in the neighborhood. In 50 years we have never seen a swan on our lake!!

    Will they stick around – they look like a pair?

    We run a bed and breakfast on the lake and often have small children as guests. Are Trumpeters aggressive? We will not be feeding them as we will be over run by ducks!!

    Do you have any history on them as our guests will certainly ask

    Many thanks

    Michael Kay

    • Ontario Trumpeter Restoration Says:

      Hi Michael: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans L50 & L51 on Fairy Lake on April 26, 2013. These two birds are siblings, hatched on 2012 to parents E86 & E13 who nest near the Quebec boarder. L50 is a male, L51 a female. They were both banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington where they came to spend the winter. Their parents left them at LaSalle this spring so they are having to find their way up north on their own. I did get another report of them on Fairy Lake, but at the Huntsville end, so they might move around some. As long as you are not feeding, you shouldn’t have any problem with them being aggressive to anyone. These two are just young and have no territory to defend.
      Please keep us posted if they stay or leave.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Restoration

    • Brian Lower Says:

      I saw them on Pickerel Lake, east of Burks Falls last week. I guess they are heading back to Quebec.

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Great, thanks for the location update!
        Kyna,Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Mirva Collette Says:

        L50 And L51 are currently on Wahnapitae River, east of Sudbury, ON. Lots of exitment around the neighbourhood for these lovely visitors. First time ever we have swans swimming on our river. Both swans are not shy for sure, they made themselves noticed when we were outside and did not realize they were by our dock. They have been around for a week or so; hopefully a bit longer for us to enjoy their beauty.

  142. Sophie Cheney Says:

    H59 and untagged male E28 sghted at Campbellville Pond on Apr. 24 – 26 after a 3 week absence. The birds came up to my back patio and did courtship displays on 3 different occasions. Unfortunately, I have not seen them since Fri.

  143. Sue pallotta Says:

    J81 came to visit our pond today, first time we have had a swan here. Looks like he is spending the night, hopefully I will see him in the morning. I have some great pictures if you would like to see them.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Sue: Thank you for reporting J81 at your pond. Could you provide a GPS location for the sighting, you can email me privately at You are welcome to join our Ontario Trumpeter Swans Facebook group and post some pictures if you like.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  144. L. A. Goff Says:

    Hello, I am on Swan River in Bigfork, MT (Ferndale area); I have a bright red leg tag “714” – numbers only I believe — any info would be appreciated!! Sighted the mature trumpeter on 5/3/13 and on 5/1/13

    • L. A. Goff Says:

      With the help of nearby agencies, I’ve found out the mystery of this “714” leg band. It is actually “7T4” please see information below–we deduced this because the prior year’s sighting is 1 mile from my sighting on Swan Horseshoe Drive–and the leg band description (background and letter colors) matches that used by the agency below:

      “It is likely 7T4 released by our program at Pablo National Wildlife Refuge. This swan hatched in a captive rearing facility in Wyoming in 2008. It was released in July 2009. It was observed near Bigfork starting in January 2011. It was last sighted on the Swan River off Three Eagle Lane in March 2012..
      Thanks for passing on your observation!”

      Janene Lichtenberg, Wildlife Biologist
      Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes
      Wildlife Management Program
      P. O. Box 278, Pablo, MT 59855
      406-675-2700 ext. 7291
      406-270-3643 (cell)

      • patrick jones Says:

        Today I was in Orillia@ the George Langman Sanctuary and took some pictures of a swan with wing tags L28. Beautiful and healthy, swimming with another swan, no tags .

  145. Sean Charles Says:

    Lone Trumpeter swan on our little lake- J84 Yellow tag, black numbering on both wings. Swam over to check out the dogs fetching sticks from the lake. Gave our Belgian Shephard a bit of a scare! Looks in good health. Any info on this guy? Is he likely just passing through, or might he stay?

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Sean: Thank you for reporting J84 on May 5, 2013. Could you provide a GPS location for your sighting? This is a good website to find that information:
      Is J84 still at your lake?
      J84 is a male, hatched in 2011 to 902 & 131. All 10 cygnets that 902 & 131 brought to LaSalle Park in Burlington that winter were tagged J80 – J89, during December 2011. J84 spent this past winter at LaSalle again.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  146. Dave Morris Says:

    On Sat April 27 in a flooded marsh/forest I saw a pair. This flooded area was on Oro- Medonte Line 8 north (about 1/4 mile north of Highway 11 ( south bound into Barrie On).

    One was tagged with yellow tag on wing number 162. The other was not tagged. I had passed this spot last year and seen a pair but didn’t see the tag number.

    What information can you tell me about 162?

    Dave M.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Dave: Thank you for reporting 162 at Oro- Medonte Line 8 on April 27, 2013 with an untagged bird.
      162 was hatched in 2007 to parents 824 & 108. He was banded at the Wye Marsh Feb 2008. Since then he has been coming to LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winters. This past winter he arrived with only one wing tag and then lost the second one. But we were able to catch him and replace his tags so that he could be reported once again.
      Are the pair of birds still at the same location?
      Would you be able to provide GPS coordinates for the sighting? This is a good website to find that information:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

      • Dave Morris Says:

        Will look this weekend! See if they are still there!

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Great, thanks Dave.

      • Dave Says:

        Further to my report – the pair were no longer at the 8th line of Oro Lat 44.490689 Long – 79.523485. however ourneighbour saw a pair on Lake Simcoe last Saturday am May 18 one hada tag ( but could not see number ) and other no tag Lat. 44.434251 Lat – 79.29949.

        Note i did not see them at anytime this weekend! Would they go back to the Wye Marsh?

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Hi Dave: We got a report of 162 being on the Severn River at Clare Island on May 16th. So it seems he has headed further north.

        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Dave Morris Says:


        From your experiance do the swans retrace their trip north stopping at the same spots as they did in the Spring? Further if 162 wintered as i think you suggested in Burlington will it return and when?

      • cornerstonemanagement Says:

        Hi Kyna,

        Have you seen 162 yet this fall and if so where? Do they usually keep coming back to the same spot each year and with the same mate?


      • Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Hi Dave: I just got a report that 162 & un-banded friend have been seen in Aurora in the last few days.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  147. danny gibson Says:

    J37 E91 seen around heart lake area recently in the winter saw
    028 with mute swan in port credit,

  148. Brian Lower Says:

    L50 and L51 were on Pickerel Lake, east of Burks Falls for 3-4 days last week. I have not seen them since Saturday.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Great, thanks for the location update!
      Kyna,Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Doug Priest Says:

        Hi: I have had the swans back again this year in front of my place on Sturgeon Lake. This year we have H80 with an untagged youngster and J89 along with L98. There are usually more, I will keep you updated if more show up.

  149. Cathy Borgmeyer Says:

    On May 22 2013 we had a visit from K02 on Lake Simcoe between 6th and 7th lines of Oro. It came up on our lawn for a visit. I would love to find out more about this swan.

  150. Ashly Says:

    Hi, we just seen the swans with yellow tags numbers L50 and L51 on the Wahnapitae river, in Sudbury ON. Would there be any info on thoses 2?
    Thank you, Ashly.

  151. Patrick Jones Says:

    Today I was at the George Langman Sanctuary in Orillia Ont, when i was able to take pictures of a healthy looking swan with wing tags #L28 this swan was swimming with another swan that had No tags.any info would be appreciated, thank you.

  152. Karen Says:

    Last Friday in Aspen Lake in Sunriver, Oregon, I saw a red-collared healthy-looking adult swan. The collar said 43K in white.

  153. Karen Lintner Says:

    I saw 2 swans with wide green neck bands with white letters on them in the Assowoman Wildlife Refuge (Delaware) on Tuesday, Aug. 13 (9 am). We watched them for awhile, but couldn’t make out the letters.

  154. Mike Eickhoff Says:

    Hi I’m Mike from central MN and today I was hunting and had a swan visit my decoys. Illegal to shoot in MN so I got a few pictures through my binoculars. The neck band was yellow with black 30P on it. It also had a metal band on the left leg and a yellow band on its upper right leg.

  155. Danica Says:

    Saw a swan with white collar EA95 in Port Jefferson NY. Saw yesterday on the beach and he was there again today.

  156. Margaret Sahli Says:

    Good Afternoon,
    At 1:42 pm EST, I saw 3 swans just off our beach on Lake Couchiching in the city of Orillia, Ontario, Canada. One of the 3 swans had a yellow wing tag with the number 175 on it. This swan was pure white in colour. The other 2 swans did not have any tags and were not pure white.
    Thank you for any information that you might be able to provide.

  157. Charlotte Norton Says:

    I photographed a swan with a yellow neck collar on 11-14-2013 at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary West Alton, MO. The black lettering on the collar was 35F. I have a pretty good picture if you are interested just let me know where to send it. My Name is Charlotte Norton and my email address is

    • Doug Priest Says:

      I have 10 swans out front of my house on Sturgeon Lake in Fenelon Falls, Ontario. There are 5 adults and 5 youngsters. There are only about 5 yellow tags that I can see but I can actually only read K35 on a youngster and 131 on an adult. Hope this helps. Doug Priest

      • Doug Priest Says:

        Hi, I will keep an eye out for H80 and H86 and in the mean time, my GPS coordinates are N 44* 30.837 W 078* 43.621.

    • Doug Priest Says:

      The same 10 swans, including 902 are out front of my house in Fenelon Falls on Sturgeon Lake. Most are not tagged. They seem to be in no hurry to leave.

      • Charlotte Norton Says:

        I shot the same swan in the same place. If you hear anything about it, I would love to know. I sent emails to all the right people, but have not had a reply so I’m still in the dakr.
        Charlotte Norton

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Hi Charlotte: I have passed your sighting on, so hopefully you get a response soon. I only work with the Ontario birds so can’t answer it directly.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Hi Doug: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter Swans you Nov 21 & 23 at Sturgeon Lake in Fenelon Falls. 131 & 902 are an established pair who have nested on Sturgeon Lake for several years now. This year they have 4 cygnets, one of which, a female, is tagged K35. We hope to be able to tag the remaining cygnets when they to come to LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter. From another report I received, I suspect the other birds in the group are, H80 and his untagged cygnet, J89 and L98. These birds are all offspring of 902 & 131 from previous years. H80 was hatched in 2010, and this year mated with H86 and raised 2 cygnets. Unfortunately H86 and one cygnet have been missing for over a month. J89 is a 2011 hatch and one of only two females in the record 2011 brood of 10 cygnets. L98 is a female and was hatched in 2012.

        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
        Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

      • Doug Priest Says:

        L98 is also with this group although today, it is finding solitude resting alone on the ice.

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Just to let everyone know, 902 & 131 and their 4 cygnets have arrived safe and sound at LaSalle Park in Burlington this afternoon. Also with them were H80 & cygnet, J89 and L98.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  158. Suzanne Muma Says:

    November 30, 2013, 89E with several other untagged adults and one juvenile in Traverse City Mighican today.

  159. Sara Says:

    I found a yellow wing tag near Denfield, Ontario west of London, Ontario. I would assume that either a coyote got it or someone shot it. I found it in a farmers field, the bird was no where to be found. The tag number is S377. Do you know much about this bird? Would it be helpful to send the tag in?

  160. Alex Says:

    I saw three banded adult swans today along the Mississippi River in Prescott, WI. These were yellow neck bands with black lettering: 96P and 93P together and 83A a little ways off.

  161. Susan Says:

    I saw 2 trumpeter swans at the Bowmanville Marina today. The adult male has a yellow wing tag #J07 and a smaller untagged female.

  162. Jessie Says:

    Went to Monticello today to see the swans.. saw yellow 68K, green 58E and green 2A3. They were not very close to each other, and the only banded ones I noticed today. 3/6/14

    • Jessie Says:

      Looking through my photos now that I am home, I snapped a blurry picure of a yellow 27J right before my shots of 68K

  163. Madeleine Linck Says:

    Jessie thank you for your report! 58E green was banded in MI and has come to Monticello for the winter many years. Yellow 68K and 27J were banded by the WI DNR. Green2A3 was banded in 1994 by ThreeRivers Park District, MN!
    Madeleine Linck

  164. Dave Weatherbee Says:

    Today we saw 2 Trumpeter Swans In Barrie ON on the pond behind our house. They had wing tags —yellow with black letters. The numbers were J47 and E 94. We have never had them here before.
    Exciting times.
    Dave Weatherbee

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Dave: Thank you for reporting Trumpeter Swans E94 & J47 on a pond in Barrie on April 15, 2014. E94 is a male, hatched in 2008 to parents A74 & E68 who nest at Six Mile Lake. He was banded at LaSalle as well in December 2008. J47 is a female, banded at LaSalle Park, Burlington in March 2011 as an adult. She has come back to LaSalle for the past two winters. As they are both breeding age, it is possible they will be looking for a nesting territory as the weather warms, it would be nice if they brought cygnets back to LaSalle this fall.

      Please keep us posted as to how long they stay and when they leave.

  165. Katherine Says:

    April 19th at Innisfil Beach Park K02 was swimming happily around lake simcoe feasting on scraps from other admirers. Very personable comes right out of the water to greet you ! Have some awesome pics of this lil mooch.

  166. gus karvouniaris Says:

    Swan with yellow wing tag KO2, in Lake Simcoe 8th line park, Innisfil. April 20 2014.

  167. Emily Says:

    On May 10, I saw 6 adults and 1 younger swan (with a grey head) at Long Branch Park, Etobicoke. The younger one was the only one tagged, with D15 (didn’t record the tag # at the time so I could be mistaken, but it was for sure D**)

  168. Simon Says:

    L40. Yellow tag black lettering. Little Britain Ontario
    We would some more info on our big friend.
    Thank you.
    The Swindells family

  169. Bob gray Says:

    J74 yellow tags now on Stewart lake MacTier Sat. 31st. 2:20pm

  170. Jessie Says:

    Yesterday I was at Fish Lake SWA in WI and found yellow collar 23k. Would like to know more about him or her, who’s got a 6 pack of little ones!

    • Jessie Says:

      Also found one with a metal leg band at Crex, not sure how to go about id’ing them.. a partial is 3169.. but there looks like 1 more number.. a smaller number above that starts 61..

  171. Jessie Says:

    20N Yellow collar at Sherburne Wildlife Refuge in MN with a mate and two babies this morning. Would like to know more about this one too!

  172. Steve Marshall Says:

    We have a swan K118 yellow wing tag north of thorah island lake Simcoe ontario

  173. Steve Marshall Says:

    Edit. The swan is yellow tag K81 thorah island alone healthy looking brown and white

  174. Robert Says:

    We had 3 swans approach us at a small beach access point off Dawlish Ave. in Port McNicoll. They were clearly looking for handouts and not concerned by our dog. Two were adults, E67 & M85 and the third a juvenile, with no tag or leg band.

  175. Byron Says:

    We unfortunately have a dead swan with yellow wing tag K98 in the icy water at the south end of Frenchman’s Bay here in Pickering. Couldn’t tell the species due to the way it was laying in the water.

  176. murray Says:

    March 11/15 first sighting of a pair of swans flying around Barnstable Bay ( L. Simcoe NE shore ) They were observed @ 7:45 pm flying south from Weyman Cr. mouth to the north shore of Bayshore residence, out to the marina and then east toward the bottom of the bay. They appeared to be looking to land but no open water yet. No tags visible.

    • Doug Priest Says:

      Hi there: We have 4 swans here on Sturgeon Lake in Fenelon Falls. The only two numbers I can see are M64 and M58. Nice to see them back. I think the coordinates are 44.514261, – 78.726287 if that helps.

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