Trumpeter Swan Society Photo of the Month Sept. 2009

Symmetry of Trumpeter Swans

Symmetry of Trumpeter Swans

Professional Photographer and TTSS Photo of the month Greg Smith says:      

What jumps out in this photograph is the symmetry of the four birds with outstretched necks.  The second aspect that captures your attention is that all four birds are in crisp focus and looking in slightly different directions.  It is only when your gaze lingers that you notice the reflections on the calm water.  The russet necks complement the blue and the horizontal format does wonders for what would normally be a vertical shot.  Ed’s capture of these four swans utilized composition, lighting, exposure and depth of field to create an outstanding art print!

Featured Photographer of the Month – Ed Post       

Ed Post became a serious photographer in 1990 after attending a week-long nature photography workshop. Ed now leads annual workshops and photo tours. He is also a frequent lecturer on nature and landscape photography. His work ahs been widely published and he has received honors and awards in contests and exhibitions. Ed also lends a hand to the busy photography staff of his hometown newspaper by accepting assignments to cover sports, features and breaking news. Enjoy more of Ed’s work displayed at


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One Response to “Trumpeter Swan Society Photo of the Month Sept. 2009”

  1. Theresa Simendinger Says:

    Where do i pledge for the reward for the info and capture of the Swan shooter(s)? Theresa

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