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Trumpeter Swan Society Photo of the Month: JULY 2009

July 13, 2009


Gary D. Tonhouse - Trumpeter Swan Early Morning Glow, Terra Park, IA

Gary D. Tonhouse - Trumpeter Swan Early Morning Glow, Terra Park, IA

Professional Photographer & TTSS Photo of the Month Host Greg Smith says:  

This photo was taken early in the morning, as evidenced by the orange hue on the bird’s breasts and necks.  The feather detail on the bird in the foreground is crisp and sharp, as is the ripple in the water.  Early morning/evening photography always poses the challenge of depth of field given the low light at these times.  Gary’s photo combines a well composed (the swan in the background adds to the balance), highly detailed and colorful shot of a mostly white subject.  Shooting white is always a challenge, but it is also a gift when you put yourself in the right place at the right time as Gary did!

Featured Photographer of the Month – Gary D. Tonhouse  

Gary Tonhouse has been photographing nature’s fascinating images for over 28 years.  Driven by a life-long love and respect for our natural world,  his fine art photography collection captures the simplest subjects and transforms them into elegant, breathtaking images like the “Trumpeter Swan Morning Glow”.  Gary has been teaching nature photography for over 15 years to people from all walks of life.  He also supports the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ restoration of the Trumpeter Swan to Iowa wetlands and has been very generous in sharing his photo for educational goals.