The Trumpeter Swan Society Board Approves New Strategic Plan

Trumpeter Swan Portrait by Beverly Kingdon

 The Trumpeter Swan Society (TTSS) has completed revision of its Strategic Plan, which was first adopted in 2003. The TTSS Board of Directors reviewed all current programs as well as new opportunities and problems facing the various Trumpeter Swan populations. At their December 2009 meeting, they adopted the revised Strategic Plan to guide the Society’s programs for 2010-2014.  This Plan will provide the foundation for developing annual work priorities, strengthening administrative processes, and identifying budget and fundraising needs for the next 5 years.

The Plan reflects our Board’s strong beliefs that the restoration, conservation and security of Trumpeter Swans in North America are very important for the intrinsic value of the species, for its role in natural systems, and for the inspiration and beauty that the swans bring to human existence.  TTSS also values Trumpeter Swans as a symbol of hope for the restoration of imperiled species and as a high-profile ambassador for the conservation of North American wetlands.

 The Strategic Plan emphasizes that “The Society’s paramount task is to assure that wild populations of Trumpeter Swans attain numbers and distributions that will keep them strong and resilient as habitats are increasingly modified by the impacts of human population growth”.  Rebuilding secure migrations and winter distributions is a major emphasis for all populations.

 The plan focuses on the following FIVE-YEAR OPERATING GOALS

*   Population Security/Range Expansion:

*    Habitat Conservation and Management:

*    Advocacy and Agency Coordination

*    Public Education and Involvement:

*    Research

*    Organizational Development

Visit our website to read the details of our Strategic Plan. Specific objectives and tasks are identified for each goal and also for specific swan populations.  With your support, we look forward to achieving these goals and making Trumpeter Swans more secure. 


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