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TTSS Works to Enhance Trumpeter Swan Conservation in Oregon

August 8, 2009

After a near-decade hiatus, TTSS is pleased to announce that Trumpeter Swan releases have resumed in Oregon. A long history of Trumpeter Swan releases in Oregon began back in the late 1930’s, when the Trumpeters from Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Montana were transported to Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon. While winter waterfowl habitat is limited at Malheur NWR, Summer Lake WA and surrounding areas have open water and adequate aquatic vegetation during the winter for Trumpeters.

Summer Lake Wildlife Area manager Marty St. Louis’ photo of four swans swimming away from their boxes records the resumption of Oregon’s Trumpeter Swan Enhancement Program that had been suspended. TTSS, in partnership with Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Malheur NWR, the Wyoming Wetland Society and others, hopes the number of nesting Trumpeters will increase in wetlands east of the Cascade Mountains of Oregon and Washington. The release at Summer Lakes WA is strategic to help swans learn to winter in south-central Oregon. To achieve this goal, four yearling Trumpeter Swans raised by the Wyoming Wetland Society were released by ODFW staff on June 20, 2009 at Rest Lake on Summer Lake Wildlife Area in south-central Oregon. A number of swans were released there in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Two family groups were observed there this past winter.

This program is not without costs. A grant from the Felburn Foundation funded this initial release and TTSS will be raising funds to continue the program. If you are interested in “adopting” an Oregon Swan or contributing to this project please contact us! Executive Director John Cornely & Board Vice-President Gary Ivy coordinate this effort for TTSS.