Trumpeter Swan Slain at Nest – Society Posts Reward

Trumpeter Swan Shot at Nest near Ashton, Idaho

Trumpeter Swan Shot at Nest near Ashton, Idaho

    Idaho Fish and Wildlife officials have confirmed the shooting death of a Trumpeter Swan at its nest at Hossner Pond about a mile out from Ashton, Idaho.  On May 29th, while flying over the Greater Yellowstone region on the region’s annual aerial spring nesting survey, biologist and Trumpeter Swan Society Director-at-Large Ruth Shea found something terribly wrong at a well-known nest site. Three eggs lay cold on the swan’s carefully-constructed nest mound – eggs that contained hope for improving on last year’s record lack of reproductive success across the region. Idaho Fish and Game officials were called immediately and went in to investigate and confirm the loss. Yellowstone’s breeding population is on the decline, enough so that TTSS has launched a five-year initiative to help secure the population. Last year marked the lowest reproduction for Yellowstone’s Trumpeter Swans on record with only 2 reported fledged cygnets. The loss of the recently slain bird is more devastating than most probably realize. Idaho had only 15 nesting pairs of Trumpeters in 2008 and only five cygnets reported as fledging in the whole state. To help fight this flagrant violation of wildlife law, The Trumpeter Swan Society has posted a REWARD for information leading to a conviction. Tips should be called into the Fish and Game Citizens Against Poaching (CAP) hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Further details can be found on our website at
Photo: Idaho Department of Fish and Game






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