Lynn Lovett, The Trumpeter Swan Society Administrative Assistant

Lynn Lovett at work on Trumpeter Swan Quilt to benefit TTSS at our upcoming Conference & Silent Auction

My interest in Trumpeter Swans started in 1998.  My kids were in 1st & 2nd grade so I had time to get out of the house while they were at school and do some volunteer work.  I enjoy the outdoors so I attended the volunteer orientation program at Hennepin Parks, now Three Rivers Park District in Minnesota.  My first opportunity to help out was office assistance in Natural Resources – Wildlife Department. That work was helping with The Trumpeter Swan Society, working with Madeleine Linck & Larry Gillette.

After a few months I was hired as an employee.  My duties consist of keeping our membership database updated, banking, mailing merchandise and preparing the Trumpetings newsletter for mailing.  Occasionally, I have been able to tag along in the field which is my favorite part of my job.  How many other people have the opportunity to hold a Trumpeter Swan?!!  Madeleine & Larry have been great to work with and have taught me much about swans and other wildlife.  My work is minor compared to that of the biologists who have devoted their expertise and time to Trumpeter Swans but I still feel proud when I see how much the swan population has grown in my area.  By taking care of the details in the office I am giving the biologists time to concentrate on their work so we can all enjoy the beauty of the swans. 

Now the kids are in college, my husband & I just got a Golden Doodle puppy to liven up our empty nest, I have second job as bookkeeper for a gymnastics club and I still love working for The Trumpeter Swan Society.  My favorite pastime is quilting and I’m busy finishing a quilt that will be auctioned at the 22nd Trumpeter Swan Society Conference in Montana next month, October 10-14, 2011.


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    Lynn Lovett, The Trumpeter Swan Society Administrative Assistant | Trumpeter Swan Society Blog

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