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The Trumpeter Swan Society Members Share Creative Work Inspired by Swans

August 9, 2012


A Poem by Peter Meiring, TTSS member

A Young Trumpeter Takes Flight, photo by Tammy Wolfe


Look towards the north to Cepheus;

Seen next to Polaris in the early Spring,

Pointing there towards the east is Cygnus,

With long neck and graceful curve of wing.

Deneb lights its tail, it can only be a swan.

The ancients surely knew their natural world,

When their gaze upon this constellation shone

And Cygnus the Swan it was thenceforth called.

In April, going north to breeding grounds,

Many swans are resting on the lake;

Their honks on taking off are thrilling sounds.

Flying in skeins and lines, their way they make.

A huge and lovely bird, all gleaming white,

With long and graceful neck and jet black bill

The Trumpeter Swan an unforgotten sight

And sound, the memory to thrill.

We appreciate recieving and being able to share Peter Miering’s inspired words. If you are inspired by Trumpeters, please share your work with us.  You can submit copy to our main office: The Trumpeter Swan Society, 12615 County Road 9, Plymouth, MN. 55441-1248.  Or send it electronically to

The photograph, of a juvenile Trumpeter in flight is by Tammy Wolfe, author and photographer.

The Trumpeter Swan Society Photo-of-the-Month – MAY 2010

May 2, 2010

Professional Photographer and TTSS Photo-of-the-Month host Greg Smith says:


Tammy’s wonderfully detailed photo of this Trumpeter Swan shows how well exposure can be controlled even on an all white subject!  Look at all the feathers on the underside of the wing and you will see they are crisply detailed.  This detail is in part the result of Tammy’s perfect focus on the subject, but her exposure just adds to the detail of the feathers.  The focus is also quite different in the foreground and background, with both being fuzzy.  This just accentuates the focus of the swan, and makes it stand out against the blue of the water.  If you have been around a while, you will recognize this bird’s pose as being reminiscent of the old Packard automobile hood ornament.  Tammy captured an outstanding pose that was apparently interpreted by early auto engineers to denote the artistic interpretation of their car.  Art mimics nature, and Tammy’s photo is an excellent representative of that theme!

Featured Photographer for May, 2010 – Tammy Wolfe of  Minnesota 

I grew up in Wisconsin but now call Lake Elmo, Minnesota home. My interest in photography began when I got my first camera at age ten, which developed, as I got older, into a serious passion. Most of my photographs are the result of patience – long hours spent in a blind or in the field, waiting for the right moment or the right light.  But as a friend of mine said, “Any day spent in a photographer’s blind is a good day.” Over the years I have been able to combine my love for photography with other interests in my life – travel, nature, animals and lighthouses. Though I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, my specialties are birds (with an emphasis on Trumpeter Swans and Wood Ducks).

Tammy shares her work on her website, Tammy Wolfe Photography. Use this LINK to her Trumpeter Swan Gallery and take time to browse through her fine images!  She has an outstanding collection that represents countless hours of time spent with Trumpeters.