Trumpeter Swan Photo-of-the-Month, MARCH 2010

Trumpeter Swan Taking Flight by Gail Miller

Featured Photographer for March, 2010 – Gail Miller, Arkansas

This month’s featured photographer, Gail Miller, lives in Conway, Arkansas. She’s had the pleasure of watching wintering Trumpeter Swan populations grow to over 100 individuals at Magness Lake this winter. Gail has two galleries on her PBase site devoted to Trumpeters and admires them as gorgeous creatures.

Professional Photographer and TTSS Photo-of-the-Month host Greg Smith says:

Gail’s Trumpeter Swan photo was cropped to take your focus to the narrow plain of the flight takeoff. The tack sharp water splash was placed in the left half of the photo. And although the swan was placed in the right half of the photo, her unique setting draws your eye first to the water splash and then to the swan.

Whether planned or not, Gail’s use of the reflected light off of the water to show highlights of the swan’s underwing adds a dimension to the photograph not usually seen. This underwing shimmer complements the sharply focused face and the outstretched wings to create an outstanding capture of a Trumpeter Swan taking flight!

When asked about her photography Gail shared this:
“I was always enchanted with being outdoors. Even as a child, I was outdoors as much as possible. I began taking photos in college in 1972 and launched into the digital world in 2005 when I bought a Canon EOS 40D camera. Though I had always taken photos of birds, I became more obsessed with it after the acquisition of a Canon 300mm F/2.8L and then the Canon 500mm F/4 lens. Photographing birds allows me to share with others, the beauty of the avian world as I see it though my camera lens. I do not know or a more rewarding hobby.”

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