Gift of Art Print Benefits The Trumpeter Swan Society: Rob Dreyer & the Artists for Conservation Program

AHEAD of the STORM, by artist Rob Dreyer

We are thrilled that Ron Dreyer, of Dreyer Fine Arts, selected The Trumpeter Swan Society to receive a percentage of the sales of a fabulous Trumpeter art print as part of the Artists for Conservation (AFC) program.  The original artwork, and an offer for Limited Edition prints, is featured in his online gallery.

Intrigued by his evocative capture of the essence of three Trumpeters taking flight in AHEAD OF THE STORM, we asked him about his work. He shared this:

“I am a lifelong artist and conservationist with a focus on portraits in oil.  While I started with human portraits, it was only natural that I extend my abilities into what has always been my natural passion, the marvels of creation found in the animal kingdom.  You will notice in my wildlife portrait work, that rather than a landscape with wildlife, I tend to focus almost exclusively on the animal itself, often working life size or larger where possible. My intention is a stunning up-close portrait of the creature, with only a secondary interest in its surroundings. In this way, the viewer’s focus is forced toward the beautiful details both in their character and the patterns of their creation. This offers a perception of our natural world that may not be as noticeable in real life or in a more typical artistic interpretation.”

We learned more about Rob Dreyer through the Artists for Conservation website and we encourage you to visit to read more of his story.  A lifelong artist and conservationist, Rob grew up in Missouri. He credits his father, a physician and naturalist, for instilling in him at a deep reverence for beauty and the miracle shown in detail of every living thing.  For over 10 years, Rob Dreyer worked as a muralist, painting over 100 works on private residences, government buildings, and churches.  Today, he focuses on portraits of wildlife and humans, striving to bring sweeping scope and luminosity to canvas in the studio.  Rob has generously donated one of this series of fine-art prints to the upcoming SILENT AUCTION at TTSS’s 22nd Conference coming up this year Oct. 10-14 in Polson, Montana.  

Ron Dreyer is a member of the Artists for Conservation foundation (AFC) is a nonprofit international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, the foundation represents the world’s leading collective of artists focused on nature and wildlife, with a membership spanning five continents and 27 countries.  The organization’s mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability, and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage.  Members donate 5 percent or more of wildlife originals or limited edition prints in support of conservation organizations that they select.  This year, November 4-13, 2011, AFC will host the First Annual Artists for Conservation Festival at Grouse Mountain Resort, site of the recent Winter Olympics. Sounds like a grand event that you may want to attend, featuring exhibits, film premieres, demonstrations, and workshops. 

Visit their website,, to learn more.


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