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Meet the Trumpeter Swan Society’s Admin. Assistant: Madeleine Linck

April 13, 2009
Madeleine Link at Three Rivers Park on a Winter Day

Madeleine Link at Three Rivers Park on a Winter Day

Madeleine has two part time jobs: one as wildlife technician for Minnesota’s Three Rivers Park District and one as administrative assistant for TTSS. This pairing has a long tradition. In the late 1960’s wildlife managers at the Three Rivers Park District pioneered restoration of rare Trumpeter Swans to their former range in east-central Minnesota. Biologists wanting to pool their knowledge to influence the return the majestic Trumpeter Swan to more of its former range founded TTSS at a meeting at Three Rivers Park District (formerly Hennepin Parks) in 1968 and Three Rivers Park District has been a strong supporting partner ever since.

Madeleine moved to Minnesota from her native Massachusetts in 1985. She has a Masters Degree in biology and for completion of this degree worked on the nesting ecology of the Blanding’s Turtle, a threatened species throughout most of its range. In addition to her conservation interests, Madeleine has been an avid birder since college.  When hired at the Park District in 1990, she took on as part of her job monitoring the Park District’s restored population of Trumpeter Swans. In 2008, the Park District hosted 15 nesting pairs of trumpeters.  Madeleine feels very fortunate to have witnessed cygnets first 24 hours of life, their first swim and their rapid growth towards flight stage.

Since the Park District provided support services to TTSS, Madeleine became involved in the day-to-day activities of TTSS: helping to keep the TTSS main office up and running, responding to inquiries from the public, assisting in the updating of the TTSS website and publications and participating in the biennial conferences. A favorite part of her job is getting to know — either over the web or in person — all the wonderful people so dedicated to this species throughout North America.