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The Trumpeter Swan Society’s Associate Director, Becky Abel, Receives TogetherGreen Fellowship

August 26, 2012

TTSS’s Associate Director, Becky Abel

TTSS Board and staff are pleased to report that Associate Director Becky Abel was recently awarded a prestigious TogetherGreen fellowship.

TogetherGreen, a conservation initiative of the National Audubon Society and Toyota, selects 40 high-potential leaders annually to receive a $10,000 Fellows Grant. With the funds, Fellows conduct projects to engage diverse audiences in habitat, water, or energy conservation. In addition to receiving support launching their conservation initiatives, the Fellows also benefit from specialized training and the opportunity to become part of an exciting alumni network of conservation professionals.

“These are heroes. They help people engage with nature. They look like America: diverse, passionate, and patriotic,” said Audubon President David Yarnold. “Becky is a leader, and we’re pleased to give her a chance to invent the future.” Abel’s TogetherGreen project aims to develop guidance documents that outline steps for partnering with electric energy companies across the US to reduce Trumpeter Swan mortality associated with power lines. The TogetherGreen Fellowship Program provides the selected leaders with resources, visibility, and a growing peer network to help them lead communities nationwide to a healthier environmental future.

“Trumpeter Swans offer potential to serve as ambassadors for broad conservation messages related to wetland loss, for responsible stewardship of the earth’s biodiversity, and to highlight threats to migratory birds,” Abel explained. “Unfortunately, human-caused hazards and habitat alteration continue to threaten the species’ long-term security.”

“We want to build partnerships between unlikely allies—conservation groups and electric energy companies,” she added. “In addition to Trumpeter Swans, our work will benefit Tundra Swans, Whooping and Sandhill Cranes, pelicans, and other large, low-flying birds.”

Learn more about Becky’s project on the TogetherGreen website, which describes their mission this way:  “The TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program invests in high-potential leaders, providing them with tools, resources, visibility, and a peer network to help them lead the conservation actions necessary to shape a greener, healthier future.”  The Trumpeter Swan Society applauds Becky for her role in this important project.

The Trumpeter Swan Society Announces New Associate Director – Becky Abel

December 20, 2011

Becky brings several years of nonprofit management and migratory bird conservation experience to her role as the new Associate Director of The Trumpeter Swan Society.

Prior to joining the staff of TTSS, Becky served for eight years as Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association, which grew in size, influence and profile and earned statewide and international awards under her leadership. Before that, she worked for seven years in various roles for The Nature Conservancy, the most recent position as Conservation Planner for their Migratory Bird Program (formerly Wings of the Americas.) Becky led conservation planning efforts at scales that range from the site level to large-scale planning for birds that spanned three countries and involved multiple partners.

Becky holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Wildlife Ecology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her graduate work involved designing a successful technique for reintroducing Trumpeter Swans to Wisconsin that involved imprinting cygnets on a life-sized swan decoy and rearing them in the wild. Trumpeter Swans released using this technique showed high survival and strong site fidelity and established migratory traditions. (Wisconsin’s decoy-reared birds were the first Trumpeter Swans to pioneer wintering at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, now possibly the second largest wintering area for Trumpeter Swans in the lower 48.)

Becky served on the Board of The Trumpeter Swan Society from 2007 until she stepped down in November 2011 to accept the Associate Director position. Since 2006, she has also been on the board executive committee of Community Shares of Wisconsin, a social change organization that supports 50 environmental and social justice organizations through workplace giving campaigns, training, and technical assistance. She has served on the steering committee of the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative and was the 2008 North American representative for the World Wetlands Network, a network of worldwide NGOs dedicated to wetland conservation.

Becky is based in Madison, Wisconsin. In her free time, she enjoys reading, camping, paddling, horseback riding, and sharing her love of the outdoors with her kids.