The Trumpeter Swan Society Photo-of-the-Month February, 2010

Trumpeter Swan Pair bJerry Hogeboom

Professional Photographer and TTSS Photo-of-the-Month host Greg Smith says:

Jerry’s photo of the two Trumpeter Swans captures so many of the traits that attract us to these magnificent birds. The graceful curves of the necks and wings, and the position of the two birds seemingly acknowledge the lifelong pair bond. Jerry’s choice not to do any post-processing sharpening of the photo, while inappropriate in some circles, actually adds to the fog-bound lighting and the overall saturation of the photo. If the birds had the usual sharpening, it would have been out of context given the surreal lighting in the photo. The fact that Jerry was able to position himself so that the blue water faded into the blue sky of the background just enhances the ghostly feeling of this outstanding photograph.

Featured Photographer for February, 2010 – Jerry Hogeboom, Minnesota 

Jerry is very active with photography and belongs to three photo clubs near his home in the Twin Cites area of Minnesota. He is a board member of the Twin Cities Area Council of Camera Clubs (TCACCC).  He tells us this about the photo, and his passion for photography.  “What you see in this original RAW format photograph (no post-processing) is what I saw through the viewfinder. It is these types of opportunities that for me seem to melt away the cold and stresses of in life. I love photography and have done everything from underwater to street to nature to weddings and portraits. My favorite though is nature photography. I enjoy getting outdoors for hiking, walking and exploring. To me, it’s very therapeutic, educational and it provides good exercise. I say educational because I typically research the subjects that I shoot. Winter wasn’t my favorite time of year but several years ago I made a decision to embrace the season and have been getting out and enjoying myself even on the coldest of days. This photo was taken on a cold day in February when localized fog was created by the warm water interfacing with the colder air. Seeing and photographing those Trumpeters was amazing.”


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2 Responses to “The Trumpeter Swan Society Photo-of-the-Month February, 2010”

  1. Beth Says:

    The photo of of the month by Mr. Hogeboom is so beautiful. How lucky that there are people that can capture the true strength and beauty of these magnificent birds.

  2. john m. Says:

    Hello.. I have photos of tagged swan(yellow) L27.
    The pair have four young with them.Look to be about three weeks old.I just don’t see where I can send them.

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