Trumpeter Swan Society: Ontario Trumpeter Population Tops 1000



Ontario Trumpeter Swan  photo by Tony Beck

Ontario Trumpeter Swan photo by Tony Beck

Volunteers Report Trumpeter Swan Wing Tags – Revealing a Self-Sustaining Population in Ontario




A team of vigilant observers has helped biologist and TTSS board member Harry Lumsden to track and tally what is now a successful, self-sustaining population of Trumpeter Swans in Ontario.  Ontario’s Trumpeters are marked with yellow wing tags. In a typical year, observers report 300-360 individuals. Once a number is read and reported, the data can be entered to help track that bird’s movements, habitat use and reproductive success. Data from tagged bird sightings allows biologists to produce a genetic family tree and to record population growth and range extension. This past year 116 birds were marked in Ontario — 70 of them caught by hand by the team of Bev and Ray Kingdon, Julie Kee and Kyna Intini in the wintering flock that feeds at La Salle Park and other areas near Burlington on the west end of Lake Ontario. Peak numbers recorded for this wintering group were 160 Trumpeters along with 100 Mute Swans. Smaller congregations, where other birds were marked, included Bluffer’s Park, Frenchman’s Bay, Whitby Harbour and Wye Marsh.

Tag sightings by observers across the southern part of the province proved useful even when the number was not recorded. Ontario observers have been asked to keep track of the proportion of marked to unmarked birds in groups observed (even if number is not read). The last four year’s analysis of reported proportions reveals a steady increase in the wild population. As the population grows, the percent of total marked birds has declined. In 2005, it was 54%. By 2006 it had declined to 46%, 2007, 44% and in 2008, 39%. In 2007-08 364 tagged birds were reported. By using this calculated annual percentage rate, with an adjustment for marked birds missed (based on year to year variance in reports of known live tagged birds) along with the percentage ratio of marked to unmarked birds, biologists estimate the population.

Doing the numbers, Harry Lumsden recorded quadruple figures for the Sept. 2007 to Aug. 2008 report — a total of 1018 birds.  The milestone of 1000 birds had been passed!  This number is for adult and sub-adult birds. Cygnets of the year averaged 39% for this period. Applying this ratio to overall numbers, Ontario’s breeding population estimate registers a remarkable 1415 birds. When Harry Lumsden started Ontario’s Trumpeter Swan Restoration program in 1982, Trumpeters had not been seen for almost 100 years, since 1886 when a hunter at Lake Erie’s Long Point shot the last known individual. The Ontario Field Ornithologists honored Lumsden with their Distinguished Ornithologist award for 2008. Among his many career achievements, leading the successful restoration of Ontario’s Trumpeter Swans must bring great satisfaction.

If you are reporting a sighting from ONTARIO, CANADA, please email us directly at as this blog is not monitored regularly.

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589 Responses to “Trumpeter Swan Society: Ontario Trumpeter Population Tops 1000”

  1. Pam Johnson Says:

    I found your site because I have been observing a lone trumpeter at Toronto’s Outer Harbour Marina and I’m wondering if this is a normal location for this swan. The swan’s tag number is H10. The swan had a messy mass on his/her right wing but that seems to have cleared up. The swan is receiving attention and feedings from the boats in the harbour. but, should the swan be here in the summer?
    Please advise if there is something to be done. And please send info about this individual.
    Many thanks, Pam Johnson

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I asked Beverly Kingdon, one of the banders that works regularly with swans in Ontario about this Trumpeter and she replied to us right away. Thank you Beverly.

      Hi Peg and Pam
      Thank you so much for your concern for the trumpeter. We need all the eyes we can get to help return them to the Province in their full glory.

      I am traveling at the moment and have stopped of at a library so it was nice to have a “trumpeter” letter waiting for me. I can’t recall from the top of my head which swan H10 is. The messy mass on his wing hopefully is clearing up. Sometimes something like that can indicate the swan got caught in power lines. If this is the case he may not be able to fly for a while. Hopefully it was a “messy” moult and that there is no injury.

      Also if the swan is very young it may have been deserted by its parents and will spend the rest of the year nearby if it feels safe and is being cared for and this winter when the migrants return he will most likely joing them. If he does join the migrants he will be an outsider until he is of breeding age and then “poof :-)” all of a sudden he will be allowed friends. (tee hee) LaSalle park in Burlington has had a dozen or so of single trumpeters staying over the summer for the last few years now. This is new as in the past they used to all leave in the Spring. We don’t know why some stay.

      It would be very to have someone become a Godmother/Godfather to H10 so we can know if the swan starts to fail. I hope the boaters are feeding whole UNTREATED feed corn and not junk food.

      Thanks again for passing this on. I can check up on the swan when I return.

      • Beverly Says:

        Hi Pam.
        I am back in Burlington and have some more details on your swan.
        H10 was hatched in 2008 and was banded at Bluffer’s Park on October 30th, 2008.

        It is migration season so there is a greater opportunity to spot swans from now to January.

        Happy Swanning

      • Nancie H. Willis Says:

        To Whom Ever This Concerns,
        My Fiance and I live at the top of Lake Huron, in Bruce Mines , On.
        The water levels here have dropped over 4 feet! We live in a small bay area close to hwy 17 north. Usually we get 7 swans landing in front of our house every year. Now we have 13. We have been watching for the Trumpeteer Swans closely. The ministry of Natural Resources Office in Sault Ste. Marie, On. (our closest city) wants us to contact them as soon as possible should the Trumpeteer Swans show up. They stated they are seriously at risk. My Fiance Charlie Pringle is a mining expert and like a geologist, states that everyone is concentrating on lead shotgun pellets. He states they should be looking into MERCURY POISENING instead! We gat a major amount of all kinds of Ducks, Geese, Cranes, Swans, plus we see across the little bay here an eagles nest plus other birds of prey. We would appreciate it if someone could contact us on perhaps giving us some ideas of persons or places to contact . There is excellent probability for the Trumpeteer’s to start comming here as the water levels are so low and the birds are feeding a lot on minows etc…I am disabled and watch out onto the lake every day. There IS a lot of DUCK HUNTING ALLOWED RIGHT HERE AND WE WANT IT TO STOP! This is only a very small bay. Also the hunters pull oiver right onto hwy 17 to shoot the ducks! We don’t know who to talk to to stop the hunting of the birds right here! They end up shooting other species as well. Some Police officers even shoot them that work in the small towns around us, also suposedly a local judge. ( through small town talk ) The Great Lake Ships dock to load right across from us at Ontario Trap Rock. Something has to be done. We don’t know where to start. We have lived here only 5 yrs, I have daily caregivers and they think its a shame too. In the fall all you can here is shots firing day and even in the dark. I called the Police because of the shooting in the dark and they were sarcastic about it as some of thier friends hunt there! Some one can call or fax me at this number..Nancie or Charlie Pringle at 705-785-3080. I hope this message helps some how………..Thank You for your time!….Nancie

  2. Graham L Says:

    Hi there.

    H10 is happily hanging out in The Beach in Toronto at the foot of Balsam Avenue. My family and I watched H10 for quite some time this evening and were able to get very close to it. We did not feed it, wondered what would be appropriate, but did wonder what it was doing here and what it would do over the winter.

    No sign of the mass mentioned below. H10 seemed content and happy to us, but then we aren’t trumpeter experts by any means.

    We wondered about H10 and through the wonders of the internet, we were able to find out a bit more about her / him. He / she does also have a ring bang on her leg but we couldnt read a number other than it said something USA.



    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      It’s great to get a second report on H10, particularly that it seems the swan has healed. I’ll pass this on to Beverly Kingdon, our contact in Ontario who does a lot of the marking and banding. She is working on a website to report the data and we’ll let you know when that is ready. If you do feed the swan you’ll want only clean, whole corn. If it seems content and is feeding naturally, that is the best situation. I think people have been feeding mainly mid winter when conditions get particularly severe. The bands are issued on a permit basis through the Bird Banding Lab which is in the US but coordinates banding efforts continent wide, actually anything within this hemisphere. So they do have that number on file for H10. Thank you for your report. It’s very interesting spring and fall to see how they move between breeding and wintering areas. Its important that they find good sources of wild food in ample wetland habitat and that can take some wandering and time in a restored population. Often they seek out the presence of other swans.

      • Beverly Says:

        Hi Graham,
        Your swan H10 was hatched in 2008 and banded at Bluffer’s Park on October 30th, 2008.

        The swans are starting their migration so keep an eye out for your swan and others. It is a great “swanning” time of year.

  3. Anny Says:

    We had 085 visit us at Grenadier Pond in High Park, Toronto for part of August and it just left. I’m very sad about that. I don’t know where he went to, but I’m guessing he was chased away by the jets in the Air Show. They were ridicously loud this year. He seemed healthy. Talked a lot. Was very friendly. I wonder if he went to LaSalle early.

    For future reference, where would one get whole, untreated feed corn?

    Where does one look up information on tagged swans?

    There are also 5 mute swans in the pond. Two pairs and one offspring.
    I also counted 9 mute swans at the Toronto, Ontario Lake shore. 3 pairs and 3 unpaired.

    Thanks, Anny

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you very much for the data on Trumpeter Swan 085. I will pass it on to Beverly Kingdon who is our contact in Ontario. She will be very interested. She is just now working on how to best post to the web data on marked Trumpeters. We’ll let you know when that comes up online. And if we can report on this particular swan to you sooner, we will send the information on as we have your contact data. Have you contacted feed stores in your area that sell products for horses and cattle? Around here that is the best source of clean, whole corn. Beverly, or some of our Ontario readers, may have some other ideas for you.

      • Beverly Says:

        Hi Anny,
        Swan 085 is a male, hatched in the wild. It was banded in March 2007 at LaSalle Park in Burlington, Ontario Canada.
        Thank you for reporting this swan.
        It is migration season so there should soon be swans back in your area.

  4. Theo Says:

    I was not sure if you are still collecting sighting data. Yesterday, 11 October 2009, we observed a tagged swan, #126, at Long Branch Park (Lake Ontario shoreline at Etobicoke). It appeared to be in magnificently healthy condition. It was standing in shallow water preening itself and apparently oblivious to any noises; we watched for about 10 minutes. There were no other swans around.
    It was interesting to read about the tagging program and the reintroduction of the swans here.
    Thanks, Theo

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Bev Kingdon, one of the persons doing the banding in Ontario says yes, they are still collecting sighting data and reallly appreciated your post. She hopes to get the data up on a website in the near future to share information on individual Trumpeters. When she tracks this one down she’ll be in touch. Thank you for reporting! Peg Abbott, The Trumpeter Swan Society

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Swan #126 is a female four years old, banded at the Credit River in Oakville. Is a frequent visitor to LaSalle Park in Burlington but spends most of her winter at the Credit River. She is a very friendly swan and will eat whole “Untreated” corn from a white bucket.

      She was close friends with male swan #900 who last week was all caught up in fishing line at the Credit River but the bird was caught and the line successfully removed.

      Hopefully they will get back together again real soon.

      Thanks for forwarding the info on Swan 126.
      Migration has already started so hopefully there will be many reports coming in real soon.


  5. Beth Says:

    Yesterday on October 13, 2009 I saw a family of five swans. I was able to get some pictures of them. Today they were back and when I walked towards the lake they all came swimming right up. The largest had the yellow tag #192. There was another smaller white adult and 3 brown cygnets. None of the others had tags. All appeared extreamly heathy. We are located on the north shore of Lake Scugog Ontario on Starr Bay. We are on Ball point and look across the bay at Washburn Island. I know very little about trumpeter swans but look forward to learning a lot more and about the tagging program. Needless to say we were very excited to see our visitors and hopefully they stay around for a few days.

  6. Beth Says:

    In regards to the above entry. It was November 13th, 2009 not October 13th, sorry for the mistake.

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Beth
      Thanks for your report on swan 192. That swan is a male swan, hatched in 2007. He was banded at Bluffer’s Park Jan 16, 2009 by Harry Lumsden.

  7. Donna Doherty Says:

    I’m not sure if we spotted a trumpeter swan or a tundra swan on Lake Scugog in early December before the lake froze over. The yellow tag had a black number 873 on it. I didn’t know where to report the sighting and this is the only site I could locate that may find the sighting of interest.

    There were approximately 15 swans in front of our house at that time.

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Donna,
      Your swan was a trumpeter swan. It is a male swan, hatched in 2003. He was banded in FrenchmaN’S bAY ON fEB 12, 2004
      Thank you for sending us this information. It is the time of year for them to return so maybe you will see him again soon.

  8. Chris M Says:

    Hi Beth,

    Not sure if you will receive this email (perhaps someone from the Trumpeter Society can pass it on to you).

    I can shed some light on #192’s family. #192 and the white adult and their 3 cygnets are from a Marsh in Ajax. There were actually 5 babies born this year, and unfortunately 2 did not survive. As you know, the three grew up into healthy young swans and thrived.

    The last I saw the family was October 10, 2009. I was at the marsh and couldn’t see them, but heard almost frantic trumpeting from two of them (I assume the parents), and then responses from three who were across the marsh. This went on for close to a 1/2 hour. Suddenly I saw the three cygnets flying, and they literally flew large circles around me for several minutes. I remembered thinking it seemed like a test flight. All the while the parents were trumpeting to them. You can see by my comment on my photo that it seemed like they were being coached!

    After many flights, the 3 landed in the marsh next to me and were joined by the parents. There was more loud trumpeting and suddenly off the family went, higher than I’ve seen swans fly before.

    You can see the photo here:
    Test Flight
    I have several more but that was the best one.

    I knew at that time it was an exciting day for them – you could just tell. I didn’t know that they were leaving for good though, but I haven’t seen them since. They must have been heading to your house!

    It’s so nice to know that they made it…I wonder if they are still around.


    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thanks for the data, I’ll let Beth know there is a new posting. The photo of the family in flight is just lovely, as is your descripton of their launch. Let’s hope they winter well.

    • Beth Says:

      I was so happy to see your posting and to know a little more about this beautiful swan family. Your photo was terrific. I took the oportunity to look at some of your other photo’s. They are amazing. I wish I could take photo’s even a fraction as well as you do. You really have a talent.
      I really hope the swans come back next year if only for a visit. I feel so fortunate to have seen them if only for a short time. They only spent 2 days with us on Lake Scugog.
      Thank you again for your information and for your wonderful photo of them in flight.

  9. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    I meant to tell someone about these swans last week but forgot. I went this weekend to check on them and they were gone. A group of maybe 20 -25 at Pringles Creek at the bridge as it crosses Brock St in Whitby on the north side of lake ONtario. Some were not tagged. The ones I read were yellow tags clipped to the wings. I noted A71, EB7, H22, and 837. Some were banded with a silver leg band. One noted was 20837 Wash DC 619.
    This area always has mute swans but they were not there in large numbers that day. Over last summer there was 1 trumpeter but I believe it was predated by a coyote. I don’t know if this information is helpful but I would like to know their history. Also there was one , what appeared to be a 1st year cygnet.

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Arlene
      Your swan A71 is a female, hatched in 2008 and banded in Whitby on March 13th 2009 by Harry Lumsden.

      H22 is a female hatched 2008. Banded at Bluffer’s Park JaN 9, 2009 by Harry Lumsden.

      837 is a male caught as an adult on Feb 17th 2004 at Duffinn’s Creek Whitby.
      We do not have a tag numbered EB7, possibly it is E87?
      Thanks for sending along these sightings. They are now in the ledgers.

  10. Bette Mousseau Says:

    We walk nearly everyday near the Port Credit Yacht Club on Lake Ontario waters as I feed the ducks, and swans corn, seeds, rolled oats etc no bread.

    One of the tagged Trumpet swans #E30 has been here since the summertime but today there was another swan tagged 126 first time we have seen it. There were other swans in the summer time but a lot did not have tags plus some babies.

    Can you give me information on #30, I read about 126 being a female from the credit river.



    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Peg and Bette, Swan 126 was caught, re-sexed, tagged and it was learned 126 is a male so looks like we may have a bonded pair. Also See below for info on E30.

      E30 we have as last seen on the Credit River, with death as of March 18/09. Can you possibly get a photograph of this bird and tag? Thank you!

      Thank you for monitoring and reporting the Credit River swans Bette, always need many eyes to protect them. Bev.

  11. Pat Russell Says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to note that 192 is back with an unbanded white Trumpeter and three young Trumpeters just coming into their white plumage. One of these three young swans is tagged 101. As of last night (March 18, 2010) they were feeding and resting in the mouth of Duffins Creek at Rotary Park in Ajax.



  12. Beth Says:

    Nice to hear that 192 and family are back and all seem to be in good health. The young swan that is now tagged (101) must have gotten that recently as in the fall he did not have any tag.

    Thanks for the information.


  13. Pat Russell Says:

    Hi there,

    I had follow up from the good folks at Wye Marsh and have learned that 101 is not one of 192’s cygnets from last year. 101 was hatched/born in 2006 and tagged shortly after.

    I hope to see more of these beautiful birds this summer as 192 seems to make her home in Ajax, and it looks like she’s brought company with her this spring.

    What lovely birds.


  14. John Says:

    I e-mailed pics to my daughter who is doing phd in quebec and she knows birds. She gave me this web site as there was one out in front of our place who was staving so fed it. D30 yellow tag on both wings. Was here in am but not now. South shore lake simce west of pefferlaw

  15. John Says:

    should mention I have a couple of cell phone shots if interested

  16. John Says:

    Correction as a typo above E30 is correct

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi John
      Thanks for sending along the swan sighting. E30 is a male swan, hatched in 2006. He was caught and banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario on April 30th, 2008.
      He usually spends his winters there and should soon be showing up.

  17. Roland Says:

    Two trumpeters on catchment basin on Harward road Ajax north of Rossland where it meets Millers creek. Date 15 May 2010. One tagged as H22. First known visit, coyotes regular in this green area last few years.

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Roland,
      Thanks for the news on H22.
      H22 is a female hatched in 2006, was caught and banded at Bluffer’s Park on January 9th, 2009 by Harry Lumsden.

  18. David Riseborough Says:

    Hey, I’m not sure if you guys are still recording but today (June 30th, 2010) at 1:30 I watched Swan H37 for a good twenty minutes. I’m located on the Credit River in Erin, Ontario. Do you have any info on this particular bird? Thanks,

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi David,
      Your swan H37 is a female that was hatched in 2009/ It was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington Ontario by Kyna on December 15th, 2009.
      We appreciate your report.

  19. Murray Bevan Says:

    My wife and I spent the afternoon with four trumpeter swans today, August 7 at the foot of Doris McCarthy Trail (Scarborough Bluffs). I’m used to seeing such swans in parks, so was a bit surprised. They had a Canada Goose friend for a short time as well. They swam by us and sat on the beach very near by for some time. I was surprised when they didn’t seem bothered by us as we walked by them on our way back to the trail. All four were tagged: C13, C16, C17 and L07. Either 16 or 17 had only one tag. All were healthy and wonderful to see, especially after reading these posts.

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Murray
      All your swans are siblings. They were hatched in 2009 and were banded at Bluffer’s Park on Sept 17th, 2009 by Harry Lumsden.
      C13 is female
      C16 is female
      C17 is male
      L07 is female and was caught and banded Jan 21st, 2010 by Harry Lumsden.

      Thanks for sending in your sightings.

  20. Cherish Says:

    There is a lone trumpeter in our village of Erin. It is hanging out on the lawn of an abandoned factory on the main street. It’s tag # is 2114 (I think).

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Looks like you are about 80 miles northwest of Toronto, correct? I will pass this information on to Beverly Kingdon who does the banding. Thank you for the report. Is the swan still there? It would be great to affirm that number. Peg

      • Beverly Says:

        Hi Cherish,
        Thanks for your report on the swan. Unfortunately we do not have a wing tag with those numbers.

        It is migration season and the swans are starting to move around quite a bit to keep an eye open and you just may see some beauties in your area.
        Happy Swanning

  21. carla Says:

    C13 and L07 were at Clarke/Cherry beach this week. First time I’ve seen the yellow bands.

    Is there somewhere we can post photos?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Yes, you can post them to our Facebook page, The Trumpeter Swan Society, thank you!

      • Beverly Says:

        Hi Carla.
        Your swans have been moving around a lot and we have received a few reports on them.
        C13 & L07 are sisters, Hatched in 2009 and banded at Bluffer’s Park
        C13 was banded on Sept 17th 2009
        L07 was banded Jan 21, 2010
        Both banded by Harry Lumsden.
        Thank you for sending in your sightings.

  22. Teresa Says:

    Got some great pictures of three Trumpeter Swans off Leslie spit in Toronto. Tag #’s C13, C17 and L07. They look Great! Let me know where to send the pictures.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      You can post your photos to our Trumpeter Swan Facebook site, or you can email them to me at Thank you! Peg

      • Beverly Says:

        Your three swans have been very active, attention getting swans. We have had many reports on these little guys.
        C13 is female
        C17 is male and they were banded Sept 17th 2009 at Bluffer’s Park by Harry Lumsden
        L07 was banded Jan 21, 2010 by Harry Lumsden also.
        All three were hatched in 2009 and are siblings.
        Thank you for taking the time to send in your sightings of this active family.

  23. Norma Soul Says:

    We would be interested in knowing the where abouts of our last year’s cygnets. The parents were chasing them away. The tagged numbers on the cygnets are C-9 ,C-10, C-11 and C-12. We have located C-14 which is at Stanley Park in Erin. Please e-mail me. Thanks Norma Soul

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Norma,
      We have checked our records and your sighting of the swans is the last one we have. I have sent your request off to Harry Lumsden and if he has had any sightings, other than yours he will let you know.
      It is migration seasson so maybe someone will be reporting them over the next three months.
      Thanks for your interest.
      Have you checked out the Wye Marsh Web Site in addition to the Trumpeter Swan Society site?
      Happy Swanning

  24. Colin Davies Says:

    I have just photographed a trio of Trumpeters on the shores of Cook Bay, Lake Simcoe, in Keswick Ontario in amongst a flock of Canadian Geese. They have been around the bay for about a week now. They do not appear to carry any form of tags, banding etc.
    I have pictures if anyone intersted.
    Footnote: I have lived in this location for 22 years and never seen swans on the lake

    • Beverly Says:

      Hi Colin,
      Your photographs were beautiful. They positively identified your swans as Tundra swans. The little yellow mark on their beak, up near the eye identifies them as tundra swans, previously called whistlers because of the sound they make.
      They are a small swan with a rounder body and shorter neck. Very beautiful birds.
      Thank you for your photos and report. Reported sightings are a very important part of our reintroduction program.

  25. Joanna Bell-Henkenhaf Says:

    I was at Bluffers Park in Scarborough today and noticed a swan that has a fishing line tangled around it’s ankle, across it’s breast and possibly a lure hooked into it’s neck. It seemed to be behaving okay but it did have a bit of blood on his head which I think may have been from the cut on the neck. I took some photos, its tag # is C13. Would anybody know who I could contact that may be able to help this swan?
    Thanks very much,

  26. Ian Says:

    Hi All

    Swan tag # 192 has returned to Lake scugog again this year he is looking great came a cleaned himself on the beach at my place. He was all alone this year hope to others join him soon. My location is Holiday ranch just west of the beach before the river.

  27. Deborah Wells Says:

    For the week of November 1 – 5th there has been a magnificent trumpeter swan at Cherry Beach in downtown Toronto. The tag number is C-13.

    I am a little concerned that the swan is by itself. It is also extremely friendly and wants to walk with me on the beach!! He/she is just a little scary given its size.

    Is there anything I should do?

    D. Wells

  28. Margaret Says:

    For the past two or three days, the lovely young swan C16 has been living in the tiny man-made pond that surrounds a summer fountain in the middle of Woodbine Park (at Lakeshore Blvd. East and Coxwell Ave. in Toronto).

    I was a bit worried about her, because I thought she might be cold and lonely overnight, and not have enough to eat in the pond. But she seems fine and when I went to see her today, she was pulling up a lot of SAV that I didn’t even know was there.
    Is there any chance she could be trapped? The pond isn’t very big and I’m not sure there is enough room for her to take off. We do think it’s at least 100 metres across, though.
    By the way….I named her Sweetie, which only seemed natural for a young swan named C16. I’m going to visit her tomorrow to see if she is OK.
    thanks for all the great info on your site…You guys are amazing!

  29. Trumpeting a new visitor to the Beach » Wild About the City Says:

    […] Park on Sept 17th, 2009, by Harry Lumsden. (To find out more about C16’s siblings, click here to go to the Trumpeter Swan Society’s […]

  30. kayt barclay Says:

    I live at Musselmans lake in Ontario. The swans fly through here spring & fall. Today I saw a signet with a fishing hook stuck in its beak, it is flying with another family tagged A71. I was hoping that someone might be able to help this little fella out, I assume that there is a flight path for the swans and hopefully someone can keep an eye out to save the swan

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I’ll reply to your email as well, but want to stress that your local wildlife department is best able to help with this type of injured wildlife, or a local wildlife rehabilitation center. I see that it is flying, so you may not be able to find it again. I’ll let the banders know, but hopefully someone can locate it and find help, it sounds like a situation that could turn out for the best if so. TWC Wildlife Hotline: (416) 631- 0662
      I found this website for a rehab facility in Toronto and they may know of one closer to you.

      Thank you for reporting. Peg Abbott

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Toronto Wildlife Centre is incredibly good with dealing with injured wildlife and has treated several Trumpeter swans. Definitely give them a call.

  31. Lynne Jones Says:

    It is with great sadness I have to report that the male of the couple at Bluffers Park, (I don’t have his exact wing tag #, it was yellow B26?) was put to sleep 18 November, 2010. He was found with a treble hook and line in his knee and through his wing. A type of fishing known as snagging or jigging and illegal in Ontario. A boater found him and took him to the Toronto Wildlife Centre, but the nerves in his leg were damaged beyond repair and he was put to sleep 18 November. Boaters and residents at Bluffers Park are angered and upset and seeking greater education and enforcement for fishermen in the park. He was much loved and known as Chalire (or Whitey or Max). He leaves behind a widow and 5 children this year.

    • Lynne Jones Says:

      Correction – Charlie’s tag was I97.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      I am so sorry to hear this. We have several ongoing reports of birds with fish hooks, but this one sounds very severe. I applaud you and the Toronto Wildlife Center for trying to rescue it, and then for helping put this male out of such misery. I hope that his progeny will prosper and bring you joy in coming years. This is sad and so needless an injury. Thank you for your concern for these Trumpeters. Peg Abbott, TTSS

  32. Lee Kennedy Says:

    Hi! I was looking around on e bay for adoptable pets and I discovered a couple in Wasaga Beach that was caring for a Trumpeter which had a fish hook in its lower mandible. I noticed that someone sighted a swan with a fish hook in its beak and thought I’d write to let someone know to search for the couple in Wasaga because they were active on looking for help for the swan and couldn’t get any help from two of the sources they mentioned in their article on e bay. I don’t remember the number but it was a yellow tag they mentioned. I also sighted two Trumpeters to the east of the Harbourfront Centre on which I noticed the tag number as being C14. I remember this because I called him C14 as I was leaving. Hope this is helpful information for your reports. I really admire the work you are doing. Sincerely, Lee Kennedy;

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We did have several emails about this swan, and C14 is well known to the banding volunteers. I will forward this on, but I think they have helped this bird with the fish hook – I’ll send this note to those in the know in Ontario, thank you. Peg Abbott

  33. Louise Says:

    C13 and C17 were strolling around cherry beach today. I thinking they were hoping to be fed. should i feed them? where can i get clean corn?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      If there is natural food available this is always preferred. If they have been used to being fed, and appear to be settled in to stay the winter, I would try a feed store, one that has feed for livestock where you can buy the corn in bulk. Peg Abbott, TTSS

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        If you can’t get to a farm co-op which sell large bags of feed corn very cheaply ($13-$15 for 40 kilos!), you can buy it from Wild Birds Unlimited in Thornhill. There a 20 kilo bag costs about $24. Big difference!

  34. Louise Says:

    correction to my previous comment: it was C13 and C16 (not C17) who were strolling around Cherry Beach today.

  35. Denise Says:

    Swan #L 06 staying at Newcastle, On boat launch/marina for past 4-5 days by him/herself. Extremely friendly constantly following people for food.

  36. Brian Hill Says:

    Port Credit has been home for several Trumpeter Swans for quite some time. We had a pair at the mouth of the Credit River 2 or 3 years ago and the population has been increasing since then. Last Sunday there were at least 8 on the river, some in pairs. Here are some of the identifying numbers E90, E27, D58 (or it could be 38), some were unmarked. 0.5km to the west of the river is Rhododendron Gardens, on Lake Ontario where I55 has been in residence in the bay for about a year, lately he has a friend C24. Sometimes these swans (and more) can be seen in bays further west at Richards Memorial Park and Jack Darling Park. Most of these numbers have been around in previous years, some move on in the summer & return in the winter, others stay year round. It would be interesting to find out where they go or where they came from.
    A point of interest – a couple of weeks back on the Waterfront Trail (through Saddington Park) just west of the river, I believe I saw a pair of Trumpeters with a sygnet, unfortunately I could not get the identification (if they had any). Is there any information on the numbers I have supplied? Is there a reference chart for future sightings?

  37. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Hello Brian, you can report your sightings in Ontario here, and you will get detailed information back.

    For what it’s worth, I can tell you that your swan 155 is currently at Bluffers Park in Scarborough. She is a lovely big swan with a healthy appetite. We are feeding her and the rest of the flock daily.


  38. Anne Says:

    I often go to the scarborough bluffs I have seen the following swans and I was wondering if we could have more inforation on them: L01, L02, H11, (I think I98 or 198). I also saw c16 but I read the information posted about her. There is a sign up saying do not feed the birds but many people come and feed them anyway 🙂 I am going to try and find some untreated corn myself for my next visit…

  39. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Hello Anne,
    You can find out all about your swans by entering their numbers at the link below.
    I can tell you a little about them – H11 is a special bird with orange feet, a rare colouring known as Leucistic caused by a recessive gene. We call her Tango. 198 is out of the same parents. C16 is fine, but was recently retagged L23 as she had lost one tag. I also feed at Bluffers Park but on the other side by the Yacht Clubs. The swans will be very happy for some corn!

    • Anne Says:

      Hello Jill
      Thanks so much for the reply and for the information, I was wondering why some had orange feet 🙂 I just saw c16 last week she is so pretty and friendly thanks for telling me she has been retagged I hope to see her again. I have not explored all the areas of the bluffs yet but I hope to do so!

  40. Lisa Says:

    Hi…. Me and my family were walking in the park today and saw E27 with what seemed to be his partner(not tagged). I saw him at Marita Park in Vaughan. Thats near Glen Shields Ave and Dufferin. He seemed healthy and happy. Very tame and just hangin with the neighbourhood Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks. Got photos if anyone would like to see him.



    There has been a pair of swans at the north end of the Aberfoyle pond for the last two weeks. They do not have any yellow wing tags. Leg bands ??? It looks like they are setting up a nest on the west side of the pond..

  42. Anne Says:

    I saw this week that trumpeter swan 126 at the Scarborough Bluffs has some sort of an object hanging near its leg.

  43. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Hi there,
    126 was just caught and taken in by Toronto Wildlife Centre. The swan had a fish hook embedded in the top of its leg. It seemed to be able to walk, swim and flutter its wings normally, and was feeding and carrying out courting dances with its mate, so I’m hopeful the damage is not too serious and it can be released quickly. Its mate is 876, if you see it, please feed it so we can encourage it to stay around – that way 126 can be re-released in the same place and they can be reunited. If anyone sees 876 anywhere different from Bluffers Park, please let us know.

    Also, I heard a report that L06, formerly hanging around at Newcastle, was tangled in fishing line. The fishermen say they removed it all, but the swan has now disappeared. If you see L06, please let us know.


  44. Anne Says:

    Hello Jill
    I hope 126 will be fine, I fed 126 and 876 yesterday. I will be out later on today with some corn, I will keep a lookout for 876 and L06, Thanks!


    • Chris Says:

      Hi Jill and Anne (and others in Ontario(,

      If you could post if you see L06, 153, H10 and/or C13 that would be much appreciated.


      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Hello Chris,
        Last saw 153 in Frenchman’s Bay on March 17th, when I was passing by. He overwintered at Bluffers, but moved on with the nicer weather. One of my favourites, we call him Bertie! He was hanging out with a female, L24, also recently moved on from Bluffers. I will keep my eyes open for the others.

      • Anne Says:

        Hi Chris, I am happy to report 153 has returned for the 3rd spring to Preston Lake in Gormley. There are (unconfirmed by my own eyes) that as of this afternoon has a mate, 101!!

        April 26th
        (153 spotted on Preston Lake in 2011 on April 21st)

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Happy to hear 153 is safe and well! Could his companion be L01? There was an L01 at Bluffers with the group that included him this winter, but he seems to change partners a lot. Perhaps not ready to settle down yet…

      • Chris Says:

        Thanks for the update on 153 Anne :))))) Glad that all is well!


      • Anne Says:

        Hi Chris, I am happy to report that 153 is still thriving at Preston Lake. Here’s some info that Harry sent me about 153

        “Swan 153 is a male, hatched in 2007, banded at Bluffers Park Scarborough on 19 Nov 2007. He wanders on the shore of Lake Ontario and winter at Whitby or Bluffers Park.
        Cheers, Harry”

        He is very social, I’ll post photos soon.

  45. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Hello Anne and all,

    Just received excellent news from TWC, 126 has already been treated, released and is back with 876!


  46. Anne Says:

    That is good news thanks Jill 🙂

  47. Chris Says:

    Hi Jill,

    Thanks so much! I check Frenchmans and Bluffers regularly but hadn’t seen him. I was involved in his rescue and release (Oshawa Harbour, where he lived for a couple of years). I checked up on him weekly for over a year then I lost him so I am thrilled he is well and with a new friend 🙂

    I’ve also been involved with the others and hope to hear of their whereabouts. L06 left immediately after the fisherman/fishing line run-in despite having been in Newcastle for months after his release at Oshawa Harbour (he had been rescued in a parking lot a few streets down from there originally). I’ve been from Cobourg to Cherry and haven’t seen him – hope he is okay and has FINALLY hooked up with some trumpeter friends!
    Thanks again Jill, that news made my day 🙂

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      I’ll ask Harry Lumsden for the latest sighting he has of L06 and let you know if anything comes up. She could have just moved on to summer grounds, perhaps further north…


    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Chris and all,
      I expect you’ve already heard from Bev, but in case not… L06 was seen back in Newcastle on Monday and he was fine, but she got a report yesterday of a second fishing line incident with him. TWC will be out tomorrow if this is in fact true.
      😦 Fingers crossed it is not the case.

      • Chris Says:

        Hi Jill, I’m a volunteer with TWC and I was the one who’d reported the fishermen untangling her a week or so ago…sorry, I hadn’t mentioned that in my other posts. I had rescued and released L06 in Oshawa over a year ago and have been monitoring her since then. I was asking about her whereabouts because I was concerned the fishermen didn’t fullly remove the line (turns out she has been flying between Port Hope and Newcastle, likely due to mutes at both harbours). The Durham Rare Bird line rec’d a report on Friday night that L06 was once again tangled in fishing line, this time her legs were supposedly wrapped up and they emailed me the info. I checked on her yesterday first thing and am very happy to report she is just fine! I checked her very carefully and there is not any line on her everywhere. She was eating, following me, mumbling and flying so all is right with her world. Now if only we can convince her that she is not a goose 😉

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Chris – ah, that explains things! Sorry for telling you things you were already part of! Congratulations on volunteering your time to such an excellent organization as TWC. Much appreciated.

  48. Anne Says:

    Hello Chris
    If I do see any of the swans you have listed I will mention it… I did see that bunch briefly during the winter at the scarborough bluffs, maybe in jan or feb but I guess they have moved on to a different location since then.

    • Chris Says:

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks that would be great! Bev confirmed that two of the Bluffers gang (L07 and C17) were seen in Pennsylvania a couple of months ago!


  49. Anne Says:

    Hello Chris and all
    That is interesting that they flew to Pennsylvania, it is my first year watching swans so I do not know much about their migrating habits… Do you think they will return to Canada eventually?

    • martin Says:

      several posters seem to know c14. i’ve been seeing him for the last several days with a large group of untagged swans on Martindale Pond which is in St Catharines. c14 looks in good condition and is quite vocal.

  50. Ivanka Says:

    Hi – I have been feeding H11 and 126 at Long Branch & Lake Promenade, in South Etobicoke. I received a call from Toronto Wildlife Centre notifying me that 126 is doing well and that were able to remove the hook. I am bit worried and just wanted to know if somebody had seen H11 recently and if the swan is doing well (I haven’t seen H11 since last fall). I would really appreciate if someone could give me some information.

    Thank you,

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Hello Ivanka,
      H11 spent most of the winter at Bluffers Park where we fed her daily. She disappeared in early March, I expect she has just moved on to summer feeding grounds. You may well see her again soon, or she might have picked a different summering place. She was doing just fine, a lovely character!

      126 was caught, treated and released on the same day at Bluffers Park. I’m not sure if she is still here or has moved on, but she seemed none the worse for her experience.

      • Ivanka Says:

        Thank you for your reply Jill. I hope I get to see both of them soon.

        Take care,

  51. Robert Snyder Says:


    L07 and C17 have been in Clinton County, PA, near Castanea (Lock Haven) on Bald Eagle Creek, since at least Feb 4, 2011. They are now in a flooded corn field next to the West Branch Susquehanna River, a few miles down stream from Castanea.

    I have photos at these URL’s:
    I have visited these birds several times, and have photos from 2 weeks ago, and again today, which I have not added to the web site.

    The birds appear to be in good health and are presently in company of a single Tundra Swan, that has been staying in the same flooded field for about 2 weeks.

    The Trumpeters are not very afraid of humans, but today I noticed that they were wary of my presence; when the Tundra Swan swam away and gave what appeared to me to be a low, soft warning honk, the trumpeters moved away from me. This can only be good for their long-term benefit. We thought they would have started north by now, but they seem to be ‘content’ to stay in this area for now.

    Bob Snyder
    Howard, PA

  52. Karen Says:

    My son was quite pleased that he saw 2 swans on our lake this morning near Orillia, Ontario. He was even more excited that he could get close up so that he could read one of their tags. Yellow #906. We would like to know if anyone knows the background on this trumpeter swan?

    Thanks, Karen

  53. Mike Gurney Says:

    I took some pictures April 6 2011 on Cameron Lake North of Fenelon Falls Ontario. I’m almost positive the swans were Trumpeter. I saw that they were tagged H80. Could you let me know if, you want me to send these pictures to you. Can you use the tag information as to where they were tagged and let me know.

    Thank You

    Mike Gurney

    • Angie Says:

      Today I saw a swan tagged H80 on Sturgeon Lake (Sung Harbour). It was very tame stuck around for a while eating some pieces of bread someone was feeding it before swimming off into the sunset. It had both wing tags and a foot tag.

  54. Beth Says:

    On Monday April 4th 2011 we saw a large flock of swans arrive at our lake. We are located on Lake Scugog on Starr Bay which is on the north shore of Lake Scugog. They stayed in the middle of the bay and did not come close to shore. I thought that they may have been trumpeter swans but due to the large number of them 18, I think that maybe they were tundra swans. I could see no yellow tags viewing through the binoculars. Each year we have had Trumpeter swans migrate through here and stay for a few days. I thought seeing that many Trumpeters would be unusual.

  55. maggie haughton Says:

    two tagged Trumpeters swam by this morning. I live on McGregor Drive on Pigeon Lake, Ontario, near the town of Bobcaygeon. I have never seen Trumpeters before in Ontario in the wild. Breathtaking.

  56. maggie Says:

    two trumpeters with yellow tags swam by this morning. i’ve never seen this bird before and had to go to the internet to see what they were. i did photograph them but from a distance as i scrambled to find my camera. lovely.

  57. maggie Says:

    i neglected to say in my post that i live on the northwest quadrant of Pigeon Lake near the town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. I saw the pair of untagged swans just in front of my house, swimming out of the morning mist yesterday.

  58. Jill Ramsay Says:

    A70, who has been our year-round resident breeding female at Bluffers Park for over a decade, appears to have moved house with her new mate L42 (her mate of many years 197 was very sadly euthanized last year because of nerve damage caused by fish hooks). I’d love to know where they’ve gone, please let me know if you see them.

  59. dianne whitehouse Says:

    April 14, 2011 approx. 3:00pm – Observed a Trumpeter Swan winging it’s way west over lake ontario at the bottom of Miles Road, Etobicoke. After blowing up my pictures, it appeared that the yellow tag number was either A78 or 178. Hope this helps in some way. I have a pircure if it could help and I would be happy if you can give me any info on this swan.

  60. Robert Snyder Says:

    April 8, I received this comment from a guest who had visited my photo web site. (

    “April 7 my sister and I saw two swans at a beach in St. Catharines ont. near Niagara Falls. They were resting on the shore of Lake Ontario. The tag on one was Lo7. We couldnt see the other. They came over to our car and had a piece of donut. Beautiful birds and we felt lucky to see them.”

    The birds L07 and C17 (both females, as I’ve learned) are believed to have departed Clinton County, PA around April 2 -3. C17’s tags were not always completely visible, during the last two times I had observed them, so it could be very likely that C17 was the other swan seen at St. Catherines with L07.

  61. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Saw C17 today at Bluffer’s Park. He/she was not with L07, but with L23, who I think may be his/her sister, as her tag was formerly C16.

  62. laurie phillips Says:

    There has been a recent sighting on lake scugog north shore of a trumpeter swan with wing tag #C15…do you have any information on this bird? It was very friendly and not at all upset by human contact, any info would be of interest

  63. Michelle Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that C15 was sunning her/himself in our backyard on Lake Scugog on Saturday April 9, 2011. He/She (??) seemed well, but was alone. I took several pictures. Let me know if you want some sent to you.


  64. Michelle Says:

    On Saturday April 9, 2011, C15 was “sunning” in our backyard on Lake Scugog. I have read about tags in this range but nothing about C15. Is it a sibling to C16 and C17? The swan seemed well, but it was alone. I did get some wonderful pictures if you are interested.

    This is the first time that we have seen a Trumpeter Swan on the far east side of Lake Scugog. It was a very enjoyable site to see!

    • jeff Says:

      hi just an update on c15 he is down in whitby now at the harbour and doing well will eat of your mitt now stunning big birds have pics if interested jeff

    • Deborah S. Says:

      Michelle, I also live on Lake Scugog (Washburn) and we too have pictures of the swan on that very day. If you are interested, I have a VERY interesting story about this swan. We also have a video. Let me know if you are interested.

  65. Nancie H. Willis Says:

    I am very happy I looked up The Trumpeteer Society Website. I was watching W5 on TV when the name came up on concerns about lead poisening. I love the wildlife and enjoy seeing all the birds in front of my house here on upper Lake Huron. I go to Toronto often for medical and would love to contact some who knows a lot about the Society when I am in Toronto. My daughter was in Sick Kids for 9 yrs plus my visists to Toronto 3 times yearly. I know Toronto very well and recognize where the Trumpeteers are being sighted. I love the Swans. Last November near the end of the month the Lake had froze early we had no snow on the lake it was clear. Right in front of the house I sa 7 swans trying to land on the clear water. The were like playing bumper cars and sliding around in circles. It was hilarious! My Fiance stated we had 7 swans a sliding! 6 geese a honking, etc… but we were really concerned about them not having any water etc… so that is the first time we started getting involved with the swans and learned about watching for the Trumpeteer. We called the Ministry of Natural Resorces and learned a lot. I love all your comments and would love to learn more. Keep up the good work! We are now watching all the swans very carefully. I will post any sightings.

  66. Linda Kubas Says:

    I was so delighted to see a trumpeter swan swimming in front of my cottage on Chemong Lake in Curve Lake Ont this afternoon April 25th 2011. It has large yellow tags on both wings but I could not see the letters or numbers on the tags. My shitzu dog was on the dock barking at it and it would come up closer to the dock. Then my dog decided to try to swim out to it and the swan would chase her out if the water. Five hours later It is still around doing a lot of honking. Body is white but neck and face is grey.

  67. Madeline Says:

    I spotted 2 beautiful swans this morning in Heart Lake, Brampton. One did not have a tag and the other’s tag was 163. Both looked very healthy and happy. A few weeks ago there was a lone untagged swan on the lake but just for the one day. Thank you to everyone who is helping these swans make a comeback, they are a wonderful sight.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Madeleine,
      Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter Swan 163. This bird was banded on 5 March 2008 at Wye Marsh. It stayed there until 22 Nov 2009 when it went to Sturgeon Bay. It left Sturgeon Bay after 6 Dec 2009 and returned to Wye Marsh and stayed there until you saw it. The person who banded it did not sex it so we do not know its gender.
      Cheers, Harry Lumsden

  68. maggie Says:

    H80 is in front of my house on Pigeon Lake right now. near Bobcaygeon Ontario. Hope he (or she) stays around for awhile. I saw two swans here about a month ago, wonder if the female may be nesting nearby?

  69. K mckenna Says:

    I live on Chandos Lake – 1 hour north of Peterborough and have a trumperter swan at the end of my dock .

    Single .
    Appears to be blind in one eye

    Should I feed it and if so what ..

    Never have seen a trumperter so far north

    Help !

  70. chris errington Says:

    saw a pair of swans fly over my place in waterdown late last night and then this morning they were in my pond feeding…took some pictures…E33 and an unmarked swan…they stuck around for a while (having breakfast and re-fueling) before moving on…

  71. Sandy McAulay Says:

    Just went looking for your site.
    Saw a pair at 7am on May 11th, 2011 on Pigeon Lake at Bobcaygeon. What a surprise. The first one I saw I thought it was a Goose but then I realized it was white with soft orange/beige marking so I ran and got the camera. I missed the first one as it moved on but when I went outside they were calling/honking to one another and I did get a shot of H80. I have the picture of H80 but backlite so it’s not the best shot where can I post it?

    Lovely sight

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We welcome photos on our FACEBOOK site if you can do that. YOu can also email them to me at
      This is an important record, thank you for sharing and please keep an eye on the pair and keep us posted. As long as the collar with color of the collar showing we can track it.
      Peg Abbott, Outreach Coordinator, TTSS

  72. Kevin Brunner Says:

    Hello Everyone

    We have H25 Swan hanging out down by Eramosa River and watering hole here on 3rd line of Erin, Ontario, just north of Hwy 124. Our farm hand said the Swan was over by a pond near their place over the weekend, 3km away and that the Swan was walking down the gravel road this morning towards our place. Swan seems quite tame, swims right up to you, close enough for me to reach out and touch it. Left it some grain. The yellow tags (two) on the wings seem to be rather large. I thought the bird escaped from an auction. The bird also has a metal band on one foot. Swan appears healthy, has a bit of a rusty
    colour on top of its head. If I could get more info. on the bird it would be appreciated. Thanks, Kevin

  73. Susan Says:

    Hi…on May 14th, at approximately 9:30am, I had the pleasure of seeing (and hearing) a Trumpeter swan fly over my property just outside Bolton. I’d never seen one before but was amazed at the sounds it made as it flew over. Unfortunately, I didn’t see if it was tagged or not. I’m hoping that it will land somewhere nearby where I can view it. They are magnificent!

  74. Kevin Brunner Says:

    Hello Everyone

    Quick update on the Swan. I got the number mixed up or he went and changed it in the night. I’m guessing it is me getting mixed up! The Swan is H26 and not H25. Was on the river this morning, nice to watch while doing the dishes.
    Cheers, Kevin

  75. Jan McCarty Says:

    12 Swans off our beach this morning. C15 always comes in to say hello!!!
    Port Darlington Ontario

  76. Jan McCarty Says:

    L06 just swam up and greeted me on the beach, travels alone, very cute !!!
    Port Darlington Ontario

    • Chris Says:

      Thanks for the update on L06 – I was going to head out toward Newcastle on the weekend to take photos and was going to visit her at Newcastle Harbour…I guess she is heading west.

  77. Anne Says:

    Glad to report 153 is happy on Preston Lake!

  78. Jan McCarty Says:

    Port Darlington
    L06 stopped for a visit today heading back to Newcastle no doubt.
    Very friendly came up on the beach I took some nice photos.


  79. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Delighted to report five cygnets hatched to 508 and 083 June 23/24 at Bluffers Park. All are doing fine.

  80. Robert Snyder Says:

    Has anyone seen or heard about swans L07 and C17 recently? They stayed in Clinton County, PA from mid Feb to April 4, 2011. Seen at “a beach in St. Catharines ont. near Niagara Falls”, on April 7.

  81. Anne Says:

    Hi Robert
    the last time I saw C17 was around the end of May/ beginning of June at the scarborough bluffs, I have not seen him since. Also wondering if anyone has recently seen L41?

    Jill that is great news! I hope to catch a glimpse if possible…

  82. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Anne, we call 153 Bertie, we fed him all winter. He is one of the best characters. Love him to death.

    • Anne Ruberg Says:

      Hi Jill,
      Does 153 over winter at Bluffers Park? He is very loved at Preston Lake too!

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        He did last year, which was the first year I started tracking the swans. He was hatched at Bluffers and will hopefully come back. Our winter swans are late arriving this year – so far I’ve only seen one ‘foreign’ family (2 adults and 2 cygnets) and they were chased off by our year-round residents before I could identify them. This time last year we had lots of visitors, but it was colder then.

    • Chris McConnell Says:

      Hi Jill,

      “Bertie” (aka 153) is hanging out at Whitby Harbour with some Trumpeter friends these days 🙂

      Can you tell me if you’ve seen H10 in recent months? Harry has a report from July 2010 that he was reported killed at Bluffers Park (I know there had been a couple of other deaths there the last 2 years, but hadn’t heard this). I thought I’d seen H10 at the foot of Liverpool Road in the fall of 2010 but I may have my timing wrong.

      Can you let me know if you see H10 in the Bluffers area?


      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Chris, thank you so much for the report of Bertie – sorry, I mean 153! Glad to know he is safe and with others of his kind. I have no record of having seen H10 at all (I started keeping records in late fall 2010), but I will definitely let you know if I do.


      • Kyna Says:

        Thanks for reporting these Trumpeters to us. Some information on H10, he was born in 2008, parents were 197 & A70. There is a note in his ledger that he was caught and taken to Toronto Wildlife Centre where they treated and released him. The last sighting we have for him was March 21, 2011 at Frenchman’s Bay with 191.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Ah, so H10 is a brother (not brood, but same parents) to 153, and a brood sibling to H11, the leucistic swan mentioned elsewhere on this thread. Seems like A70 and 197 are responsible for half the swan population of southern Ontario!

      • Kyna Says:

        Well, they parented many of the birds that we are currently seeing on the Toronto waterfront.

  83. Charlie R Says:

    I’m sorry to have to report finding swan E83 dead on the side of a rail line near Palgrave ON.Another smaller swan was also dead on the tracks and it seems obvious to me that they were struck by the train.So sad,such beautiful birds.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Thank you for letting us know Charlie. There are so many hazards in our busy world, it is sad to see this loss. I will pass your note on to our biologists that mark and band these birds, and hope that the rest of the family of swans find safer haven. Peg Abbott, TTSS

  84. John Newell Says:

    C14 is at Shell Park beach in Bronte, Oakville.
    I posted a video of it on Flickr.

  85. John Newell Says:

    C14 Still at Shell Park, Bronte
    Trumpeter Swan C14  July 17, 2011

  86. Anne Says:

    Just wanted to report that C17 was at the Scarborough Bluffs yesterday,


    • Bob Snyder Says:

      Thank you Anne! I hope that C17 is doing well. Has anyone reported on the whereabouts of L07.

      We, Pennsylvanians, down here in Centre and Clinton Counties hope that L07 and or C17 (with or without new partners?) grace our area with another visit this winter.

      Bob Snyder

      • Anne Says:

        Hello Bob,
        C17 is doing well, he is alone, no partner yet… Loses his patience with a few ducks here and there but apart from that he is o.k. It will be interesting to see if C17 returns your way for the winter!


  87. John Newell Says:

    C14 has moved from Shell Park in Bronte to Burloak Park in Burlington (a km west).
    Here is a recent video:

  88. Howard & Carol Buckley Says:

    September 28, 2011
    Sturgeon Lake – south end – Long Beach area).Two white swans – one # 902 – the other no tag. They had 10 immatures with them – but they were almost the same size. (Referred to bird ID book to determine they were offspring). Will they stay with them all winter and return next spring?
    The swans have made a stop at our location each spring and fall – but 902 is a new number.

  89. John Gibb Says:

    I have taken some pictures this morning 11th Oct 2011 of 12 swans ten young full grown but still grayish in colour,
    On Sturgeon Lake between Lindsay and Bobcaygeon. the number on the male is # 902

  90. Bev Says:

    Hi John, Thanks for your information. Our family of ten swans have been giving us the run around. First there were ten, then for a few days there were nine, now there are ten again. We are hoping someone has photographs of the ten when they were very, very young, Might you happen to have such a picture. Thanks so much for your report. Bev.

  91. Chris Fisher Says:

    I have a lone Trumpeter Swan in Field Ontario, isn’t he a little far North? I do have pictures but, they are not the best as I came up close to him while deer Hunting and had to go back for my camera and take picture from a distance. He is on a small private oxbow lake on my property.

    • Bev Says:

      Hi Chris,
      We now have trumpeter swans migrating through your area and going as far as Rouyon, Noranda Quebec, They have been spotted in Kenora, Thunder Bay and Timmins. It would be extremely helpful if you were able to identify their wing tags if they are marked. This is how we trace their travels for our ledgers. Bev.

  92. R.Micheal Swanson Says:

    I have spotted and photographed swan # E34 today in Barrie, Ontario.

    • kyna Says:

      Hi Micheal: Could you send a picture of E34 to us. We have a little confusion because we have this bird recorded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on that day.

  93. Jill Worwood Says:

    Hi: Two swans have been hanging around the east side of Washburn Island, Lake Scugog for the past few days. One is wing tagged with a yellow tag #L40 the other has a leg band but no wing tags.

    • kyna Says:

      Hi Jill: Thanks for reporting L40. This is a female, banded at Bluffers Park in Toronto by Harry Lumsden on March 12, 2011. It was banded as an adult bird. It was reported twice in May in Lake Scugog.

  94. elgin Says:

    November 24, 2011
    H11 has been hanging around for the last two weeks at Aldred Beach, on Lake Scugog.

    This morning, H11 showed up with an untagged bird, and a new group of four birds, including L01, also showed up, for a total of six birds.


    • kyna Says:

      Hi Elgin: Thank you for reporting H11. H11 is a femlae, banded at Bluffers Park on 30 Oct 2008, by Harry Lumsden. An interesting fact about the bird is that it is a leucistic. L01 is a male, hatched 2009, banded at Bluffers Park 27 Dec 2009 by Harry Lumsden

  95. leak Says:


    […]Trumpeter Swan Society: Ontario Trumpeter Population Tops 1000 « Trumpeter Swan Society Blog[…]…

  96. Anne Ruberg Says:

    Good Morning!

    I’m happy to report that I spotted 153 on Preston Lake this morning (and was quite enamored with a non tagged beauty). Also, 902 was swimming about with a much smaller mate.

    There was a gaggle of 9 other geese that i am guessing were tundra swans.

    It was a magical morning!!


    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      I am so happy to hear this! 153 (Bertie!) was hatched at Bluffer’s Park and is one of my favourite swans, a real character. He spent last winter with us, and we had been wondering where he was this year. So glad he has a friend!

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Anne: Good to hear about 153 & the untagged swan and 902 & family. Could you provide a specific location for Preston Lake. I did find it on a map, but want to confirm this for our ledgers. If you could email me at that would be great.

  97. Anne Ruberg Says:

    Upon further research, the geese I thought were Tunda swans could have been 902’s signets!! the confusion is from their gray colouring.


  98. Kyna Says:

    For everyone who has been following the 902 & 131 and 10 cygnets family from Sturgeon Lake, they have arrived safe and sound at LaSalle Park in Burlington. They flew in this afternoon and came right up to the feed bucket.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      That is great news, and nice to see that the cygnet that had been somewhat ostracized after going missing for a while is still with them!

  99. Ardith Says:

    H11, H80 and H86 along with 4 other unbanded trumpeters were on Aldreds Beach at Lake Scugog today.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Ardith: Thanks for reporting H11, H80 & H86. Both H80 & H86 arrived at LaSalle on Dec 17, 2011. We have not seen H11, but she has never been to LaSalle in the past.

      • Ardith Says:

        Great to hear H80 and H86 are safely there. They are a cute couple.

        Please let me know if you see H11. She is my special trumpeter.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Ardith, H11 also spent much of last winter with us at Bluffers. I love her too. She is a sister of 153 (not brood sister, but same parents). I will let you know if she arrives – I do hope so.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Hello Ardith,
        Pretty sure H11 turned up in the last couple of days at Bluffers Park. She has lost her tags, but her band is 90511, which makes sense (and she certainly has those lovely orange feet!). She also seemed to know us.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi: H11’s band is not 90511. It is 1959-00511.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Kyna, that’s probably it. I was having trouble reading the first digit as it had some ice on it. I will check again. Too much of a coincidence with the orange feet and the other digits correct, though, don’t you think?

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Glad we now have confirmation, the tag is indeed 00511 which makes it definitely H11 at Bluffers Park.

      • Ardith Says:

        Hi Jill,
        Thanks for the update on H11. Glad to know she is doing well. She and I went to sleep on our dock together one day. She just tucked her head under her wing and slept for an hour with me right beside her.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        That’s amazing Ardith! Wish we had a photo of that. She does seem to love people.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Hey Ardith,
        Just to let you know, our beloved orange-footed girl appears to have a boyfriend! A lovely big untagged swan. Who knows if it will last, but at the moment they are definitely flirting and going off for secret fly-arounds without the others… 🙂 By the way, I’m sure that you must have your own name for her, but in case not, we know her as Tango, because of her tangerine feet.

      • Kyna Says:

        Someone else calls her Betty

      • Chris McConnell Says:

        And we call her “Yellow Boots” 🙂

      • Ardith Says:

        Hi Jill and Kyna,
        Everyone has their own name for H11. I call her H.
        I don’t have a picture of us sleeping on the dock together. I have a pic of her on the dock but you can’t see her tag.

        I am glad she is doing well. I hope to see her again in the spring.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        LOL, I’m sure she answers to all of them, especially if there is corn at the other end… 🙂 I love her whatever her name.

  100. BILLSWA Says:

    At the Leslie Street Spit 1959-00398 and 1959-00350 fly and honk and chase the mute swans .They seem happy and well .

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Bill: Thank you for reporting the two Trumpeter swans you observed.
      1959-00398 used to have the wing tag #198, and is a female born in 2007, her parents are A70 & 826. She was banded at Bluffers Park by Harry Lumsden.
      1959-00350 used to have the wing tag #150, and is a male born in 2007, his parents are 145 & 129. He was banded in Lemmonville by Harry Lumsden.
      Both birds have been seen around the Toronto waterfront at various spots since their banding.

  101. R.Micheal Swanson Says:

    Happy New Year….. and 3, that’s right 3, swans swimming by this fine morning.

    One was tagged

    H2? The last number is partially covered but seems to be a 5

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Micheal: Sorry about the email confusion, you can email pictures to

      The tags are hard to see when the swans cover them! I don’t think it was H25 as that bird was found dead Feb 2011.

      • R.Micheal Swanson Says:

        Upon downloading the pic I can see it is more likely a H23 tag. I am sending pics to you regarding both my sightings.

  102. sherry Says:

    Photographed a couple of tagged T swans in Moffat on a pond at
    17th side road
    they are huge and look very healthy and happy
    the pond is now frozen
    do you know where they would go for winter
    farmer I spoke with said they return every spring
    my herd of horses love to watch them that is how I saw them as the pond is hidden in summer and not visible in winter

  103. Jan McCarty Says:

    Five swans off our beach yesterday, no tags. A lovely sight.


  104. sherry Says:

    I enlarged the photos I took and the tag on the one was H43
    I couldn’t get the tag on the other. They were there again yesterday and possibly a couple more. If I were to feed them where would I place the feed. Also saw 2 fox heading across the field towards the pond. Two coyotes walking on the side of the road as well. Naturally time of day was dusk so I did not venture to pond for more pics although would love to have photographed the fox and coyote but I was busy with the horses. I can send you photos if you give me an address to send they are quite lovely. 2 swans on frozen pond with reflection in ice.

  105. Kyna Says:

    Thanks for all your posts to update us on were the swans are going. It is always useful information.

  106. Art Okawara Says:

    I just joined.

    Thanks …


  107. Art Says:

    Buffer’s Park, Scarborough, Ontario
    January 7, 2012 @ 12 Noon

    10 Trumpeters
    06 un-banded
    04 banded – L47 – L07 – C17 – H23

  108. Art Says:

    Question: Do you have a Facebook site??

  109. Chris McConnell Says:

    I’m happy to say I’ve reconnected with two old friends this past weekend! L06 (a bit of a legend in the Newcastle area last year – glad she has finally realized she is not a goose!) and 153 – both rescued, rehabbed and released by Toronto Wildlife Centre at different times in the past few years that I’ve been monitoring since release and they were both at Whitby Marina! So nice to see old friends 🙂 C15 is also there and appears to have an untagged mate – they were quite snuggly and trumpeting together today. They are spending their days with 50+ mute swans, hundreds of geese, a few ducks and a lone female merganser.

  110. Dan Says:

    We were down at Whitby Harbour today (Sun. Jan. 8, 2012) to see the 2 Snowy Owls and noted swan C15 along with dozens of other trumpeters and thousands of ducks and geese in the water.

    The bird (C15) came out of the water near the Rowe House (big white house at the north end of the marina) and walked over to the 6 people looking at the owl. Though it was exciting to see such a magnificent bird up close, I was worried about how comfortable the bird was with people.

  111. Allan Leppanen Says:

    11 Trumpeters flew over our house in the Preston part of Cambridge on January 13 on their way, I guess, to the Grand River. I’ve never seen them before but I identified them on the internet. Wonderful sight and sound!
    Allan Leppanen

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      They are a thrill, congratulations! I would like to catalog your sighting, can you give me state or province, and county? Saves me searching, thank you, and let us know if they stay around! Peg Abbott, TTSS

      • Kyna Says:

        Hi Allan: Thank you for reporting the birds that flew over you house. It is a magnificent sight isn’t it? Keep an eye out for bird with wing tags. We have had reports of birds wintering on the Grand River in past winters. There are also a few ponds in the area that are kept open with aeration during the winter at which the swans gather. You are welcome to come to LaSalle Park in Burlington, where you can see around 150 Trumpeters overwintering.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Allan Leppanen Says:

        That was the old Preston part of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. sorry I took so long to reply.

  112. BILLSWA Says:

    WHOLE CORN ……… I got a 10 kg bag of Whole Corn for about
    $ 15 after tax at Wild Birds Unlimited at 5468 Dundas Street West . That’s between Kipling and 427 .

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      You can get 40 kg bags for about $13 from North York Farmers market. Only drawback is that they are obviously very heavy and difficult to handle.

  113. MaryEllen Says:

    C15 wandered into the parking lot at our school in south Oshawa today. (We are located about 300m from Lake Ontario at the bottom of Cedar St.) To say it was comfortable with people would be an understatement. Our VP stood nose to nose with the swan who did not balk at having numerous photos taken. We were worried about the swan being in the parking lot but it seemed to be gone by the end of the day.

  114. Arlene Brazeau, Toronto Says:

    Since the weather has turned cold again I have been spending more time at Pringles Creek (Whitby) checking out winter birds. Last week I found swan C15 on the road. I enticed it back to the waters edge with some seeds but found it extremely tame (maybe too tame). I have been going back each day with my 16 month old great grand daughter and we enjoy the company of C15 and 135. There are also 2 untagged trumpeters who also hang there. There are many mute swans on the creek at present and maybe more trumpeters but I cant be sure. We would love to know the history of C15 as it is a really special swan. Thanks for all the work you do. Swans are a great way for little kids to see what birds are all about and it would be tragic to not have them with us.

  115. Arlene Brazeau, Toronto Says:

    re my last post where I refer to 135 it should have been 153. sorry. Arlene

  116. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    I was back to see the swans at Pringle Creek yesterday and today. Yesterday I was honoured to meet Harry who has worked so hard to make sure these swans survive for all of us to enjoy. One sad note was that there was an immature swan dead at the edge of the creek. I think this was the missing cygnet from the family that was there earlier. There were 4 cygnets and now there are 3.
    Today there were 5 swans C15 AND 153 AND 3 others. I am not sure what bands mean what but 1 was banded with a brownish band I could not read. One had a band that was more metallic coloured and the stuff I could read was
    This could have been banded by Harry?
    One last thing. There were a lot of people around, all throwing huge amounts of bread!! C15 is becoming far too tame.
    On the far side of the creek there were the usual multitude of swans but too far too see how many were trumpeters.

    • Kyna Says:

      The band 1959-00217 was banded by Harry, at Whitby Harbour as an
      adult male on Feb 25, 2008. It’s wing tag would have been 917.
      The bands that we use often get discoloured depending on the water that the
      swans are in. Some are still a bright metal colour, while others are a

  117. Chris Says:

    Was the dead swan off of Brock, by the bridge? It is only a matter of time before more are killed. C15 and 153 were both walking along the road today stopping cars. Some people don’t have common sense – not only because of what they are feeding but also where they are feeding. As much as I love them, I’m looking forward to them dispersing for their own safety.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      That is worrying. Perhaps it is time for Harry to check their wing tags or take a blood sample! 153 didn’t come out of the water for 3 weeks after their last encounter.

  118. chris errington Says:

    #365 just visited our pond in flamborough ontario…we keep 2 bubblers running so part of the pond is unfrozen…

    He flew in with another swan (that did not land)…he stayed for about an hour and flew away…

  119. Kyna Says:

    Hi Chris: Could you email me at withan exact location of your pond. We are in Flamborough as well, it would be great to see birds starting to use the ponds in this area.

  120. Susan Mortensen Says:

    Hi from St. Paul, Minnesota!
    My husband Tom and I took our Labrador puppy for a walk this morning and ended up walking to a park in Vadnais Heights, MN which is part of the Snail Lake Regional Park (latitude: 45.069687 north and longitude is 93.097887 west)…as we began walking up to a trail that would lead us to a canal we heard a huge commotion and had to go see what all the noise was…

    Rounding the curve to that canal, we came upon the most extraordinary site ever! There must have been over 100 mallard ducks, and among all those ducks were the most beautiful Trumpeter swans. I have NEVER seen these beautiful animals up close before. I took tons of pictures – unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz so I used my cell phone.

    Finally, I was able to count these lovely creatures and I counted 23 of them! They all looked very healthy and in good condition. There were people there feeding them all corn, non-treated corn. My husband and I hope to go back soon with some of our own.

    One of the swans had a tag around its neck – this tag looked rather tight and I do not know whom to contact to see if it can be retagged with a less snug fitting tag. The number on its yellow band is 28Y.

    The swans are in a canal that is leaving Sucker Lake, which is an impounding reservoir for the municipal water supply for the city of St. Paul.

    Can you please let us know if you have any information on the tagged swan as to where it was originally tagged and when? Also, if you know of someone we can contact to see if the tag needs removed and a new one put in place to reduce the risk of this gorgeous creature suffering any.

    Thank you so much for what you do!

    If you would like to see any of the pictures I took, please email me and I will gladly send them. Otherwise there are some on my facebook page.

    Susan & Tom Mortensen

  121. BILLSWA Says:

    At Tommy Thompson Park by themself, I think the tag was H 23 .

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Bill: H23 is was banded as an adult at Whitby Harbour Jan 9, 2009, by Harry Lumsden. Since then it has been up north at Washago and then back down to Bluffers Park again in January 2012.

  122. graham Says:

    Hi there

    Last week we found a yellow tag L10 washed up on the beach in Toronto at the Harris Waterworks plant.

    Nothing attached to it, so perhaps it just fell off.

    Any info?

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Oh! Graham, L10 was one of our Bluffers Park cygnets from the 2010 season. She disappeared from the rest of family one extremely cold day last winter and we had always thought she must have been taken from the ice by a coyote. Kyna, what was the last report you had of her?


    • Kyna Says:

      Hi: The only information I have for L10 is the banding information, no sightings, unfortunately.

  123. Don & Wanda Bick Says:

    Good morning: yeserday (Thursday, Feb.16, 2012) seven Trumpeter Swans stayed in the vicinity of our home on Lake Simcoe in the village of Hawkestone.What a beautiful site in seeing such magnificant birds. I believe that it was a maited pair with five younger swans. The one adult was yellow tagged “H31” and was leg banded. I took some great pictures of them swimming, feeding and in flight. If you can provide me with an e-mail address I will. forward you some pictures.

    Don & Wanda Bick, 131 Robinson St., Hawkestone ON, L0L 1T0, (705) 487-3629.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Don & Wanda: Thank you for reporting the swans you saw. H31 is a male, originally banded as an adult at Wye Marsh April 4, 2006. It has visited LaSalle Park in Burlington in the winter of 2010-2011. The last sightings we have for it were at Lake St. John, Orillia with a mate and one cygnet in Oct & Nov 2011. If you would like to send some pictures along to we would love to see them.

  124. Don & Wanda Bick Says:

    Don Bick

    February 17th, 2012, Hawkestone Ontario, Lake Simcoe

    H31 & untagged mate
    J47 & untagged mate

    These beautiful birds have been around for a couple of days feeding on the bottom in areas of open water. H31 & mate are quite relaxed but J47 & mate are a little cautious

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi: J47 is a female, banded as an adult at LaSalle Park, in Burlington on March 12, 2011. She did come back to LaSalle this winter, the last sighting we have for her is Jan 9, 2012 at LaSalle.

  125. Laurie Sanderson Says:

    I saw 4 trumpeter swans down at the beach in Toronto (south of Queen Street) – about 3-4 weeks ago. I noticed them due to their size ,color and all four had yellow wing tags (unfortunately I can’t recall the numbers but one began with letter and 2#s) I was able to get fairly close to them. From what I have read about them – they may have been young swans as they had some light ‘rust’ coloring on their backs, their necks a little grey and beaks combination of red/black. I have never seen trumpeter swans before.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Laurie: If they were carrying tags then they were definitely Trumpeter swans. We do have a number of birds that frequent the Toronto waterfront. The cygnets are grey/white with the red/black beak you described. Depending on the family and the time they hatched the cygnets may be darker or lighter grey. Also sometimes the birds head and neck will become stained with “rust” when they have been in certain water.

  126. Cindy Teal Says:

    Hello from Afton, Minnesota (outside Twin Cities along the St. Croix River). We spotted a group of 24 swans feeding in a corn field while taking photographs today. One of the swans had a yellow neck band C16. We have numerous pictures of the entire group that we would like to post for you on Facebook.

    Pat & Cindy Teal
    Afton, Minnesota

  127. BILLSWA Says:

    Bam. Invasion . I saw 24 trumpeters at Tommy Thompson Park today . One gang of 8 fly together .

  128. John Heydon Says:

    Sent by John Heydon Alliston New tecumseth. Spotted this large flock of Trumpeter swans in a field on the corner of 10th sideroad and concession 13 of new tecumseth. Was amazed to see such a large gathering of these birds. I think approx. 150-200 birds in the flock. Sending some pictures. Please advise how to send pictures. John

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi John: Due to the number of birds you reported you may have seen Tundra swans, not Trumpeter Swans. Still they are an amazing sight to see. Have a close look at your pictures for the yellow lore spot on the Tundra swan. Trumpeters don’t have this spot (usually). Our population of Trumpeters in Ontario is not large enough yet to gather in such numbers in fields and we haven’t observed Trumpeters using fields as a resting and feeding area like Tundras. We do get around 200 at LaSalle Park during the winter though.

  129. BILLSWA Says:

    I think now that the 8 were Tundra Swans.

  130. S. McCutcheon Says:

    I was at La Salle Park in Burlington, Ontario today. I took photos and video of the swans and realized that the yellow number tags were recorded as well. I hope this info is of use to you. I am happy to forward the pics and short video with the numbers if you would like.

    yellow tag 981

    yellow tag E51 (being pursued by a mute swan)

    yellow E32

    yellow J55

    yellow E36

    yellow E34

    yellow H13? (video)

    yellow E03? (video)

    yellow J10, J57, J61, J63?

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi: Thanks for recording the numbers of birds you saw at LaSalle Park. This is the location we do most of the banding and tagging work of the Ontario population. We do moitor these birds almost daily thoughout the winter. If you would like to send a photo, you can email me at

  131. Hilary Says:

    I’m happy to have found this blog and read so many comments about the lovely C15. I saw this beauty last week, calmly floating near some anglers at the creek in Bowmanville. I plan to post a photo shortly.

  132. Anne Says:

    I am happy to report seeing 153 and his friend at Preston Lake on Saturday March 17th! It sure was great to see him again, especially with a friend (or mate – fingers crossed).

  133. Al Johnston Says:

    # 153 was at my pond just west of Stouffville on Friday the 23rd. I reported it to Harry Lumsden.

    Al Johnston

  134. Mary Porter Says:

    We saw #J82 (trumperter swan?) by the Tollington Bridge in Beavermead Park in Peterborough,Ontario. The swan is alone and has been here for the last few days. It’s very large,black beak but although its body is white there is a grey tinge color to its neck. Why is it alone? Where is it heading? Will the grey neck become white?
    March 30, 2012

    • Kyna Says:

      J82 is one of the 10 cygnets of 902 &131 from Sturgeon Lake hatched in 2011. He migrated with the family to LaSalle Park in Burlington on north shore of Hamilton Harbour (west end of Lake. Ontario). He was banded on Dec 9, 2011. The cygnets in this family from this year were marked in sequence J80 – J89. He and four other siblings were last seen at LaSalle on Feb 22. The parents left around Feb 8, leaving the cygnets to find their own way.
      We don’t know were J82 is heading, but if people keep reporting him we will have a good record of where he has been. He may join back up with some of his siblings or with other swans in the area for the summer. Yes, this summer when he molts his neck and body will become mostly white. He may have a few grey feathers that will molt out next year.

  135. Anna rose Says:

    Two trumpeters were seen on Mill Pond (start of Pigeon Lake) in Omemee, Ontario. On March 30, 2012 had yellow tags J86 & J87. Both look like they were mates and followed closely to each other. Enjoyed seeing them here. I only saw one other 3 yrs ago on this body of water.
    Anna Rose

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Anna: J86 & J87 are siblings of J82 (see above post). J86 is a male, J87 a female. They both left LaSalle the same time as J82.

  136. Ernie Ashberry Says:

    Hi–My lady and i have had a pair of swans here on the Notawasaga River on the outskirts of wasaga beach,since the first week of february.
    The larger one has tag # E67.The tagged one appears to be very trusting but cautious the other more skitish.We would appreciate any info you have as they show up every day on our lawn.
    Ernie & Elaine Ashberry

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Ernie & Elaine: Thanks for reporting E67 and friend. He was originally banded in 2006 as a cygnet (hatched 2005) at LaSalle Park in Burlington. Since then he has been to Wye Marsh in 2007, LaSalle in winters 2008, 2009, 2010, but he didn’t come back this winter. We have had sightings of him in the Wasaga beach area as well, with various birds. Is the untagged bird possibly banded? Could you provide a GPS location or address (you can email privately at if you prefer) as we would like to enter an exact location in our records.

  137. Jake Koebrich Says:

    We have what appears to be a nesting pair of swans in back of our house on the Napanee River… Is anyone interested? How can I help?


    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Please give state or province and we can let the appropriate person know. What a thrill for you, and thank you for reporting. Depending on your area, some pairs are sensitive to disturbance, hopefully its a quiet lake and they will prosper. Is this the first time they have nested here? Peg Abbott, TTSS Outreach

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Jake: We are interested in your report of nesting swans. I am assuming this is Napanee River, Ontario. If you wouldn’t mind emailing us at with a GPS location or address? The best thing you can do is simply enjoy the birds being there and observethem from a distance. If this is a first time pair they may not be very successful the first year because they have to learn as they go.

  138. Tamara Says:

    C15 was at our home on April 8, 2012 in Bowmanville ON. Eats from your hand. He looks great!

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Tamara: Reading back over the blog I realized I never actually posted a history of C15. Sorry about that. C15 was hatched and banded in 2009 at Bluffers Park, his parents are A70 & 197. Since then he has been around the Toronto waterfront as well as inland to Lake Scugog.

  139. Sophie Says:

    C14 has been with us on Campbellville Pond for the last week. He looks in excellent condition and is quite ravenous. My husband has been feeding him breadcrumbs and he gets quite close.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Sophie: Good to hear C14 is doing well. This is the first sighting for 2012 of him. He was hatched and banded in 2009 in Erin, Ontario. I wonder if this one did migrate to the US last year, because of the sighitng earlier of him at Pt. Dalhousie and Martindale Pond in St. Catherines. Please let us know how long he stays.

  140. Therez Violette Says:

    Therez V says: I spoted 6 Trumpeter Swans on Lake Nipissing in the town of Sturgeon Falls. With the waves and the distance, I was not able to see any yellow tags.
    April 13,2012

  141. Ann Adare Says:

    Both J86 and J87 were hanging out infront of our cottage on Pigeon lake all day today 4.15.12. – just south of the sandbar. There was a third swan in the a.m. but he/she did not stay long enough for us to make note of the tag number. I understand there is a nest down by Victoria Place so hopefully they will stay around – they are spectacular. Our daughter lives in Burlington so it is fun to know that the swans are in her neck of the woods for the winter and ours for the summer.

  142. Bev Says:

    Hi So happy to receive your report on the six trumps on Lake Nipissing at Sturgeon Falls. sure wish the weather had been calmer. The tag number reports are so important to our records. Hopefully the next time the weather wll cooperate. Bev

  143. Steve Lytle Says:

    j87 & j86 were spotted by Browns Bridge on Pigeon Lake in Omemee,

    • Kyna Says:

      Thanks for the update on the location of these two. It will be interesting to see how the cygnets from the family of 10 spread out over the summer.

  144. Jan McCarty Says:

    We have two nests in Port Darlington Ontario this spring. There are no tagged swans yet this spring.

    Nest 2 43°53’10.71″N 78°40’31.29″W

    Nest 1 43°53’25.60″N 43°53’25.60″N

  145. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Pleased to report that 083 and 508 are nesting again at Bluffers Park. 2 eggs laid as of Saturday April 28th.

  146. Cheryl Bedard Says:

    J81 and J89 visited our pond on May 24, 2012 – in rural Woodville. My son was able to walk right up to them while they were resting on shore, probably within about 5 feet. They didn’t seem frightened by him at all, and he got some good pics. Such majestic birds! I wish they had stayed, but there is no sign of them today.

    • Kyna Says:

      Hi Cheryl: Thanks for reporting J81 & J89, they are siblings hatched in 2011 on Sturgeon Lake to parents 902 & 131. J81 is a male, banded at LaSalle on Dec 9, 2011. J89 a female banded Dec 15, 2011 also at LaSalle. They are part of the record family of 10 cygnets.

  147. J. Holmes Says:

    My husband and I have just had a visitor at our cottage on Big Bald Lake. He is a beautiful swan with the tag number J86 and he has been swimming in our inlet for the past hour. We have some great photographs of him. We will keep our eye on him, although we are only up at the cottage on the weekends, and let you know if there are additional visitors!

    • Kyna Says:

      Thank you for reporting J86, it is a male, hatched in 2011 at Sturgeon Lake, to parents 902 & 131. He is part of a record family of 10 cygnets, which were marked J80 – J89 when they arrived at LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter. His last sighting at LaSalle was on Feb 22, 2012. He and his many siblings have been reported about the Kawartha Lakes area since they left LaSalle.

  148. Petra Maulucci Says:

    I live at Preston Lake and #153 has been coming to our lake for the summers for the last few years. This year he seems to have found a mate (no tags),and it looks like they are making Preston Lake their home. Is there anything we can do to get them to breed and stay? We love watching them and are so excited that 153 has finally found somebody!

    • Anne Says:

      Have you seen 153 lately? I haven’t seen him in weeks.
      North shore Preston Lake

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        I am sorry to report that 153 was found dead at a golf course in Aurora on June 10, 2012. He was taken to the University of Guelph for necropsy, but the cause of death is unknown at this time. I know this is not the news you would have liked to hear, as 153 was a well loved bird.

        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        I am so sad about this. I just hope it was a quick death. Will you ever find out what happened to him from a necropsy report?

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Hi Jill: We have the preliminary report back, but cause of death is unknown. We may find out more with the final report, but sometimes they just can’t tell.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  149. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    J83 was spotted off alone off our dock June 7. He appears in good health. He still has grey on his neck, a little grey speckling on his wings. After hanging around, he seemed to be exploring the lake, Dummer Lake aka White Lake. Dummer is a small lake beside Stoney in the Kawarthas. We’re taking pictures.

  150. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    J83 – one of the 10 cygnets born to 902 and 131 – is here (White Lake in the Kawarthas) for the third day. (learned today a neighbour that she was spotted yesterday June 6). J83 has being paying attention to swimming rafts – may be promising. Today this friendly swan came up on shore and I was able to feed her/him untreated corn from 5-6 feet. What a privilege!

    • Sheila M. MacRae Says:

      J83- seen close up, J83’s neck is tinged reddish-brown – apparently from the the high ferrous content of the water in which he is feeding.

      The coordinates for the location of J83’s landing June 8 at 1019 Ivandale in Douro-Dummer on White Lake are:

      N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′

  151. Linda Rogers Says:

    Dear Swan Lovers…can you clear something up. Last year when a pair of swans, very loving to each other I must say, took turns sitting on a very large nest that they had made together down here on the Toronto Harbourfront in a little inlet by a bridge near the Shoppers Drug Mart at Spadina. Each day I walked by with my granddaughter watching this beautiful pair. I took photos on video as they made their nest. Then after many weeks and 8 beautiful eggs I was in such shock to learn that a couple of eggs had been taken. Then a short time later the rest were taken. Gossip on the street as many people had been watching and waiting for the new arrivals, that the city???? sorry don’t know what department, but had taken the eggs as they said the swans were dangerous and they didn’t want any more of their kinds to hatch….I plus many others were devistaded..this cannot be true. Could someone clarify really what could have happened to all 8 of these eggs…the pair are back around this year again, I hope they do not come to the same spot the lay, I couldn’t take the heartbreak…..LR

  152. Gail Says:

    Hello from PA! One of your tagged trumpeter swans is visiting us here along the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania. The number is J53.

  153. donna speer Says:

    Hi There: As we speak, I have J81; J84 and J89 on the shoreline of my son’s home next door. We are on McLaren’s Creek; which goes into Sturgeon Lake at RR 2 Cameron, Ontario. We usually only see them spring and fall since they arrived on the creek 10 springs ago. The swan steward from Wyemarsh came and counted eggs up the creek with my son to see how many had been laid when we first spotted them and reported them to Wyemarsh.
    They were on his yard this morning amoungst the geese and have been paddling in the creek all day. Do I have to report these to Wyemarsh also or will this reach them also? Thanks. Donna.

  154. waynesdslrspot Says:

    Hello there,
    I’m not certain if this is the correct forum but on May 20, according to the meta info on my photo I saw a rather large Swan with a yellow tag with the # J 62 on it….in fact there were at least 2 tags visible in my photos.
    I’m not certain if these were in fact swans but as they were larger than most other birds up here I’m fairly certain.
    I live in Noelville, about 75 km south of Sudbury Ontario.
    I hope this information is of some use and I have several good photos if you wish to see them.

  155. Joseph Ryn Says:

    Hi everyone,

    On May 20 2012 we were graced with the arrival of this majestic trumpeter swan; she/he continues to grace us with her presence to this day.

    We named her/him Aoife 🙂

    Aoife has two yellow wing tags with black writing; J 77 is the letter and numbers on the tags; she also has a leg band.

    She seems to be quite happy to stay here with all our other creatures, that include: Ducks, geese, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys etc; some of the aforementioned are domesticated and others are of the wild variety.

    Aoife eats copious amounts of whole untreated corn, she also likes to have a treat of just plain bread now and again, but not much of that.

    We’d love to find out some more about her: where she was born, if she’s a she or he etc.

    I do need to state that she’s quite happy here, she comes twice a day and eats out of our hands, as long as we’re gentle around her, which we always are of course. Our neighbourhood children and adult neighbours are all amazed and delighted to see such a wonderful creature in our neighbourhood. We have three large ponds that she utilizes when the mood strikes her.

    We are located near Schomberg, Ontario, Canada.

    Thank you for any information you may be able give us.

    • Anne Says:

      Hello Joseph,

      I am also a swan fan. I don’t know where J77 is from, I am sure someone will provide you those details in the future but in the meantime I can help you determine if the swan is a he or a she. A band on the right leg means it is a he; a band on the left leg means the swan is a she. Enjoy your time with Aoife! 🙂

      Regards Anne

      • Joseph Says:

        Hello Anne,

        Thank you so much for responding to my post, it had disappeared later on the day that I posted it and I thought they had found it offensive or something; I’m glad of course that they didn’t delete it.

        Thank you so much for educating me about the leg bands, indicating the difference between male and female; we have
        a male swan (A cob I believe it’s called) so now we have to come up with a new name for him; I’m sure we’ll find something appropriate for His Majesty.

        We feel so privileged that he’s decided to grace us with his presence; he really is the most beautiful creature.

        Again, thank you so much Anne, I really appreciate it.

        Kind regards,


  156. Anne Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    Your welcome, maybe the post disappeared when it was being updated or something but keep checking the posts from time to time.
    Ahhh, now you know he is a male, you have to rename him 😉 I am sure J77 appreciates all of the neighbourhood visits and especially the corn 🙂 They are very beautiful birds indeed! You may be interested to check out the facebook page of the trumpeter swan society and see photos of other swans.

    Best Regards,


    • Joseph Says:

      Hi Anne,
      We renamed him Oisín, pronounced [Oh-sheen] Oisín was a great poet / warrior in Irish legend; it was great fun reading when I was a child 🙂
      Sadly, Oisín left us on Sept 22nd and we hope he made it safely to his new destination.
      The joy and pleasure he brought us during his time with us will never be forgotten; we’re really hoping he returns next year with a wife maybe-hopefully, fingers crossed here.
      Thank you again for your help earlier this year.
      Kind regards,

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Great name! 🙂

      • Joseph Says:

        Hi Jill and Anne,
        Thank you so much Jill for the nice comment; Oisín I thought was a very befitting name in his case.
        Kyna, from Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration, let us know last night that Oisín arrived safely at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Oct 15; we were and are ecstatic to learn that he’s alright; he really is the most incredibly beautiful creature and we feel so privileged that he stayed with us for the summer. We’re hoping he’ll return next year with a wife or a friend or two. Hey, one never knows, like the song says: “The dream never dies, just the dreamer”.
        Kind regards,

  157. BILLSWA Says:

    You don’t really notice ” The Molt ” till they stretch their wings which look 50 % smaller .

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Bill: Which birds are you watching molt?
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  158. BILLSWA Says:

    1959-00398 and 1959-00350 . They are more nervous than usual .

  159. Laura Cooper Says:

    the Port Authority at the foot of Bathurst St in Toronto is planning on filling in part of the inner Harbour (beside the airport). In their Environmental Assessment they say nothing about the Trumpeters. Though they do say: “The terrestrial environment adjacent to the proposed lakefill area is not considered as prime bird habitat for breeding, nesting or stopover. The wildlife that has been observed in the area of the Project Location is limited to birds and
    includes Double‐crested Cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus), Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos), Canada Geese (Branta Canadensis), Rock Doves (Columba livia), American Robin (Turdus
    migratorius) and Ring‐billed Gulls (Larus delawarensis),,,In addition, BBTCA (Billy Bishop Airport) actively manages the bird populations,migratory or otherwise, around the airport with active deterrents to accommodate airport operations and minimize potential risks to aircraft and the travelling public.

    My QUESTION Do you know if they are killing the Trumpeters as part of their “deterrents” and “management”?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Laura: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am sure there is no killing of Trumpeter Swans included in the “deterrents” and “management.” There are not enough Trumpeter swans in that area that they would need to be managed. We have got no reports of such actions, and there are many people in the area who keep a look out for the Trumpeters. I would expect the management and deterrents to be something like the use of raptors to keep birds from nesting in specific areas, egg oiling and perhaps the use of trained dogs to keep geese off the airport areas.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        It looks like their proposal is to use clean fill they are removing to make a tunnel and using it to provide a physical barrier under the water surface at the approches of the runways. This is to make sure boaters don’t get into the approch path of the planes using the airport. It will also provide fish habitat. I don’t see any problems for the swans due to this proposed activity.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Society

      • Linda Rogers Says:

        Dear Laura and to the Society. I sent an email re the missing of all the 8 eggs of the swans that a few days in a row ,eggs went missing. Many, many people watched the pair of swans build their nest, and take turns on the nest, it was amazing. This was last fall, QueensQuay W/Spadina in a little sheltered water area near a bridge) Then one day NO eggs. The pair stayed for quite awhile then left the nest.Word on the Harbourfront was that the city or ?? had removed eggs slowly as not to have any more swans in the harbour!! Unbelievable. This person was going to get a petition going but I never heard anymore about it until I just read your email.
        It still haunts me. These birds are so beautiful…..Thankyou for the follow up. But what happened to the eggs????????????? What about when the pair start their nest again this year. I can’t bear it.

      • Laura Cooper Says:

        There is a petition–but it does not seem to be gaining traction. I live right on the Central Waterfront and for the past few years there have been trumpeters in our Quay under my window. This year nothing. And no mute swans either. Then I read in the paper about the oiling because, as I recall, it was said they were taking over the waterfront. Neither I, nor anyone that I have spoken to, noticed any great number of swans.

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        At this time there are no management efforts to deter Trumpeter swans in the area as they are being reintroduced and are native. Mute swans are a non-native invasive species, there is some management being done with them. I do not know specifically what it is as our group is only working on the restoration of the Trumpeter swan to Ontario.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  160. Regina Says:

    I have seen swan yellow tag 038 in Lake Ontario at the foot of Lakeshore and Highway 10 for the past two weeks. He is very friendly, but always alone. Any information on him?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Regina: Thank you for reporting 038 in Lake Ontario. 038 is a female, hatched in 2007. She came to LaSalle Park in Burlington in the winter of 2008, then spent the summer around the Port Credit area. In the winter of 2009 she made a trip across the boarder to Harvey’s Lake in Pennsylvania. Since coming back north she has stayed around the Port Credit area. For a while she seemed to be paired up with E90, but nothing happened between them and he has since disappeared.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  161. BILLSWA Says:

    My swan buddies were flying today. Their ” molt ” is over . It lasted about 3 weeks.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Bill: Good to know they are up and about again.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  162. Mike Power Says:

    H80 and H86 are currently in Sturgeon Lake outside of Lindsay, first time I’ve ever seen them, are they locals?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Mike: H80 & H86 are locals. They are siblings, hatched in 2010 on Sturgeon Lake by parents 902 & 131. They have gone back to the are the past two summers and migrated to LaSalle Park in Burlington each winter. H80 is a male, H86 is a female.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  163. Jim Coey Says:

    Does anyone know what happened to swan tag #H86(?) that died in June and was removed from Hogg Bay Victoria harbour by the MNR(?). His mate H17 has reared 7 cygnets by herself to almost flight status.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Jim: It was H61 that was H17’s mate. He was picked up by Wye Marsh and we are still waiting on the necropsy report from the University of Guelph. Hopefully we will get some answers.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  164. Shelagh Says:

    October 23, 2012. Any idea where J83 might be from? He/she has been in my bay on Stoney Lake for 2 days. Appears to be well. Does not appear to be too afraid of people.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Shelagh: J83 is part of the record family of 10 hatched on Sturgeon Lake in 2011. He was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington Dec 10/11, where he spent the winter with his parents and siblings. The last sighting we have of him is June 2012 near Lakefield. Would you be able to give us an address or GPS location for this sighting? You can contact us privatly at A good website to get a GPS is
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

    • Sheila M. MacRae Says:

      Hi Shelagh,
      I am so thrilled that J83 (we nicknamed him Jake) is healthy, and back. We are on Dummer aka White Lake, right next to Stoney Lake. J 83 hung around and we were able to feed him June 6-8, 2012. Very friendly, as you note. For J83, it’s a flap of the wings between the two lakes. We hope that he makes this area part of a regular stop-over.

      • Shelagh Says:

        Sheila, you’ll be pleased to know Jack (J83) has had a Jill (J86) join him this morning. They seem quite content swimming around our bay. Jack was down towards the quiet end of our bay last evening and spent a fair bit of time on shore. With the water level being low they are foraging on the bottom.

      • Sheila M. MacRae Says:

        . Hi Shelagh,
        I am glad J83 is not alone. It is possible that J86 is a sibling.
        Here is a direct quote from Kyna, in response to our sighting in June 2012.

        J83 is a male cygnet of the record family of ten cygnets that hatched at Sturgeon Lake last summer. His parents are 902(male) & 131(female). His siblings were all tagged in order J80 – J89. J83 was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on December 10, 2011. He stayed there until February 22, 2012. Since then we have had several reports of him and his siblings in the Peterborough area.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
        It is possible that the two of them are feeding, and on their way back to LaSalle Park for the winter. See above the report of Oisin who arrived back at LaSalle just a few days ago, Oct 15, 2012.

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Yes, J86 is a sibling of J83. J86 is also a male.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  165. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    I just returned from Pringles creek in Whitby (Brock Rd) Among about 50 mute swans were 2 trumpeters. They were very active and appeared healthy. Both had yellow tags L11 and L12. Not sure if I have seen them before. Last week there was an untagged trumpeter in the same area.
    Also at Halls Rd which is adjacent to Cranberry Marsh there has been a sole trumpeter in the newly cut corn fields with thousands of Canada geese and lesser amounts of ducks. I saw it this afternoon and it appears to be OK. It is untagged and unbanded from what I can see. It has been there for several days. I wont be able to check on it until Saturday now but if it is still there then, I will report it again.
    If anyone gets a chance I would love to know thehistory of L11 and L12

  166. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    About above address- I think it is Brock St in Whitby not Rd

  167. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Hello Arlene,
    I can tell you they were hatched in Bluffers Park in Scarborough in 2010 to parents A70 and 197. They had 2 more siblings, L13 and L14 (a fifth, L10 sadly believed taken by a coyote during her first winter). I am happy to hear these two are alive. There is some confusion in the records over the sex of L11, but I believe she is a girl (band on left leg) and L12 is a boy (band on right leg).

  168. Joseph Ryn Says:

    Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration.

    On June 19 2012, I posted on this blog about a swan that visited us here near Schomberg. The tag # was J77.
    A nice lady named Anne responded to part of my query and let me know that it was a male swan, because the tag was on the right leg.
    I’m sad to say he left us on Sept 22 2012 and I hope he made it to wherever he’s destination was; he was an incredibly beautiful creature.
    If it’s possible do you think that somebody could let us know his age and where he was born etc; I know he’s gone but we really are still curious; also if anybody has seen him, we’d love to hear that he’s alright.
    Thank you,

    • Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Joseph: I am happy to report that J77 arrived at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Oct 15, 2012. J77 is a male, born in 2011. His parents are A02 (father) and 909 (mother). We do not know where they nest. He has three siblings, one of which, J92 stayed at LaSalle during the summer. We do try to place the band on the right or left leg depending on the sex, but sometimes we make mistakes or can’t put the band on the correct leg. Would you be able to provide us with an address or GPS location of where J77 spent the summer? You can contact us privately at
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Joseph Says:

        Hi Kyna,
        You will never know how happy you made us feel to learn that Oisín – [J77] is alright and safe at his present / home location. A million thanks. The time he graced us with his presence here was genuinely phenomenal.
        I’ve emailed our exact location to the private email address you provided.
        Again our profound thanks.

  169. Anne Says:

    Hello Joseph,

    Glad that little Oisin is ok, you never know he may return to visit you one day!

    Regards Anne

  170. gail lord Says:

    We have a wonderful swan couple in the niagara river near where it empties into lake ontario. How can I learn more?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi: Thanks for reporting the Trumpeter Swans you saw. Can you see any wing tags on the birds? If you can, then we will be able to tell you the history of the birds. There is a lot of good information on the TTSS website about Trumpeters generally. If you have specific questions you can email us at
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  171. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    hi, I am just reporting in on L11 and L12. In pouring rain today they were in the same spot as I saw them earlier in the week. In Pringles Creek west of the bridge on Brock St.Whitby, L11 was in the water but L12 was chowing down on what could have been a chinook salmon. I am no fish expert! I thought swans ate vegetation. seeds etc,? I will go check them tomorrow.
    Arlene Brazeau

  172. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    went to see the swans today. I could only see mutes and even they were in lesser numbers. I suppose the birds sense the impending storm and are finding safety somewhere.
    Arlene Brazeau

  173. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    the day after Sandy-
    L11 and L12 are back at Pringles.
    Arlene Brazeau

    • Anne Says:

      Arlene I visited the area, saw several trumpeters but I could not make out any tags #’s, too far away… Any suggestions on a place to park?
      Regards Anne

  174. Shelagh Says:

    Seems as if Hurricane Sandy may have sent J83 and J86 to another less threatened area away from Stoney Lake – there’s no sign of them today – Shelagh

  175. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    Shelagh, J83 and J86 moved from Stoney Lake to Dummer Lake aka White Lake, apparently around October 30. This was a return for J83, who was on Dummer Lake June 6-9, 2012. Both seem in great shape, a little bit browny color on top of head, otherwise totally white bodies and large wing span. We fed both swans in shallow water. Unlike spring, would not land with people on shore . J86 is the more aggressive of the two, showing his aggression by nipping his brother while feeding.

    • Shelagh Says:

      Thanks, Sheila … That sounds very accurate. It seems they left here October 30 (probably thinking of Hurricane Sandy!) and were back very briefly on November 1 for only an hour or two. We haven’t seen them since but are glad to know they’re okay. They (Jack and Jake!) seemed to enjoy feeding in our shallow bay as the water was lower than normal until the rain at the end of October. Maybe they will return with families next year!

      • Says:

        Just wanted to let the Swan Society know that we had 19 trumpeters bathing and grooming on our shoreline this morning on the northeast side of Lake Scugog! 16 were adults and 3 were young (very brownish grey). They spent about half an hour in front of our place just relaxing. Only one seemed to have a wing tag and it was L01. C15 was in our yard about a year and a half ago but this is the first we have seen any on our shoreline since. Not sure if they were heading to La Salle or Bluffers from the north or whether they are part of the group that hangs out in Pringles Creek and just out for a morning flight. When I download my photos I will send some along. It was amazing to see such a big group together. Michelle

        Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 17:13:20 +0000 To:

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        Hi Micelle: Thanks for reporting the Trumpeter swans you saw. L01 is a male, hatched in 2009, banded at Bluffer’s park in December 2009. The most recent sighting we had was in April at Oshawa Second Marsh with an untagged bird.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Sheila M. MacRae Says:

        As of this morning, J83 and J86 (Jack and Jake) have been on Dummer aka White Lake, near Stoney Lake. To give him his due, J86’s personality seemed different, when he realized there was lots of food to be had: his aggressive behaviour toward his brother stopped entirely. In addition, rather than hanging back, he frequently was first to land and be social. These two actually follow folks who have been feeding as we walk along the shore. (Here’s hoping no one violates their trust in humans!)

  176. Cheryl Hotrum Says:

    J83 and J86 were seen on November 10 in our little bay, near the point on Dummer Lake. Both seemed very healthy and quite unafraid of people. Huge, gleaming white and flapping their wings around us.

    Very beautiful.

    The Hotrums

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Wow the residents of the Dummer Lake / White Lake area are great for reporting these two birds, we have had 6-7 reports of them over the last week!
      J83 & J86 are male cygnets of the record family of ten cygnets that hatched at Sturgeon Lake last summer. Their parents are 902(male) and 131(female). Siblings were all tagged in order J80 – J89 at LaSalle Park in Burlington in December 2011.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  177. Shelagh Says:

    Very nice to hear that J83 and J86 are happy and healthy. Following them and knowing their whereabouts is fascinating. They are so stately looking. Thanks for that update. Shelagh

  178. Jill Worwood Says:

    Hi: We have enjoyed watching the trumpeter swans over the last week on the east side of Washburn Island, Lake Scugog. There is a pair with 5 young, a pair with 3 young and a pair on their own. I can’t see any tags but what a beautiful sight.

  179. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    a few weeks ago I reported what I thought was a trumpeter swan in the corn fields off Halls Rd in Whitby. I finally had a look at those pics tonight and have decided it was a tundra swan.
    No sign of L11 or L12 at Pringle Creek in the past week

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We haven’t seen the Trumpeters here using the waste grains in fields like the Tundra swans, or the Trumpeters out west. So it is a good chance that any swans seen in a field are Tundras.

  180. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    J83 and J86 (Jake and Jack) apparently left Dummer aka White Lake area, November 19, 2012. They had arrived on this lake probably October 30. They seemed in great health while they were here and when they left; they were fed cooperatively by residents along the shoreline (see above). We hand fed (twice only). Glad they are still wary, for their own protection. Please report sightings of one or both of these two siblings. Thanks.

  181. BILLSWA Says:

    NEW ARRIVAL – Seen yesterday and today at Leslie Street Spit ;

    1959 – 00511 who has beautiful bright yellow feet and legs .
    Her companion has black feet and legs and no metal band or tag . The banded { on left leg } swan came out of the water and took corn from my hand .

  182. BILLSWA Says:

    A ” Leucystic Trumpeter Swan ” perhaps ?

  183. Jill Ramsay Says:

    Yes, that’s our lovely Tango, aka Betty, and you are correct that she is leucistic. Hatched Bluffers Park 2008 to A70 and 197. Her wing tags should be H11, but she lost them awhile ago. She is a particularly special swan, please look after her!

  184. BILLSWA Says:

    Tango seems to be the star of the chat board. I am thrilled to have met her and will report to you all on how she is doing .
    – I am curious about how swans differ in their personality .
    ” Doc ” and ” Alice ” will peck and bite each other if they think one is not getting their fair share of corn . ” Alice ” tugs my sleeve every time I give ” Doc ” corn .
    They chase and bite all nearby mute swans .

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      I think they have as many different personalities as humans do – as you say, some are aggressive and some sweet, some pick on their own partners and some on everyone else, and some hide at the back and wait for their turn! There are extremely smart, can definitely learn names humans give them, and know human faces and voices. Out local breeding male knows our boat and can associate it with us even we are not on it – I can tell him to ‘go to Viola’ and he will pick the right boat out of a dock of 20! Amazing creatures. We are blessed to have the opportunity to interact with them. 🙂

  185. Rob Millar Says:

    Hi all, I have been following 902 and 131 Swans and families since 2009. Beverly Kingdon has informed me that this years Cygnets have been tagged at LaSalle Park in Burlington as L96, L97, L98, and L99. Although there were 6 Cygnets, I only observed 4 before they left from McLarens Creek, South end of Sturgeon Lake. So far…2009 – none, 2010 – H80 and H86, 2011 – J80 to J89, 2012 – L96 to L99. There is some concern about a possible Marina expansion at LaSalle park. Please watch:

  186. BILLSWA Says:

    What can anyone do to help stop the Lasalle Marina expansion ?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We are in discussions with a number of parties right now to see what can be done.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  187. Karen Says:

    I was amazed to see Trumpeter Swans at Milliken Park, Steeles Ave east of McCowan Ave in Scarborough in November 2012. I thought they wintered in warmer climates. I saw a young untagged couple first. Shortly a yellow tagged L41 on the right wing single Trumpeter landed and was chased off by the young one. What a sight. The young untagged Trumpeter couple left 2nd week of November and the following week L41 returned. The weather is cold but he was on the pond today December 9, 2012 at 4:30 pm Will L41 go south at this late date. How will he survive? Will he join other wintering swans nearer Lake Ontario. Milliken Park has never had swans before this fall (17 yrs) and I doubt the pond can support him since it freezes solid. I don’t want this beautiful bird to perish. He seemed healthy.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Hello Karen,
      L41 spent his last two winters with us at Bluffers Park, so with any luck he is on his way. We’ll take care of him, don’t worry!

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Karen: Thank you for reporting swan L41 at Milliken Park, Scarborough. This bird is a male, hatched in 2010, and banded at Bluffers Park in Toronto on March 14 2011. The last sighting we have of him was May 9, 2011, at a pond near Kennedy Road on 19th Ave. He usually spends his winters at Bluffers Park, because there is open water and food. The Trumpeter swans at this time only go far enough south that they have open water and food for the winter. Last year, we had many birds that stayed north in the Midland area because many of the rivers and lakes didn’t freeze as they usually do. At this time there are also Tundra swans migrating thought the area and they will go down to the eastern seaboard for the winter.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  188. BILLSWA Says:

    Between Leslie Street Spit and Cherry Beach – Paddling and then later flying with 4 mute swans was 1959-1952 , also tagged J 52 . A young swan , she gave off some deep honks and then came out of the water to politely take corn right out of my hand for 5 minutes. When her mute swan friends paddled away , she quickly walked into the water and caught up with them.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      Ah… glad she is safe and has made friends with the mutes! She was with us at Bluffers until a few days ago. She was born at Bluffers in 2011 to 083 and 508. She recently lost her sister and travelling companion J08 who was sadly found dead, so she has been lonely…

      • BILLSWA Says:

        Today J 52 was with ” Doc ” and ” Alice ” my long-time Trumpeter friends . They were not too happy about sharing the corn with J 52 . Later when I left , I heard and saw Doc and Alice honk and take-off . 5 seconds later , J 52 honked , took off , and flew after them . >> Bill .

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        🙂 Do Doc and Alice have numbers? J52’s name is Miney, BTW. She and her siblings were Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo. Eeny is sadly no longer with us.

      • BILLSWA Says:

        ALICE _1959-00398 used to have the wing tag #198, and is a female born in 2007, her parents are A70 & 826. She was banded at Bluffers Park by Harry Lumsden.
        DOC – 1959-00350 used to have the wing tag #150, and is a male born in 2007, his parents are 145 & 129. He was banded in Lemmonville by Harry Lumsden.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        Bill… this is great. I know these swans, and 198’s parents very well, but did not yet know them as a pair, or really have names for them. I will record them as Doc and Alice in my database. I’m not sure if you are on Facebook, but we have a lovely group who share trumpeter swan sightings and photos:

        We’d certainly welcome you to join.


      • BILLSWA Says:

        I joined . Thanks . Looks like fun . Burl is my phoney Facebook name.

  189. S Chan Says:

    L23 was on the beach at Bluffers Park in Scarborough with an untagged mate on Dec. 24, 2012. Nearby was another pair. Can provide photos.

  190. BILLSWA Says:

    How about this on Christmas day ? I saw ; Tango and Harry , then Miney , and then Doc and Alice !

  191. Shelagh Says:

    Drove across the causeway in Port Perry yesterday mid afternoon and there were probably 10 or so swans in the small area of water by the road that wasn’t frozen yet … there was too much traffic to slow down and see if there were any bands – don’t think they were all Trumpeters – but it was quite a surprise to see them there. Shelagh

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We have birds that spend their summers in that area. Good spotting.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  192. murray rowan Says:

    One lone trumpeter J64 was seen today at the top of L. Couchiching near the mouth of a river beside the entrance to the Severn R. navigation channel

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      J64 is a male, banded at LaSalle Park, Burlington Dec 23, 2011 as a cygnet. Parents are 120 & E19.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  193. Cathy Cormier Says:

    January 8, 2013 Thirteen Trumpeter Swans are currently in the soutwest water of Kempenfelt Bay, feeding and resting between Centennial Beach Parking Lot and waters near the Southshore Center. Two of these swans have yellow wing tags with black letters – Swan A89 is one but I could not read the second. No ice in the Bay now and the numbers have grown since the first two appeared about two weeks ago.

  194. Vince Says:

    Just thought I would post a picture of a pair of Trumpeter’s we spotted yesterday in Toronto…

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Vince: Thanks for posting the pictures. If you are on Facebook, look up the Ontario Trumpeter Swans group if you would like.
      Kyna, Ontao Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  195. Margaret Cain Keech Says:

    We have always had trumpeter swans on the open water at Washago, Ontario in winter. This year, we have upwards of 20, almost all tagged. One year we had almost 50, too many to count, we think because this was the open water in the neighbourhood. I will try to get some photographs and tag numbers, but I have moved away from the river, and only see them at my friend’s house now.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Margaret: Thanks for reporting the swans you saw in Washago. We do have a volunteer up there who daily monitors that numbers and reports the wing tags to us. I think the highest number she has had this winter is around 90+. It is a fantastic site!

  196. Justin Says:

    Hi Margaret! Well this week there have been as many as 13 Swans out back here on the Green river in Washago. I did get tag number H78 i believe he was a He and was with a un tagged mate there was another pair with tags with 2 young I did not get numbers off them the rest had no tags all were in pairs other than one loner… I did get some nice Pic’s of them if anyone wants to have a look!

  197. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    hi, While feeding ducks at Pringle Creek in Whitby an adult trumpeter with 3 immatures showed up. There were no tags but the adult was banded. Believe me I tried to read all the numbers but with all the ducks underfoot it was impossible. The call number was 1-800-327 BAND. At one angle I could see1059 00217. on the 3rd line there was LAUR and the maybe UPEL MD 2078 USA.
    I hope this is of some help. Also they were quite tame, unlike the crazy ducks.
    I will try to have another look tomorrow

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Arlene: If you are on Facebook, we have an Ontario Trumpeter Swan group and under the “files” section I have posted pictures of the bands we use. It is the middle number that we need to identify a bird. (1059-00217) We only use bands with prefix 1959- so if the band is indeed 1959-00217, then that bird is # 917, who you have reported at Pringle Creek in the past. I see he has lost his wing tags.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  198. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    Hi again. Thanks for the reply.. I looked at my pics again (all 151 of them ) and in 1 picture it does show 1959, not easy to read with another leg in front. Do we know were the cygnets were hatched? I will follow up with facebook and I will head off later with more seeds.

  199. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    So I now see that yesterdays adult swan was the same swan I saw in Jan last year and described as a male. Does that mean the 3 cygnets are his? Where is the mother or is it normal to be on their own this soon? Sorry I have more questions than answers. I guess I have a lot to learn about “swan society” so I can be of much help in understanding all about them.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      It is a good chance they are his, if he is with them as a family unit. It is not normal for the mother not to be there as well. Perhaps something has happened to her. Glad to see your on Facebook. I am just answering this here to finish the thread.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  200. Arlene Brazeau Says:

    I returned today to Pringle Creek in Whitby. The 4 swans from yesterday were clearly visible but to my surprise there were about 14 other trumpeter swans. I thinkk maybe 5 or 6 were immatures. I believe 2 of the adults had yellow tags but the tags were not visible (that they could be read).There were also 2 mutes in the group. Further out were more swans but I could not determine the number or whether they were trumpeters or mutes. I have never seen this many trumpeters at this location before. It will probably be saturday before I can check again. Unfortunately my job cuts into the more important things in my life

  201. J. de Bretan Says:

    March 3/13
    Seven trumpeters on small pond south of Uxbridge Feb.25/13.
    Two remain. Adults, one tagged ‘H’, the other nothing.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter Swans you saw in Uxbridge. Our tags carry a three digit alphanumeric code, so the H you saw should be followed by two numbers. If you see these birds again and are able to read the whole number then I can give you some history on the bird.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  202. will cameron Says:

    Morgan Cameron: March 6, 2013
    My family and I spotted swan J17 with an un-tagged swan on the Gull river Norland Ont. . Unfortunitly the un-tagged swan had a large Rapala type fishing lure with a treble hook in his foot and another hook in his leg. It seems to be Ok but we haven’t seen it fly yet. We also spotted a swan last week with a hole thru it’s wing where a tag may have been. Four more black billed swans have just flown by as I am writing this. I didn’t see any tags on them.
    We have photos of J17 and his friend.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Morgan: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans you saw. J17 and mate have been reported around Washago for the past month. We have had several people mention that the mate has a fish hook, but unfortunately nobody has been able to get close enough to remove the hook. We just got a report on March 10th that they were back in Washago, so they are flying.
      Your report of a hole in a swans wing is rather alarming. When the tags fall off they leave a small 1/4 inch hole that closes up very quickly, usually you cannot even see it under the feathers unless you have the bird in hand for retagging. Do you have pictures of that swans wing by any chance?
      You are welcome to join and post pictures on our Ontario Trumpeter Swans Facebook group if you like.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  203. Stefan Foerster Says:

    March 6 /2013
    Have 9 swans overwintering at the Mac Johnson Wildlife Area in Brockville ( south of Ottawa, east of Kingston on the Hwy401) part of a much bigger population that returns to the wildlife area once the St Lawrence river freezes over. Today , have several new members in the group – one swan id’ed as silver leg band # 18596, very tame – the brockville swans remaining wild – near nonapproachable at times. But they do like the feed bucket. Any info on that band # ?

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Stephan: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swan you saw at the Mac Johnson Wildlife area. That leg band 619-18596 corresponds to a bird that had wing tag 115. It is a male, hatched in 1998 at Seneca, released at Brockville. Would it be possible to get a picture of that band? I looked up the bird in the ledgers and it says it was only ever sighted at Brockville, up until 2003, and the next notation is that the bird is dead.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  204. Sheri lewis Says:

    Hello all.

    Visited Lasalle Park in Burlington Ontario this afternoon. Had to be 50 or more trumps… As well as many Mutes… I do have some video for tag ID if your interested . Not sure how many you can make out…


    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      Hi Sheri: We usually get around 200 Trumpeters at LaSalle Park for the winter. We are down there almost daily monitoring the numbers as well as trying to band and tag as many as possible. Today we had around 70 birds, although a kayaker scared them off partway throught the afternoon.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  205. Jan McCarty Says:

    Over 50 swans at Port Darlington today all heading east in small groups.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Huge numbers of Tundra swans moving through right now.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  206. Betty Cox Says:

    Unusual, I think . . . about 2 weeks ago near Alliston, Ontario. A trumpeter swan in the lead of a small V of Canada Geese. Is this possible? Also two days ago witnessed a large flock of trumpeter swans, possible 50, with a smaller group of maybe ten off to the side of the larger group. This was in Beeton, Ontario. Took a photo last fall of seven in a field near Colgan, Ontario.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      The large group of swans you saw were probably Tundra swans. There are huge numbers of them migrating through right now.
      It is rather unusual for a swan to be leading a flock of geese.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  207. Betty Cox Says:

    Thank you. I appreciate your response.

  208. Rob Millar Says:

    I met my favourite Swans back in Lindsay today, having returned from Burlington. This is the 5th year I have observed them. Mom 131 and Dad 902. Didn’t see any of the young ones with them so they may have snuck away by themselves this year.

    • donna Says:

      Where did you see them in Lindsay Rob? I live on McLaren’s Creek and have been tracking 902 and 131 since 2008. Last year they appeared on Mar. 19 so still waiting to see them on the creek. Thanks. Donna.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Good to hear 131 & 902 are back safe. They stopped at Bluffers Park in Toronto on the way through this year.
      If you are interested we have started an Ontario Trumpeter Swans Facebook group as well.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Says:

        Have been tracking 131 and 902 for five years now but they are about a week late landing on McLaren’s Creek North of Lindsay. I keep watching for them so glad they are in Lindsay.

  209. Krista Lamont Says:

    I have been hearing a couple Trumpeter Swans here in Port Credit in the last couple days and today I finally got a picture of them. There are a lot of mute here but just two Trumpeters. One was untagged and the other one is L94 (yellow wing tag) They are beautiful birds and I got a couple of pics. Can I get some more info on L94? Thanks, Krista

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Krista: L94 is a tagged as an adult female Nov 5 at LaSalle and then only there every now and again. She appears to be keeping company with a bird with a leg band.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  210. Brad McGuckin Says:

    Took photos today on the Holland River in Bradford There was a pair got the Yellow tag number H60 didn’t notice yellow tag on the other one. Googled this when I got home found this site hope this helps.
    Thanks Brad

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Brad: Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans you saw on the Holland River in Bradford Mar 20, 2013. H60 is a female, banded Feb 1, 2010 at LaSalle Park in Burlington. She returned to LaSalle during the winter of 2010-2011, but has not returned since then. Would you be able to provide a GPS location for this sighting? A good website for getting a GPS is:
      If you would like to share your pictures, we have started an Ontario Trumpeter Swans Facebook group.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  211. Nike Free Says:

    Howdy! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when viewing from my iphone 4. I’m trying to
    find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this problem.
    If you have any recommendations, please share.
    Thank you!

  212. BILLSWA Says:

    ” If it is the female’s first clutch, she is likely to lay fewer eggs and these eggs are more likely to be infertile ” — So what percentage of first clutch’s usually will hatch OK ? 10% ? 50% ? 90% ?

  213. R. Myhr Says:

    I was surprised while walking in the countryside in North Pickering to see two flights of Trumpeters, actively trumpeting. This was in early March, and likely included the individuals in Uxbridge reported above by Ms. de Bretan from March 3 (I saw them just south of the Uxbridge townline, and there are a series of small ponds to the north). One flight had five birds, the other about 8 or 9. A majestic sight, and very surprising — we have MANY geese overhead, always, but I’ve never before seen swans in flight in this neck of the woods.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      We are having large numbers of Tundra Swans flying through at this time as well. They make a hoo-hoo whistling call as they are flying. They are something to see.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • R. Myhr Says:

        I don’t think we’re on the flight path for the Tundra Swans, up here near the joint boundary point of Pickering, Uxbridge, Scugog and Whitby. The ones I saw were definitely Trumpeters, a distinctive sound! Would love to see Tundras in flight, though.

  214. Linda Roach Says:

    Hi, I live in Smiths Falls, Ontario near a section of the Rideau Canal. The specific section is between the Beckwith Street Bridge & the Old Slys Bridge. For the past week there has been 8 Trumpeter Swans on the river. We have enjoyed watching & listening to them. We also hope they will stay for the coming season. (I believe this is a rare site, as I have lived here for 36 years & this is the first time I have ever seen a Swan).

  215. Mark Jennings Says:

    March 25,2013, I came across Trumpeter Swan with yellow wing tag K23. I believe it is a first year bird, still in immature plumage. I’ve seen Trumpeters in the Burlington/Oakville area before but not this one. The location is a Stormwater Pond in south-west Oakville off Wyecroft Rd between Burloak Dr and McPherson Rd. The pond is just north of the main rail line to Toronto. I don’t know if the bird will remain very long as trains were going by every ten minutes and waking the bird up. I’ll probably check tomorrow.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Mark: Thank you for reporting K23 in Oakville on March 25, 2013. K23 was hatched in 2012 to parents 116 & 130. He was banded on Jan 28, 2013 at LaSalle Park in Burlington. His siblings from 2012 are K22 & K24. Did you happen to see his again?
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  216. Murray Rowan Says:

    Two swans are back in Barnstable Bay ,L. Simcoe near the mouth of Waiman Creak and off the west end of the island in the bay where there is open water. I’m not able to get close to them due to ice conditions but after watching for 24 hrs , it’s likely L25 and her male mate which I will confirm asap.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Murray: Were you able to confirm that those swans were L25 and mate?
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Murray Rowan Says:

        There is still ice on the bay and the swans are staying in an area that is hard to access due to flooded bush and weak ice conditions.I’ll try to get closer to them hopefully next week.

      • Mike MacMillan Says:

        L25 and mate were in McPhee bay today, I got some great photos.

      • Murray Rowan Says:

        Mike Thank you. I was beginning to doubt it was L25. The pair in Barnstable Bay have remained distant suggesting it is not her and her mate.As you indicated she will approach people allowing you to take pictures.
        Where is Mcphee Bay?

      • Mike MacMillan Says:

        McPhee bay is one bay north of Barnstable on Simcoe (Plum Point area) This is the best shot I got: L25 is the one showing her plumage. I am absolutely certain of the number as I have many photos where you see the tag clearly.

  217. Louise Says:

    Does anyone know where I can see swans? We live in the Bancroft area. Every week I have to take my husband to Belleville Hospital, he loves swans so I would love to show him some.

  218. Kim Perrotta Says:

    Hi….We saw two Trumpeter Swans in Desjardins Canal on the west side of Coote’s Paradise in Hamilton a few times over the last week; Yellow tag #s E32 and 548. We also saw two Mute Swans this week just across the road on Spencer Creek Trail. It was fun to be able to see both species so close together to compare them. Thanks for all your hard work to re-establish the Trumpeter Swans!! Kim, Morgan & Dan

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Kim, Morgan & Dan: Thank you for reporting 548 & E32 at the Desjardins Canal in Dundas during the week of April 1-6th, 2013. This is the summer home of these two birds. 548 is a male, hatched in 1998, and E32 is a female hatched in 2007, banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington May 28, 2008 as a cygnet. We do not know who her parents are as she arrived alone. E32 paired up with 548 last year and accompanied him to the canal in the summer. During the winter both birds move over to LaSalle Park.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  219. Sue Says:

    Hi there
    Just looking for some info on some trumpeter swans that are residing at Tim Horton’s Camp. Their numbers are H97, A62, J50 and J55.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Here is some info on these birds: J50 is a female with an untagged mate that nest in a pond along the road near Onondaga Farms- they had cygnets 2 years ago but not last year.
      A62, H97 & J55 are all siblings from different years, parents 142 & E20 who nest near Cambridge. A62, female, hatched 2009, H97, male, hatched 2010, J55, female, hatched 2011
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

    • don pettigrew Says:

      hi sue = on april 23/13 j55 arrived at my pond , beautiful bird and quite sat 27 i did not notice him when i left for work but will check when i get home to-nite .i am located outside the village of bright approx. half way between woodstock and kitchner

      • Sue Says:

        Thanks for letting me know. It’s interesting to see where they all get to during the season. So glad I joined this group.

  220. Mark Williams Says:

    We have L98, J87 and an untagged beautiful pure white trumpeter off our dock on Sturgeon Lake just north on Lindsay right now. Is there any info on those two?

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Here is some info: L98 and J87 are both female siblings from different years. J87 was from the record brood of 10 cygnets in 2011 and L98 was this years hatch of 2012. Their parents are 902 & 131 who nest on Sturgeon Lake.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  221. Sabrina Dennis Says:

    We’ve seen a lone adult Trumpeter, yellow wing tags J76 in Mississauga, ON on small man-made Lake Aguitaine near the Meadowvale community centre close to Winston Churchill & Derry Rd. In 20 years, we have never seen a swan on this lake. I’m worried about it, because many people are feeding it bread.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Here is some info, J76 is a male, hatched in 2011. His parents are A02 & 909. He was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Jan 15, 2012, where he had migrated for the winter with his family. This winter he once again came to LaSalle for the winter.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Sabrina Dennis Says:

        Thanks for the information. So interesting. J76 is still at Lake Aquitaine as of 04/10.

  222. Rick Says:

    As a year round liveaboard at the Etobicoke Yacht Club I always look forward to the Trumpeters joining us for the winter. They always leave in spring when the local breeding pair of Mute Swans become aggressive however. Unfortunately this Spring the Mutes have killed a cygnet and one of the adults. Can anyone suggest a way to get the Mutes removed and possibly replaced by a breeding pair of Trumpeters?

  223. Claude Bertrand Says:

    Hi there,
    I live in Almonte, Ontario. Yesterday while on my regular walk I heard a sound that I had not heard before. Looking up I saw two large white birds which I first thought to be snow geese but soon realized that they could not be snow geese as they were making more of a trumpet sound then a Canada Goose sound. I double checked on a trumpeter swan website and found that the sound they made was the sound I had heard.
    Did not think swans were around here??

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Claude: There are a few Trumpeter Swans in that area, we get reports from the Ottawa Field Naturalist’ Club of a pair that nest on the Jock River. There was a pair with a cygnet reported on the Mississippi River in Carleton Place on March 16th.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  224. lenore barrett Says:

    I live north of Peterborough on Pigeon Lake and we have 2 swans swimming off our dock. They have yellow tags on the wing and seen very tame. Where do they belong?

  225. Murray Rowan Says:

    Mike Great picture. The ice in Barnstable is still moving around the bay. I expect it will be gone later this week then it will be interesting to see where they nest.

  226. Marilyn Davison Says:

    I live on Kasshabog Lake in the Kawarthas and this morning we have 1 swan swimming around in our bay. What do you know about J86?

    • Shelagh Landsmann Says:

      Hi Marilyn … J86 is also swimming about happily on South Bay, Stoney Lake yesterday. His brother J83 was also here yesterday. They are two of 10 hatched summer 2011 on Sturgeon J80-J89). They were here last fall as well. They (Jack and Jake) also spent time on White/Dummer Lake last year. Great to have them back.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Marilyn: Thank you for reporting J86, it is a male, hatched in 2011 at Sturgeon Lake, to parents 902 & 131. He is part of a record family of 10 cygnets, which were marked J80 – J89 when they arrived at LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter. The most recent sighting we have had was Stoney Lake on April 23.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Patrick Croome Says:

        Hi all…J86 was spotted yesterday just off our dock in the NE corner of Stoney Lake. No sign of his brother.

  227. Kim Dobson Says:

    Hi, We have L98 at the Imagine the Marsh property in Lakefield. I just read that she was on Sturgeon Lake on April 10th. She seemed to be alone. Do they usually travel in pairs?

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Kim: Thanks for reporting L98. Is L98 still there? To answer your question about travelling in pairs, it is quite variable. When the birds are young and before they are paired up, they can travel alone or in groups. Sometimes they will gather in a large group at good feeding grounds for a while. Many birds spend the first few years on their own for the summer.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  228. Sabrina Dennis Says:

    Update from Lake Aquitaine in Mississauga (43.588015,-79.753657): as of April 18, the lone male J76 seems to have left and I saw two new swans sitting together on the shore. Their tags are 038 and K39.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thanks Sabrina, K09 & 038 at Lake Aquitaine. They were just reported in Port Credit on April 15. K09 is a male, banded as an adult on March 2, 2013 at Bluffers Park. 038 is a female, hatched in 2007, she spends most of her time in the Port Credit area. It will be interestig to see if they have paired up and will nest this year.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

    • Heather Anderson Says:

      Hello Sabrina and Kyna. Just wanted to give you an update on K09 and 038. I am happy to report that the pair are doing well and are currently residing at Williams Lake (near the village of Chatsworth) about 30 minutes south of Owen Sound. They have been here for a couple of weeks now and seem very content to stay. They are real characters and very bold around people. Its been a real honour having them around. I am however feeling concerned about the pair staying as very soon this lake will become extremely busy with boat traffic. 😦 Meanwhile, I am doing what I can to educate the residents on the importance of these amazing creatures.

      I will continue to keep you posted on their where-abouts. 🙂

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        Thank you for reporting K09 & 038 at Williams Lake, (Chatsworth), in May 2013.

        K09 was caught by me at Bluffers Park on March 2, 2013 and banded by Julie Kee and I. He was a wild adult male at the time of banding.
        April 15th he was seen in Port Credit with 038 and April 17-21 he and 038 were at Lake Aquitaine, Mississauga. That is the last sighting of them until your report.

        038 was hatched in 2007 to captive parents that were part of the restoration program. She was tagged at her home pond, then left her parents in early 2008 to visit Bronte Creek and LaSalle Park in Burlington. She then spent the next 4 years around the Toronto waterfront, frequenting Post Credit the most. At one point she was paired with male E90, but he disappeared and she has been alone until K09 caught her eye.

        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  229. Brenda MIssen Says:

    For the past few days J10 has been hanging out on a small lake between Combermere and Barry’s Bay Ontario (about an hour northeast of Bancroft). He or she is alone, and doesn’t seem to be shy of people. Another gentleman and I both arrived at one end of the lake at the same time today, and the swan gradually made its way over to us and fed in the water/bushes close to shore and to us. Absolutely beautiful. Can you tell me anything about J10? As far as I know, this is a rare sighting in our area (Madawaska Highlands/Renfrew County). I myself have never seen a trumpeter swan before and was thrilled. Finding this blog I was also pleased to discover they have been reintroduced into Ontario.

  230. Murray Rowan Says:

    As of April 28 L25 is back in Barnstable Bay (L. Simcoe). I was able to wistle her in to shore. Her mate was not with her but she is known to venture out on her own and her mate may have steyed near their nest site which some people believe to be in the mouth of Wainman Creek on the north shore of the bay.

    Question: There is word of a bald eagle potentially nesting in the same bay. Are there any accounts of problems (actual or potential) with eagles??

  231. Bruce Hotrum Says:

    On May 4 on Dummer Lake (aka White Lake) we were visited by J83 and a smaller unbanded swan. We last saw J83 when he was with his brother J86 back in November 2012.Both seemed in good health. The smaller unbanded swan seemed to be a bit more cautious than J83 .I wonder has J83 found a girlfriend?

    The Hotrum’s

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thank you for updating us on J83’s location. Both J86 & J83 spent the winter at LaSalle Park along with a number of their siblings. At LaSalle they were both courting a tagged female swan. But I guess that romance was short lived.
      Could you send a GPS location for your sighting? A good website to use is:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

  232. Murray Rowan Says:

    I was able to call in a swimming pair: H41 with one wing tag on the right wing and a leg band on the right leg and J04 with 2 wing tags and a left leg band. They have remained in Barnstable Bay (L. Simcoe) and are currently both resting on the lawn by the shore next door to us (4 thicketwood Pl, Rayshore Village).

  233. Murray Rowan Says:

    Computer time of comment entry should have been pm5:33 not 9:33

  234. Brian Says:

    Swan tagged K21 is happily hanging out in the Pefferlaw River in Udora at this moment. Spotted one last year also but have no record of a tag number.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Brian: Thank you for reporting K21 on the Pefferlaw River in Udora on May 14, 2013.
      K21 is a female cygnet of A02 & 909, hatched in 2012. She came to LaSalle Park in Burlington for the winter with her family, where she was banded on Jan 15, 2013. In April she went to Bluffers Park in Toronto.
      Could you send a GPS location for your sighting? A good website to use is:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

  235. Brian Lower Says:

    Trumpeter Swans L150 and L151 have been seen on Pickerel Lake, east of Burks Falls the last few days. They seem in good health.

  236. Brian Lower Says:

    Correction: The two trumpeter swans we saw on Pickerel Lake near Burks Falls are L50 and L51

  237. Brenda Dale Says:

    I was in Kitchener May 7th to visit a friend there, and they had taken pictures in April of a pair of Trumpeters on a pond in Branchton. The tag was E08 on the one. Both the swans had reddish coloured heads and upper neck.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      E08 is a male, hatched in 2007 to parents A27 & a wild female, banded at Desjardins Canal, Dundas. Since then he has been spending the winters at LaSalle Park in Burlington. This past winter he was courting a female, so it would be nice to know if they are nesting.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  238. Terri Nesci Says:

    I saw 2 Trumpeter Swans today, with yellow tags L78 and L79, at the Newman St. Pond in Oakridges (North Richmond Hill, Ontario). I took a great picture of them.

  239. Louisa Rowland Says:

    I saw my first pair of trumpeter swans today, I live 20 miles North of Kenora, Ontario. They are on a very small lake, couldn’t get very close as they started to swim towards the entrance to the lake. At first they were standing on a beaver house then they moved closer to the lake. Beautiful pair, hope they return next year.

  240. Brent Hoey Says:

    Not sure if I saw 2 trumpeter swans or tundra swans fly into Fairy Lake in Acton a couple weeks ago and again just a couple days ago. The Royal Mute cob and his Polish Mute pen that have nested and hatched 2 of each cygnets which now there is only one of each remaining put the run on the visiting black billed couple. The visiting pair spent the day at the park at the north end of the lake before making the mistake of swimming to close to the Mutes nest and the cob sent them packing.

    • Brent Hoey Says:

      Sorry I couldn’t see any tags or bands on the visitor swans….the mute swans have silver metal tags on feet …trying to get numbers with binoculars but no luck yet….By the way I thought it use to be ok to feed a little brown bread to swans… has that changed????

  241. Brent Hoey Says:

    I think it was a lone trumpeter I just saw on Fairy Lake Acton just a few minutes ago. This is smarter…he is staying away from the Mute swans.
    tues june 18 6 pm

  242. Krista Weston Says:

    I know where there is a mom and some babies. How do I report it?

  243. Johanna Bristow Says:

    Swan sighting: May 13/13 Centennial Park Washago Tags: J04, H41

  244. Rob Millar Says:

    Happy to report that 902 (dad) and 131 (mom) have 4 little cygnets this year and are doing very well. This is the 5th year I have had the pleasure of watching them in the McLarens Creek – Goose Bay area at the South end of Sturgeon Lake.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Excellent news Rob, we look forward to seeing them in the winter.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  245. Jim Coey Says:

    Great that our trumpeters are doing well. My neighbour reported that two individuals lured a trumpeter to shore and wrapped it in a blanket and did ” something” and after about 10 minutes released it, apparently none the worse for wear. I didn’t see the incident but I’m sure it was MNR or Wye marsh people. This was at the town dock in Victoria Harbour. Can anyone shed any lightÉ

    Jim Coey

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Yes, I believe Sara from Wye Marsh banded a swan there the other day.
      Kyna, OTSR

      • James Coey Says:

        Hi K82 and H17 are hanging out in Hoggs bay near Victoria Harbour. They have been here for a few days but couldn’t read the tags until now. I I think that H 17 has been around before?

        Jim Coey

  246. John Becker Says:

    FYI Perhaps I am wrong or more likely you already know, but in the Toronto Islands, specifically at the end of the Hanlon’s Point lagoon, I saw what I believed to be a trumpeter, on two consecutive weekends earlier this month.

    • Jill Ramsay Says:

      John, we have a special trumpeter hanging out there at the moment, his number is C24, known as Curtis, but he has lost his tags. He is easily identified by unusual yellow markings (lores) on his beak in front of his eyes. His beak is also damaged on the left hand side. If you are on Facebook, search for the Ontario Trumpeter Swan page – we share lots of photos and sightings there.

      • John Becker Says:

        Thank-you Jill, I am very pleased to hear about Curtis. That’s him all right,as you describe him. I’d be very happy if you could keep me posted as to his well-being.

      • Jill Ramsay Says:

        John, he has a bit of a sad story… he was paired with a female, L23, Sweetie for a couple of years, although they hadn’t yet found a place to nest. Our breeding female at Bluffers Park, Ophelia (083) was Sweetie’s sister from another brood. Sadly this year just before nesting, she broke her wing very badly and had to be euthanized. Her mate Hamlet (508) immediately stole Sweetie from Curtis. They managed to hatch two cygnets and poor old Curtis was banished and is now all alone… 😦

  247. marray Says:

    L25 was in Barstable Bay, L. Simcoe July 23 with one other presumed to be her mate. They only stayed a short time. This is the first sighting of them since springtime, They have nested in this bay for at least the past 3 years. Is there any way of tracing their whereabouts this summer and whether she had any young ??

  248. Andrew Says:

    I62 or 162 is living with an untagged mate in our local swamp on Line 8N, Oro Medonte, close to Hwy 11. This tagged individual was not seen here over the last 6 years until this year, but the lone, untagged individual has been here on and off over that time. NIce to see him/her with a mate.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thank you for reporting Trumpeter swan 162 at the Line 8N, Oro Medonte, on Aug 1, 2013 with an untagged bird. From sightings I have received since that time I can confirm it is bird 162.
      162 is a male, hatched in 2007, to parents 824 & 108, who nest in the Midland area. He was banded at Wye Marsh in Feb 2008. Since then he has travelled to LaSalle Park in Burlington most winters, and has been seen at Sturgeon Bay, Wye Marsh and the area you saw him in. Because he was tagged in 2008, he would have lost his tags a few years later, it wasn’t until Dec 2012 that we were able to replace them at LaSalle. So he may have been in that wetland, but not identifiable.
      Next spring this pair may choose to try nesting in this wetland, so keep us posted.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Andrew Says:

        162 and mate are back, spotted for teh first time today. Hoping they make some little swans this year.

      • Andrew Says:

        Five healthy offspring survived the summer and look ready to migrate with mom and dad.

  249. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    August 6 2013, 16:45. J86 on Dummer Lake East, GPS Coordinates N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′.

  250. Shelagh Landsmann Says:

    Sheila, nice to hear J86 is okay and close to Stoney – hope he comes over for a visit as he did last year and again this spring … does he have a lady friend?

  251. Marilyn Lyon Says:

    Today we saw K21 at Stonehenge Golf Club in Oshawa, ON. We have seen this swan weekly, sometimes in the vicinity of geese, but often alone in a pond on the course. Today, he/she had climbed out of the pond onto the green, so we were able to see the tag.

  252. Linda Harley Says:

    We left our camp on Nepewassi Lake around 6:30AM on Tuesday
    August 20th. When we got to the dock where we leave our boat we
    noticed a beautiful swan in the middle of the lake.As soon as she saw us she swam right over .We have never seen a swan up here before When she got close we noticed that she had a yellow tag on her wing with K03 in black letters. She was all by herself and swam away when we had to leave. Do you have any information on this lovely bird? Nepewassi Lake is between Sudbury and North Bay

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thank you for reporting A03 on Nepewassi Lake, Aug 20, 2013. A03 is a male, hatched in 2007 to parents 100 & 888 (now L88) who nest in the Port Severn area. He was banded at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Dec 25, 2007. He has been coming back to LaSalle Park every winter since then and from other reports I have had he seems to spend the summers in your area. Recently he was sighted with another tagged bird, so keep an eye out for other swans.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

      • Brenda Says:

        There has been a single Trumpeter here, just North of Capreol, the last two Aprils. He/she is untagged, and always comes with the Canada Geese. I think it may be an “Ugly Duckling”, and doesn’t know it’s a swan. There was a pair of Trumpeters on a small pond on the edge of town maybe 20 years ago, but the only swan seen since is this one that comes with the geese.

  253. Linda Harley Says:

    Sorry, the number on the swan we saw was A03 not Ko3

  254. Shelagh Landsmann Says:

    J86 arrived again on South Bay, Stoney Lake, yesterday (or shortly before). He looked well, but seemed somewhat dirty. No sign of him today (October 6) … but it’s nice to see him back. No sign of J83 so far. It took them a couple of weeks to connect with each other last fall.

  255. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    Hurray for J86, made it back safely. We’ll keep an eye out on White Lake.

  256. Shelagh Landsmann Says:

    Any sign of J83? We don’t even see J86 today – maybe he doesn’t like the weather!

  257. Sheila M. MacRae Says:

    J 83 on White Lake, with unbanded friend ; both healthy, clean, happy to be fed at our shore and the next door neighbour’s.
    N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′

  258. Shelagh Landsmann Says:

    That’s terrific. Glad J83 is healthy, clean and hungry. J86 was here on South Bay for a couple of days this year but is no longer around in our area. Maybe the un-banded friend is J83/Jake’s lady friend and we’ll get to see offspring next year. There was no sign of J86/Jack having a friend.

  259. kate h. Says:

    L96 an L99 spotted in our little bay off of Mclean Lake – between coldwater and severn falls this afternoon. I’m not sure if they are the regular visitors we always see on the lake, today i was able to see their tags. they both seemed healthy and happy! any info on them?

  260. Sue Says:

    Just to let everyone know that K09 and 038 were seen again at Williams Lake near Chatsworth on Oct 20.

  261. Bonnie Says:

    J38? right here on Washburn Island Lake Scugog..but it is all alone..last year we had 4 of them. I took quite a few pics and a video. Will it be ok by itself? He has been here for a week. Lots to eat for him..lilypads etc. it is very swampy where we are and he is protected. How do I upload pics of him? Thanks

  262. Bob Prouse Says:

    Hi, I have been following a family of Trumpeters from July 2013 & Oct. and have lots of photos. Parents are 085 a male banded Mar 07 at LaSalle Park Burlington but do not have info for female J06. They started with 5 signets but were down to 4 within weeks. They are on Frenchman’s Bay in Pickering and have a daily routine of heading west under bridge at bottom of Liverpool Rd. and then go to various boats for a bread handout. They then feed in marsh and by around 12:30 head east under bridge and hall out on north side of marsh in same spot every day. They know me and have called them in and they hall out beside me. If you want to view pic’s check out my photo website at;
    It is the last album and pic’s not exactly in date order and at a reduced size.
    They are soooo cute!!!! regards, Bob Prouse

  263. Darryl Hindle Says:

    Just spotted J38 on our pond in Meaford. Looks good and healthy. Stayed for several hours and moved on.

  264. Swebbs Says:

    Anyone know of pair of Trumpeters who nested & had 2 cygnets on pond in Bradford West Gwillimbury? 1 cygnet disappeared in July-August. 2nd in August-September. Parents left 2 weeks ago.

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thank you for reporting the Trumpeter swans you observed. I have had no other reports of this pair. Where they marked with yellow wing tags? I have had reports of Mute swans nesting in that area.

      Would you be able to provide GPS coordinates for the sighting? This is a good website to find that information:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  265. Sheila Says:

    J86 on our shore at White/Dummer Lake, GPS Coordinates N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′. J83 and female reappeared on the lake at the same time. Loud trumpeting calls from J86; the pair swam away. In contrast to J83, who is now very large and healthy looking, J86 is similar in size to this season last year.

  266. Sheila Jones Says:

    Hi first visited by J83 with an unbanded female on October 20, 2013 on White Lake (a.k.a. Dummer Lake). From an amateur’s view, they looked healthy. Next visited by J83 and same unbanded female on November 2/3 but this time with J86 in tow. Seems J86 is trying to woo female away from his brother!! J83 didn’t take to kindly to this action and chased J86 off the water onto land – twice. All look healthy.

  267. Chris Blomme Says:

    Kim Proulx reports L00 with A03 at Little Red Deer Lake around week of Wednesday October 30, 2013.

  268. Chris Blomme Says:

    K33 with A21(missing right wing tag) at Kelly Lake, Greater City of Sudbury on Tuesday October 29, 2013 by C.Blomme.

  269. Chris Blomme Says:

    H70 (a.k.a. “Goofy”) and L31 spent most of summer and fall up to today (November 4, 2013) at Kelly Lake and nearby Robinson Lake, Greater City of Sudbury.

  270. Bob Prouse Says:

    Hi….On Oct. 24th had provided an update on Trumpeter’s and 4 signets on Frenchman’s Bay that I was following from July. They have not been seen since Oct 24th and if anyone has seen 085 or J06 plse let me know. Also, does anyone have the background of J06. I read that 085 is a male banded in March 2007 at LaSalle Park in Burlington. Have also spotted 3 other mature Trumpeter’s on the bay that have not been banded. thx. Bob

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi Bob: Thank you for king an interest in this family of Trumpeter Swans, J06 & 084 with 4 cygnets at Frenchman’s Bay summer 2013. This is an older pair of birds who have nested here for several years. The male J06 was banded at Frenchman’s Bay in Oct 2011 as a full adult with family. The female, 084 was hatched by one of our cooperators pairs in 1994. She was banded and released at Pickering, Feb 1995. In 2011, we marked two of their cygnets as J07 and L70. In 2012, we marked one cygnet as L66.
      We have not had any reports of the family other then yours.

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  271. Gary Lean Says:

    Regarding J86 on White Lake, we also spotted him, along with J83 and unmarked assumed female. As Sheila mentioned above, J83 and mate continually chased J86 onto shore. Our problem is that J86 is still around here, Nov 13th. Ice is starting to build. This a.m. he was struggling to get through the ice, and finally managed to get on shore for a rest. He is now back on ice, his body heat melting ice
    around him. If he does not migrate somewhere, he will freeze in ice. How can we help?

  272. Sheila Says:

    We will also be waiting anxiously to learn that he has flown south to more open water. The good news is that he seemed physically healthy, has been fed from Oct 20 until Nov 10 on White Lake – possibly by others after that date – and that the temperature is to go up. Please advise this post when you no longer see him on White Lake, and sighters, please advise if he arrives at La Salle Park. Thanks.

  273. Gary Lean Says:

    Have not seen J86 or J83 and mate since Saturday. Hopefully, they are on their way to winter home. Keep us advised of sightings.

    • Elgin Douglas Says:

      We have had up to two dozen untagged Trumpeter Swans on Lake Scugog until Sunday, with many cygnets. They appear to have left, except four. Only one of them wsa tagged, L40.

      Gary Lean commented: “Have not seen J86 or J83 and mate since Saturday. Hopefully, they are on their way to winter home. Keep us advised of sightings.”

      • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

        J83 and his unbanded mate showed up at LaSalle Park, Burlington today. Did not see J86, maybe they gave hi the slip on the way down. He will probably turn up in the next couple days.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  274. Sheila Says:

    Our last sighting of J83 and mate and J86 was November 10 2013. Thank you to Trumpeter Swan Society for reporting their 2012 arrival in La Salle Park. Please advise of 2013 arrival. Thanks.

  275. Ernie and Elaine Ashberry Says:

    Hi,For the last 2 winters–E 67 and his unbanded mate have wintered here in the wasaga beach area.If there is open water on the Notawasaga in front of our home–they are here every morning—yesterday and to-day they are in the company of another (pair?)-H 45 and HOO or it may be HOQ–any information on these 2 newcomers?—I believe E67 and his mate spend the summer down river in an area known as Jaques lake–.Thanks–Ernie and Elaine A.

  276. Sheila Says:

    Thank you for reporting sighting of J83 and mate at La Salle.

  277. Bob Prouse Says:

    Please go to my pic website to view the progress July 2013 to Dec 5 12 of J06 & 084 along with their 4 signets. New to Frenchman’s Bay are H93 with unbanded mate & 2 signets. Also pic’s of Mute Swan pair with 1 signet, 1st baby ever seen. Double click on the pic to get info. regards, Bob—Following-family-July-2013-to-Oct-2013-J06-085

  278. Bob Prouse Says:

    re: above – following til Dec 5 2013 & new pair seen Dec. 4 2013. Bob

  279. John Mayer Says:

    We have had 7 swans in the shallow bay of Bath, Ontario today (just west of Kingston). We think they are trumpeters based upon everything we’ve read but we haven’t seen any tags and they won’t let us get very close. We’ve seen them a few times over the past couple of weeks. We haven’t seen any other sightings listed in this area so wanted to report and confirm if this is indeed possible. Also, should we be concerned that the bay is about to freeze over and they haven’t moved on?

  280. Lise Hopkins Says:

    I have noticed a dozen swans in the 1000 Islands area this year between Mallorytown and Rockport. We have been here 15 years and it is the first time that I notice them. Now that winter has settled in there are still 4 left that I can see where the water is still open. They are hanging out with the Canada geese. Are they supposed to migrate?

    Is this normal?

  281. Bob Prouse Says:

    Hi Kyna, spotted J06 & 084 with 4 cygnets on Lake Ontario near frozen Frenchman’s Bay. Called to them & they came over & hauled out. Spotted 093 with mate & 2 cygnets earlier in Dec. Do you know background of 093. Dec. 18 , three Trumpeters flew over & landed on ice in Frenchman’s Bay. One is a banded J07 who is an offspring of J06 & 084. They walked over to the boats still in water & fed in open water near bubbles keeping boats away from ice. See pic’s at
    2nd last album….regards, Bob

  282. George Fearon Says:

    Swan K33 was on the North pond in Union Springs, NY on 12-19-2013. I would appreciate any information on that swan. It was with one other untagged swan.

    • Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Hi George: Thank you very much for reporting K33. This bird is was banded as an adult male at LaSalle Park in Burlington March 3, 2013. It was seen Nov 23 at Oak Bay, Port Severn, ON, and for one day, Dec 13, back at LaSalle Park. It is very interesting, at the end of the winter after most of the birds at LaSalle are banded, we always have a few new untagged birds arrive, this was one of them. It is nice to be able to get sightings of them further south earlier in the winter.

      Would you be able to provide GPS coordinates for the sighting? This is a good website to find that information:

      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

    • moonreflectionsblog Says:

      J06 still hanging at the foot of York St in Toronto, just behind the Second Cup with her 3 babies (they are not tagged). They have been here for 6 weeks.

  283. Laura Cooper Says:

    J06 + 3 young hanging around York Quay (at the foot of University St. in Toronto since yesterday. It has been 3 years since I have seen a Trumpeter in this Quay. I think there are 2 more adults, but I have not been able to get their numbers.

  284. Laura Cooper Says:

    M09 and L67 also handing around York Quay. (at the foot of University Ave in Toronto) First sighting of these 2 at this location.

  285. Murray Says:

    Only J18, J87 and L29 were sighted at the north end of L. Couchiching (Washago Ont) on Jan 18/14. Also 4 untagged swans were seen at the highway bridge at Pt. Severn.
    Have you any info on L25 since it and its mate+3 signets left Barnstable Bay (L. Simcoe) last fall as well as info on the three listed above ?

  286. Marion Neven Says:

    Sighted and reported Trumpeter Swan, yellow tag J07, band number 1959-01907 at BOWMANVILLE HARBOUR CONSERVATION AREA on Sunday, February 2, 2014. He has joined at least 24 Mute Swans. He’s gorgeous.

  287. alan ablett Says:

    on monday feb 17 2014 on drive to kirkfeild ontario just north small river tagged trumpeter swan #J93 and 2 other no tag

  288. moonreflectionsblog Says:

    J06 still hanging at the foot of York St in Toronto, just behind the Second Cup with her 3 babies (they are not tagged). They have been here for 6 weeks.

  289. Bob Prouse Says:

    Thanks for info on J07 who I last saw landing on ice in Frenchman’s Bay. J07 is offspring of J06 & 084 who I followed in summer on Frenchman’s Bay raising 4 cygnets. Also thanks for update on J06 with 3 cygnets as outlined above. I wonder where the mate and other baby are. Today I saw 3 unbanded Trumpeters at end of Brock Rd. Whitby hanging around breakwall. I have pic’s of the summer brood at; . I have not heard of any recent bandings and would be nice to get more underway to follow. Bob.

  290. Tracy Patterson Says:

    My friend and I saw two untagged trumpeter swans in open area of lake along shoreline on Hwy 118 between Carnarvon, Ontario and Haliburton. We both took pictures and can send them if you would like. They looked in great shape! The woman whose house borders this area, says they arrived yesterday, March 11th, 2014 and that they come every year and only stay about a day. So we considered ourselves very lucky to have seen them. They were with about 20 mallards and one male hooded merganser. They were doing lots of upside down eating.

  291. Ron Says:

    K90 was in the Severn River side channel by St. Elizabeth Island in Washago, ON, with an immature on March 7, 2014. The flock usually gathers at the north end of Lake Couchiching. This was the first time I’d seen one in this part of the river.

  292. Janelle Delbove Says:

    H18 was spotted this morning in the pond behind my house in the Orchard Area of Burlington (Dryden and Sutton area). He appears to be alone and has befriended a Canadian Goose. People walking by on the walking trail have been stopping to feed him alone with the ducks and geese.

    • Michelle Says:

      Swan H18 was alone foraging in a pond (44.796546 -79.418639) near Sparrow Lake, Ontario just north of Orillia yesterday (26APR2014). This swan does not appear to have a mate.

  293. Sharon James Says:

    Does anyone know if there are still Trumpeter swans @ Lasalle park, Burlington, On?
    Thanks, Sharon

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      There are around 70 left at LaSalle with more leaving every day.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration

  294. jaclyn Patterson Says:

    are we allowed to feed the trumpeters swans at LaSalle park in Burlington Ontario and if so what is the correct thing to feed them

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      We do not encourage people to feed the swans at LaSalle. There is a banding program there during the winter that uses food as bait in order to be able to band the Trumpeter swans.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

  295. Robert Prouse Says:

    Sunday Apr. 6 2014 visited downtown Toronto waterfront at York St. to find J06 & his 3 offspring. Spotted the offspring but J06 gone. Also spotted L67 & M09 & got some pic’s (any info on these guys??). The 3 offspring are still grayish & flew quickly to a person throwing bird seed into water. Today took a drive to Frenchman’s Bay & J06 along with a new female spotted & came over when called. Got some pic’s. They all look in great shape. Still looking for female 084 the mother of the cygnets and also 1 missing cygnet. Will post pics to album under my website soon. Bob

  296. Brenda Says:

    Today, Monday April 7th, I was driving south from Capreol to Sudbury, and I saw 4 swans flying in a northeasterly direction. I have NEVER seen swans here, except for a single who has come 2 years now in April with a small flock of about 8 Canada Geese. Maybe these are Lasalle Park Trumpeters heading to breeding grounds!!! I have gone to the east shore of Huron many times to watch the Tundra Swan migration, but they come and go in the thousands, and I’ve never seen them in this area.

    • trumpeterswansociety Says:

      There are Trumpeter Swans that overwinter in Kelly Lake, Sudbury. Keep a look out for any wing tag.
      Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

      • jaclyn Patterson Says:

        I do not know a lot about Trumpter swans and have just started getting interested in theml.My question is we saw a lot of swans at la Salle park Burlington and now there are less. Do they go further away now from La Salle Park or do they stay there all summer.

      • trumpeterswansociety Says:

        The Trumpeter Swans at LaSalle are there for the winter. At this time of year they are heading north to their nesting grounds.
        Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
        Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

      • Sheila Says:

        Grateful that the Swan Restoration Society volunteers were there for them at LaSalle (and elsewhere) this winter.

  297. jaclyn Patterson Says:

    How does a person volunteer r to help them next winter?

  298. Sheila Jones Says:

    Have now seen J83 on White Lake (old name Dummer Lake) Douro-Dummer Township today. Looks healthy. Haven’t seen a mate…know he was with one last year and was also with J86. Haven’t seen him either. Will keep our eyes open.

    • Shelagh Landsmann Says:

      Thanks for that … great to know J83 and J86 are back in the area … hopefully they both find mates this season (if they don’t already have them)

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      Thank you for reporting J83 at White (Dummer) Lake on April 12, 2014. J83 spent the winter at LaSalle Park in Burlington with his mate, who was banded K29. I just got at report today that K29 is on a pond in Baldwin, which is about 100 km SW of White Lake. Apparently 2 swans were seen there on Friday, but only K29 remained there. Please let us know if you see K29 with J83 back on White Lake. This winter we have had no reports of J86.
      Facebook “Ontario Trumpeter Swans”

  299. Michele Says:

    Hello, just wanted to report that we had two Trumpeters on our pond which is part of the Black River in Baldwin, ON yesterday. Today, there was just one. His yellow tag reads K29. Would love to know his history?

    • Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Says:

      K29 is a female, banded as an adult at LaSalle Park, Burlington in Dec 2013. She accompanied J83 all winter. J83 has returned to White/Dummer Lake which is another 100 km NE.

  300. Ernie and Elaine Ashberry Says:

    Hi,just wanted to report that E67–who has been re-banded this winter,and his companion who now sports a band M85,dropped in for a visit to our place on the Nottawasaga River outside of Wasaga Beach on the 14th of April.They are back again this morning.

  301. Patti Says:

    J50 and an unbanded companion were spotted on Glen Morris Rd East between Hwy 24 and St George rd April 5th I believe. They were paddling about in a road side ditch pond. I have some nice pictures!

  302. Brian and Jill Says:

    Swan K29 came on our beach at the north end of FOUR MILE LAKE, City of Kawartha Lakes at noon 23 April 2014.
    It stayed with us most of the afternoon..

  303. Sheila Says:

    J83 has not been sighted on our shore of White Lake/aka Dummer lake since April 24, GPS coordinates N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′. No other swans around this time; he was in the company of a Canada goose and our resident ducks. He was clean and bulked up when he left. Hope he finds K29 or another, he’s now ready to start a family. Safe journeys! Please report any sightings.

  304. WW Says:

    H80 and J89 have been hanging out in Goose Bay on Sturgeon Lake’s south end. Looks like they are getting ready to mate. Is this newsworthy, or of interest to anyone? Should I be watching for nesting signs?

  305. Sheila Says:

    April 28, J83 back on White/aka Dummer Lake, coordinates N 44° 31.9196′, W 078° 5.3092′. Still solo.

  306. Sheila Jones Says:

    Hi…saw J83 and an unbanded swan on White Lake (previously known as Dummer Lake) yesterday. Both looked to be in good condition. Looked like they were together. No sign of J86…given previous reports in the fall, perhaps he did not survive the winter? Will continue to watch for J83 and unbanded mate…they are beautiful to see.

  307. alan ablett Says:

    i sent a message back in feb 18 2014 no responce back like to no where this trumpeter swan was tagged

  308. alan ablett Says:

    lindsay ontario saw 2 swans both tagged l98 and k37 both seen together in lindsay lagoons looked well and safe june 7 2014 like to no where they were tagged aswell

  309. quaredunt Says:

    2 trumpeter swans in beaver pond in busy Scarborough on 8th June 2014. … tags L11 and M91 (or T6W). Have seen them there often since April. Think they are nesting.

  310. Don Loree Says:

    K29 has been frequenting our beach and surrounding area for the past 2weeks at the north end of Shadow Lake near Norland Ont.

  311. Jan Says:

    We had the pleasure of seeing swan K81 yesterday evening. Beautiful. He looks very healthy and enjoyed the bread we fed him from our dock. We are on the north shore of Thorah Island, Lake Simcoe. We’d love to find out more about him. He seemed to be hanging close with a loon. We have some pics and a video of him I can forward to you. We were happy to find your website because this is our first sighting of a tagged swan.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  312. Ray Says:

    Two trumpeter swans at Milliken Park pond in Scarborough since spring,now they have two little ones.No yellow tags on wings but have bands on leg.

  313. Gary Lean Says:

    J83 returned to White Lake a few days ago. Seems to have lost his mate.

    • Sheila MacRae Says:

      J83 came back to White Lake for one day only during August, alone; fed, rested, left again. We surmised he might be looking for his mate? Looking forward to seeing him again soon at our end of White Lake.

  314. Maria Says:

    L07 photographed this morning east of Humber river outfall into Lake Ontario. Swimming with two other swans; one a Mute. Wish I had paid more attention to the third, but know it wasn’t tagged.

  315. Tamara Gregoric Says:

    Once upon a time I was a cooperator who raised some of these birds. To this day I am ever grateful to Harry Lumsden for allowing me to be one small part of this incredible journey. Thank you to everyone who don’t simply enjoy their beauty but help through reporting sightings and updates as to their whereabouts and well being. ❤

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