The Trumpeter Swan Society Photo-of-the-Month – June 2010

Laura Finazzo   Sleeping in Snow

Laura Finazzo Sleeping in Snow

On the brink of the summer solstice, we bring you an image of… SNOW! Chill out, cool off, and enjoy a beautiful image.

Professional Photographer and TTSS Photo-of-the-Month host Greg Smith says:

Laura’s photo does an outstanding job of showing how you define a white bird as an object against a white background.  Couple that challenge, with the subtleties exhibited in the shape of the birds and the placement of their necks and heads, and Laura’s photograph becomes an even finer representation of an art.  The crispness of detail in the birds against the muted snow further defines the snow and creates the effect of a winter swan scene.  The small area of shadow at the back of the bird on the right is all the definition the snow needs, while the title completes the assurance of what we are viewing.  This is a superb shot in an artistic format that leaves us all with a sense of how Trumpeter Swans can manages the rigors of winter in a graceful manner.

Featured Photographer for June, 2010 – Laura Finazzo, Hopkins, Minnesota 

Swans were my mother’s favorite bird and since her passing I have picked up the torch to carry on the tradition. I’ve always been a bird lover, thanks to both my parents, but swans are special.

My husband and I have several places we go hoping to catch glimpses into the life and, sometimes death, of these magnificent creatures.  This particular photo was taken in January of 2009 at the Three River Park District, Baker Park Swan Reserve. There were about 100 swans there at the time, kept happy by the small section of open water on the small frozen lake.  These two birds were resting on the snow, while at the same time conserving energy for times to come.

 Laura’s photos can be found on her page sponsored by the National Resource Defence Council and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to create a place for bird-lovers to share stories and information about birds and to help protect birds from activities that harm them and their habitat. Thank you Laura, for supporting conservation through this site, and on our TTSS Blog!


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