TTSS urges the rapid end to the use of this toxic substance in all hunting, other shooting activities, and fishing and conversion to the use of alternative nontoxic substances.
— TTSS Board of Directors, April 20, 2008

Trumpeter Swan Preening by Beverly Kingdon, Ontario

Martha Jordan, a TTSS Board Member from Washington, has posted some detailed and sobering news about lead poisoning in Trumpeter Swans on our website. She notes some progress has been made in the last decade, but emphasizes that we face numerous challenges ahead if we are to alleviate the threat of this toxin. The first part of the article details strategies being used to cope with lead problems in Washington State. The second part gives excellent background material on causes of lead poisoning, symptoms of lead poisoning, and the real facts on lead shot vs. nontoxic ammunition. She provides a clear-cut list on what you can do to help, outlines existing regulations, and recommends links to other websites for further detail. We applaud Martha for putting this information together for all of us. Since 1999, lead shot has killed over 2,300 wintering swans in Washington and British Columbia. TTSS has been working hard with the Canadian Wildlife Service, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, other nonprofit organizations, and concerned citizens to find the source of the lead shot, so that it can be cleaned up.



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2 Responses to “LEAD and TRUMPETER SWANS”

  1. michelle speelman Says:

    My husband saw C17 and L07 (wing tags) at 12:00 noon EST today (December 21, 2011) in Frenchmen’s Bay (Pickering, ON) near the Port Restaurant

  2. Brian Burton Says:

    December 23, 2011 I saw two Trumpeter Swans on the Des Moines River in Sugar Valley. One swan had a red collar with white letters 7T5 on its neck and one small band also red on its right leg. It would be interesting to see where it was banded at. The other swan didn’t have any bands. I was Eagle Watching when I saw the swans.

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